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Liam Gallagher would be very pleased, little twelve year old shouting ‘get your tits out’ at girls out of the bus window, it makes me very sad. What can you do eh, just a continual cycle of silly kids turning into silly yobish men. So back to school it is after a brilliant summer the weather was there for me at all the right times had loads and loads of fun. But now it’s time to get my head down and finish my A-Levels. Thankfully I have now dropped Geography which is great no longer have to listen or talk to my favourite Geography teacher again, feels gooooooooood. I have realised thought that I should have probably visited more open days in the summer means I only have the chance to visit three more uni’s before the deadline to hand in my UCAS form, Aston, MMU and Chester. I could probably do better than the later two. School started properly today and I only had two lessons so inbetween them i spent the morning playing Pro Evo 4 and Tess… which isn’t too bad.

Last week I played football for the first time since I tore tissue and ligament in my ankle. It went well feels good to be able to play football again, missed it. Apart from the above my life has been pretty uneventful so now I will right about who deserves to win the Mercury Prize tomorrow night.


My personal tip for Mercury Prize glory this year and looking at the shortlist I can’t see any other band who deserves to win it more and thats Wild Beasts. They’ve released a brilliant and highly original record in the form of ‘Two Dancers’ that both excels musically and lyrically and certainly justified the amount of critical acclaim around release.  It’s not favourite to win and personally I feel that none of those mainstream artists really should win considering the cash prize and publicity that’s on offer. Take Dizzee Rascal yeah sure some of the best pop songs of the past twelve months are on that record but he’s been here before and is a massive artist, does someone who’s been second on the bill at Glastonbury really deserve this award not just for a first time but for a second.

Other frontrunners include Paul Weller, wouldn’t have put him in this category if it hadn’t been for the obscure betting that’s gone on today, don’t feel that the songs on ‘Wake Up The Nation’ are strong enough to compete with the other acts nominated but you never know. The XX are favourite and their eponymous debut has certainly been one of my favourite records over the past year with its delicate blend of r’n’b and dream pop creating a tender album full of beautiful soundscapes. Would be great to see The XX win but I feel the hype surrounding them might not work in their favour. Laura Marling and her boyfriend Marcus Mumford (of Mumford & Sons duh) have also had brilliant years bringing their brands of folk to a mainstream audience. I hate Mumford & Sons if they win i might throw up but it’s hard to ignore the way a lot of the music buying public have felt about that record and must surely feel that their in with a chance. However could it be Laura taking the prize on her second attempt after her debut record ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ missed out in 2008.

A real turn up for the books would be if someone a little bit under the radar like Villagers for example. I haven’t heard their record in full but from what I have heard it just sounds magical try the title track ‘Becoming a Jackal’. Everything about it is just wonderful the kind of track that just squeeze’s loveliness out of every corner. An outsider but still in with a real chance.


Kits Downes Trio, will 2010 be the year of the token jazz act… probably not. ‘Total Life Forever’ by Foals has been another one of my favourite albums of the year and easily surpasses their debut ‘Antidotes’. It’s a record that I feel the transforms itself from summer pop record to something a lot darker later on and really surprised me by how mature and overall better the Oxford five-piece, however I don’t feel that it has a huge amount of staying power against some of the other artists nominated. Absolutely no way Biffy Clyro should win ‘Only Revolutions’ is hideously average. Then I haven’t heard much from the other two artists most recent record but then again who has seriously gone out and bought the latest one from Corrine Bailey-Rae.


So been a while since I last wrote anything here lets start where we left off

Must have been about two weeks ago since I went on holiday to South Wales for a week with my dad and sister. Didn’t have a bad time there weather was a bit hit and miss but it’s the same where ever you go. At least we got a day on the beach, stuck to my promise of listening to the Best Coast record while chilling in the sun on the beach. Didn’t really sound that different to be honest. Also went to Cardiff for the first time ever, not a bad city centre but it’s pretty much the same as everywhere else shops, shops and shops. Expect in Cardiff it’s a little more high brow they had some lovely arcades with expensive art shops are in. Always stop and look never buy. Got to visit apparently the worlds oldest record store which was lovely. However it doesn’t really match what Manchester has. Finally managed to get my hands on some Frankie & the Heartstrings vinyl after not being able to find any anywhere. The weather meant we stayed indoors for a fair bit of the time. This lead to a controversial game of monopoly where I gave my sister a grand to stop my dad from winning, he was cheating anyway. Towards the end of the five days we had away I finally got to see Toy Story 3. Truly a magical film and the first film i’d ever seen in 3D. Wasn’t that impressed by that but the film itself couldn’t be more perfect, thinks it’s almost certainly the best film out of the three. Just thankful I wasn’t in tears like when I went to see Up last year, came pretty close though. The last night ended with some real randomness, for some reason the town we were staying in has a fireworks display every Tuesday night, god knows why.

