Liam Gallagher would be very pleased, little twelve year old shouting ‘get your tits out’ at girls out of the bus window, it makes me very sad. What can you do eh, just a continual cycle of silly kids turning into silly yobish men. So back to school it is after a brilliant summer the weather was there for me at all the right times had loads and loads of fun. But now it’s time to get my head down and finish my A-Levels. Thankfully I have now dropped Geography which is great no longer have to listen or talk to my favourite Geography teacher again, feels gooooooooood. I have realised thought that I should have probably visited more open days in the summer means I only have the chance to visit three more uni’s before the deadline to hand in my UCAS form, Aston, MMU and Chester. I could probably do better than the later two. School started properly today and I only had two lessons so inbetween them i spent the morning playing Pro Evo 4 and Tess… which isn’t too bad.

Last week I played football for the first time since I tore tissue and ligament in my ankle. It went well feels good to be able to play football again, missed it. Apart from the above my life has been pretty uneventful so now I will right about who deserves to win the Mercury Prize tomorrow night.


My personal tip for Mercury Prize glory this year and looking at the shortlist I can’t see any other band who deserves to win it more and thats Wild Beasts. They’ve released a brilliant and highly original record in the form of ‘Two Dancers’ that both excels musically and lyrically and certainly justified the amount of critical acclaim around release.  It’s not favourite to win and personally I feel that none of those mainstream artists really should win considering the cash prize and publicity that’s on offer. Take Dizzee Rascal yeah sure some of the best pop songs of the past twelve months are on that record but he’s been here before and is a massive artist, does someone who’s been second on the bill at Glastonbury really deserve this award not just for a first time but for a second.

Other frontrunners include Paul Weller, wouldn’t have put him in this category if it hadn’t been for the obscure betting that’s gone on today, don’t feel that the songs on ‘Wake Up The Nation’ are strong enough to compete with the other acts nominated but you never know. The XX are favourite and their eponymous debut has certainly been one of my favourite records over the past year with its delicate blend of r’n’b and dream pop creating a tender album full of beautiful soundscapes. Would be great to see The XX win but I feel the hype surrounding them might not work in their favour. Laura Marling and her boyfriend Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons duh) have also had brilliant years bringing their brands of folk to a mainstream audience. I hate Mumford & Sons if they win i might throw up but it’s hard to ignore the way a lot of the music buying public have felt about that record and must surely feel that their in with a chance. However could it be Laura taking the prize on her second attempt after her debut record ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ missed out in 2008.

A real turn up for the books would be if someone a little bit under the radar like Villagers for example. I haven’t heard their record in full but from what I have heard it just sounds magical try the title track ‘Becoming a Jackal’. Everything about it is just wonderful the kind of track that just squeeze’s loveliness out of every corner. An outsider but still in with a real chance.


Kits Downes Trio, will 2010 be the year of the token jazz act… probably not. ‘Total Life Forever’ by Foals has been another one of my favourite albums of the year and easily surpasses their debut ‘Antidotes’. It’s a record that I feel the transforms itself from summer pop record to something a lot darker later on and really surprised me by how mature and overall better the Oxford five-piece, however I don’t feel that it has a huge amount of staying power against some of the other artists nominated. Absolutely no way Biffy Clyro should win ‘Only Revolutions’ is hideously average. Then I haven’t heard much from the other two artists most recent record but then again who has seriously gone out and bought the latest one from Corrine Bailey-Rae.