Last time we spoke it was just before results day I’m sure if you know me then you’ll already know what I’ve got. But here it is anyway.

  • Sociology: B
  • English Language: B
  • English Literature: C
  • Geography: D

Pretty happy with that except I’m gonna retake one of my Sociology exams to try to get that B up to a A. Did very well in English Lit considering i didn’t read either book and quoted Morrissey as a critic. HOPE YOUR READING THIS MRS. LEA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the same day decided to celebrate by hitting the charity shops and I bought myself a Blackburn Rovers home shirt from 1996/97 season. Don’t support Blackburn (obvs) but you just can’t ignore the retroness and the four quid price tag. Later that evening went to a party that was fun. Not gonna write about the walk home…  The weekend came and so did my first University open day. Keele is very very lovely definitely considering going there. It’s near perfect, got a decent place on the league table, I could realistically get in, ten miles down the road and  the sociology department just looks brilliant (could study aliens and witchcraft if I wanted to). One catch though the dual-honour scheme. I would of course be looking at English Language to go alongside Sociology. So I go into the room that’s showcasing English and I ask how much of the course is language based. Of course I didn’t realise that English meant English Literature. *sigh*. The lecturer quite blatantly looking down on me for asking such a stupid question and there was my dad with a banana in his top pocket looking like a right douche. Oh well, don’t think you can afford to take these open days too seriously, especially when everyone else is.

Last week was pretty uneventful spent most of my time doing nothing, which is fine by me. Best Coast announced a tour which is pretty exciting. As always with band such like this the Manchester show is almost guaranteed to be +18 unless they announced a show at one of the smaller academies as per usual this didn’t happen.  Thankfully Birmingham is +16 so I have my ticket. Autumn/Winter gig schedule is lining up very nicely especially now that Hot Club de Paris have announce their playing Crewe. Will be taking ear plugs to the box that night. Staying with music I’ve been watching  a fair bit of the Reading highlights on the telly this weekend. SOOOOOOOOO glad I’m not there. Those people aren’t music fans, all they wanna do is get pissed etc. Can deffo tell that I’d find Reading an absolute nightmare.

Football yesterday really good overall performance by Macc yesterday, deserved the three points to be honest but I’ll take one considering we went a goal down late on. Definitely a lot more strength and physicality in the midfield, the return of Ross Draper was just what we needed. All we need now is for Sappleton to return to full fitness soon and then maybe after this poor start we could slowly work our way up the table. And it was good to see some good football being played as well for once like the ball Bolland put in for Tremarco to help create the goal was brilliant. It’s really good to see that kind of  on the floor football being played by Macc, don’t think it will work all the time but today it was near perfect. Heres my match ratings

  • VEIGA: 6, hit and miss performance went from making great save one minute to going on crazy rushes out of his area and flapping about the next
  • REID: 7, vastly improved from Shrewsbury game, much better from him
  • TREMARCO: 8, put a superb ball in to set up the goal, worked hard doing the amount of work that two players should
  • BROWN: 8, cracking performance from big Nat couldn’t have asked for more
  • MORGAN: 7, good to see the Paul come back from injury and have a good first game of the season
  • DRAPER: 9, just what Macc have been missing, someone with a huge amount of energy and effort winning every ball and completing every pass, definitely my man of the match
  • SINCLAIR: 7, would have been another disappointing game if he hadn’t scored the equaliser
  • DANIEL: 4, didn’t look like he even wanted to be there, shocking game from someone who played so well last season
  • BOLLAND: 8, great display of midfield ingenuity can’t understand why Simo would have ever wanted to release him
  • HAMSHAW: 7, another good game feel his best is still to come
  • BARNETT: 6, think Tyrone is still trying to find his feet in the league game, showed little flourish of what he can do, expect him to hopefully improve as the season progresses.

Things are looking good for this week massive band practice tomorrow got some cracking songs wrote. Well ones that I feel have potential. The Tuesday the weather is looking good for a fun afternoon of football before returning to hell again on Thursday.