Felt good to come back though felt like I hadn’t seen the rest of my family or friends in ages. Spent too much time with my dad this summer I think seems like there’s sometimes a bit of clash of personalities if I spend a lot of time with him. We still went to football on Saturday though. Soooooooo glad to have football back after the disappointment of the World Cup

As always Macc failed to live up to their potential in the first home game of the season and conceded in the 4th minute. All Izak Reid’s fault, Shrewsbury player runs down the wing with a fair bit of pace for some reason he stands off rather than putting a foot in. Shrewsbury player runs into the box no problem pulls the ball back for Matt Harold to slot it home past Jose Veiga. So for the rest of the game we were just shut out. Couldn’t fault Macc for effort but Shrewsbury were so tight at the back think they might have only had a couple of shots on goal after that and even then non of them troubled Veiga. Very disappointing… as always. Heres some player ratings.

  1. Jose Veiga: 6 (barely had anything to do for the 90 minutes)
  2. Carl Tremarco: 6 (a little hit and miss for a usually consistently brilliant player
  3. Nat Brown: 6 (solid, didn’t really have much to do either)
  4. Shaun Brisley: 8 (did well to play on through concussion, didn’t put a foot wrong all game)
  5. Izak Reid: 4 (couldn’t do anything right, deserves to be dropped after that game)
  6. Paul Bolland: 6 (did what he had to do in the midfield)
  7. Matt Hamshaw: 8 (already looking like a quality signing caused plenty of danger putting balls into the box but sadly no one found the end of it)
  8. Richard Butcher: 5 (pretty much anonymous throughout)
  9. Emile Sinclair: 5 (why is he still at the club)
  10. Tyrone Barnett: 5 (really struggled to get into the game)
  11. Vinny Mukendi: 8 (great performance and effort from Vinny if anyone was gonna score for us it would have been him)

Just really hope we can go to Accrington on Saturday and pick up the three points.

Been back at my mums for all of this week so far went and had a haircut on Monday then sat back and enjoyed the Manchester United vs Newcastle game (with French commentary). Tuesday had a nice trip up to Manchester bought myself a new jumper for autumn/winter and too much music. Also had a look at drum machines, 90 quid could afford one soon. Result day tomorrow I’m predicting: Sociology: B, English Language: B, Geography: D, English Literature: D. Be so happy if I get that but who knows could be better could be worse, not long to find out.


Another day, another ‘yummy’ full English this time i got an extra pig’s testicle sausage instead of a hash brown, I was very disappointed. Same routine as yesterday as we went to the church to find out what are all important stewarding duties for the day were going to be. I had the pleasure of stage managing the church stage. Well by managing I mean sitting in the pews and watching all the artists. First up was the delightful Winston Echo whose songs about being a robot or going to Dracula’s disco party was the perfect early afternoon soundtrack to all the bleary eyed festival goers. Really enjoyed Winston his sort of anti-folk twee pop was just lovely inside such intimate surroundings. Heres a pic with Laura Wolf from Internet Forever and the guitarist guy from Frankie & the Heartstrings sat in front of me.

Next on in the church were the very nervous looking Cavalcades and I’m sure if they were a lot less nervous then maybe their performance would have been a hell of a lot better. I personally found them a bit boring their woozy indie pop didn’t really have much effect on my ears. Nice enough but sooo much better than what was coming next. I don’t think this guy up next on the church stage was what the programmed described. ‘Socialist Leisure Party are an English-French band… that will remind you of Orange Juice… jangly, nice and concise’. Instead we got this random Scottish guy singing about god knows what at however loud he was, didn’t sound like what the programme described. Mass evacuation of the church then followed and rightly so this guy was awful. Would have rather have spent another two hours at the instrument store than listen to him for another five minutes.

Needed to do some severe comfort eating after that monstrosity so I grabbed myself a burger from the cafe and went down the barn to watch Internet Forever a band who I’ve wanted to see again for ages and ages. Duly I took my spot front and centre for a disappointing short twenty-five minute set by the noise-pop three-piece. But in this time they managed to pack a pretty big punch rattling through singles ‘Cover the Walls’ and ‘Break Bones’ to a packed crowd. Highlight of the set came when the band played the flippin’ awesome ‘Walk of Life’ by Dire Straights which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day perfectly. Yet another band whose debut record I seriously can’t wait to hear especially if it sounds as equally fun as the band are live.

Seriously couldn’t be bothered with whatever duty I had next so I went and bought myself an Internet Forever t-shirt and watched a little bit of Standard Fare. They weren’t bad but it started to rain and I couldn’t be bothered standing there watching a band who once again found a little bit of a boring live prospect even if they have got a couple of indie-pop gems in them. So I paced it back the camp site grabbed and jumper and took a spot backstage to watch Shrag a band who I find unbelievably annoying on the record. A little bit like a post-punk Bis. What I could see through the little stage entrance is that Shrag are quite a compelling live act. To be honest though I would much rather watch Charles and Rebecca from Slow Club take funny pictures of themselves backstage.

Slow Club of course were the penultimate band of the weekend and I’m sure that they just keep getting better and better. Would have been nice if the sun was shinning on everyone’s favourite Sheffield duo but how can the miserable weather affect the beauty of their songs. The band played a similar set to what they played last I saw the back in May. So this meant a mix of new and old which really wasn’t a problem when the new songs sound even better than they did last time out. The likes of ‘Gold Mountain’ and ‘Hackney Marsh’ sound like potential classics alongside the likes of the furious ‘Giving Up On Love and ‘Trophy Room’. Nothing less than perfect apart from the minor technical issues that are almost always apparent every time I see Slow Club.

Finally the band I’d been waiting to see all weekend. Kip Berman opened the show with a solo rendition of album opener ‘Contender’ before inviting the rest of the band to join him for ‘This Love Is Fucking Right!” Everything was not fucking right though don’t wanna have a fifteen minute delay and then have another five-minute delay because of technical problems. The band carried on regardless of all the technical bollocks and was worth it to see the band play the likes of ‘Young Adult Friction’ to huge crowd who were hooked by every note played and every word sung. The atmosphere was eclectic to say the least and all this for a band who’ve only got one album and a couple of EP’s under their belt. The band was clearly in their element playing to such a large audience and the party really started by the time a mini-moshpit was created during my favourite ‘Come Saturday’. Like Slow Club before them the band brought out a few new songs tonight but for the moment which may show a heavier even noisier side to Pains… on LP number two. But hey for the time being who needs LP number two this is about the hits tonight and every song played was met with the same reaction from start to finish whether it be b-sides like ‘103’ in which everyone around was singing along to every word, or the likes of ‘A Teenager In Love’ in which everyone was singing along to every word. The band finished on ‘The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’ and at this rate of ascent up the indie hierarchy then there is no way that were gonna see these guys ‘die’ any time soon and rightly so. No way these guys could have left with out an encore and so they came back on again played another decent new track before ending on ‘Gentle Sons’. A brilliantly noisy end to a lovely weekend. Dunno if I’ll come back next year but if you’re looking for a relatively small festival that’s brimming with a mix of great people and great bands (both new and old) then this is the place for you.


I can now say I’m 17 doesn’t really feel that much different to being 16. Had a good birthday though got to play croquet at school and almost smashed the staff room window cos’ I just couldn’t hit the ball. You can’t blame me  for not coming from an upper class background (and thank god I don’t). Looks like I’ll never me a world-class twat croquet player after all. Then one of the teachers started patronising me since I couldn’t do it, go die. 17 and I still can’t stand people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Spent the afternoon at my nans watching some classic Come Dine With Me and eating sandwiches. Got home opened presents… oooooooooo an Ipod didn’t know I was getting one of them… Stupid apple meaning that I have to spend £1.23 on a new cable cos’ the one that came with it doesn’t work. Got Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well and it really is just brilliant. I think maybe a little bit of  it’s charm has been lost but the new levels are superb think there’s any been one that I haven’t liked. Must be about 2/3 of the way through at the moment. Job well done again Nintendo. Later went out for a curry but that’s nothing new. Do that all the time.

So summer started Friday and I didn’t do anything in the day, party in the evening (not mine). Drinking however puts me in two moods. Friday was the self-deprecating one. Not good. Had a nice walk home though. Actually the party was on Saturday my memory fails me. Wednesday thought it would be a good idea to go the cinema with of course we get there and like everything was sold out. And of course I couldn’t go to the later showing of Inception cos’ my dad had done a ‘nice tea (incidentally it was a nice tea). So bought new LCD record and some classic Beach Boys both of which are great records. Afternoon was spent having a Pro-Evo tournament came second, very disappointed in myself. Today my dad thought it would be a fun idea to go to the place where they make Morgan cars. The journey was fun listened to a bootleg of LCD at Glasto, brought the memories flooding back. When we got there got to watch people building cars. Found it a little creepy how this one guy took photos of everyone working in every workshop. So yeah, that was fun.

Mum and rest of family of gone to Portugal, I decided not to so I’m sitting at home waiting to go to Indietracks this weekend. So many bands looking forward to seeing, finally getting to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Veronica Falls. And no harm in of course seeing Slow Club and Internet Forever. However not looking forward to navigating the Derbyshire bus network should be fuuuuun. Made a mix CD to put in the mix CD swap thing. I wrote the URL to the blog on the side of this so whoever gets it I hope you find this and enjoy the music I put on it. Will write a review of the weekend once I’m back.


So this year is one of those magical years, one where all the greatest players in the world come together and kick a ball around on some well trimmed grass in the hope of going back to their homelands as gods amongst men. THIS IS THE WORLD CUP!


This year is the best chance I feel we’ve got to win the world cup since the semi-final heartache of Italia ’90. Yet still I don’t feel with got the squad or talent to go all the way. There is no doubt about the Fabio Capello’s managerial ability he’s proven across his career that he’s capable of winning countless trophies and he’s showed of his International pedigree by taking us to the finals with an almost flawless qualifying campaign. We’ve got a few world beaters in our squad just not enough to take us all the way, for example look at a squad like Spain or Brazil they’ve got world class players in every position. Have we? No I don’t think so, could you really see England lifting the world cup with Emile Heskey in the first XI. I also feel there is lack of passion within the England squad but that could all change come Saturday it’s just the recent friendly victories all seemed a little lacklustre but I’m sure there are obvious reasons for that. Overall I just feel there isn’t the depth or quality there to take us all the way this time but this is are best chance for some years, who knows what could happen, it is the world cup after all… Finally let’s just hope we don’t see a repeat of this.



Brazil: My personal tip for world cup glory this time round and hey I did predict Italy would win it back in ’06. Had a solid if unspectacular run-up to the world cup and ran out a decent qualifying campaign to reach the finals topping the CONMEBOL group. Showing that form is on the side of Brazilians this time. Squad wise i’d certainly say they’ve got the best defence of any of the squads out there and are pretty much sorted elsewhere. Should find an easy route to the final is they get through what looks like tough group stage opposition emphasis on ‘looks like’.

Spain: Everything seems set up for Spain to win the World Cup I just think something is likely to make them slip up. Could argue that it’s too late now and if the World Cup was two years ago then they would have walked it. But you can’t take away the strength in their squad the best forward two in the world who create chances at every opportunity and a flawless 100% record in qualifying  scoring 28 goals and only conceding 5. Is this finally Spain’s chance…

Germany: You can’t under-estimate the power of the Germans there always there or there abouts. Another country with another brilliant qualifying campaign and cracking squad. Yet I feel the Germans are in a similar position to us, they’ve lost their captain (can’t make excuses about that) and have a quality squad. But is it good enough to take them all the way. Again i don’t think so.

Holland: Always the dark horses in the tournament but often lack the composure when it really matters to take them to the final. Maybe too many of their world class players are unfit to really make a serious challenge with star striker Robin van Persie being out for the most part and Arjen Robben looking doubtful. But the dutch being who they are could still cause a huge World Cup upset.

Argentina: Have they got the talent? Yes. Have they got the manager? No. End of

Italy: The maybe we reigning champions but I don’t think they have enough quality in their squad to regain the trophy for two consecutive World Cups. The squad is looking tad old now and doesn’t seem to have enough strength in certain areas. But the Italians have got bags of experience that some of the sides might not have and that’s always a big advantage at this level. Still could be up there come the end of the tournament.


1994: I wasn’t even one, how am I supposed to remember that?

1998: My first memory of ever watching football sitting with my dad watching a game that involved Scotland not sure who they we’re playing though

2002: On holiday in the Dorset sitting in caravan and getting up at silly times to watch classic games like Argentina vs Nigeria. Remember the great moment when David Beckham slotted home that penalty to beat Argentina in the Group stage. My mum was annoyed cos’ she wanted to go out for a walk or something. Who could forget the defeat the Brazil though in the quarter finals. Ran all the way from home to school so I could watch the game on the big projector. Sad times. Watched the final at my nans

2006: Came close to tears following the Portugal penalty shoot-out defeat. It was an emotional day already considering it was the same day that my mum, my sister and me had moved back into the house in Haslington thus rendering my dad homeless (well he went and lived with my Gran for a while). So it was hard to time for everyone. Stupidly missed the first half of the final cos I thought it was kicking off later then when it actually did. Favourite World Cup moment of all time Zidane head butting Matterazzi. What was he thinking? One of the greatest players of all time doing that in his final game and possibly costing France the World Cup title.

James x

Of course referring to school. Two weeks of this nightmare left and then I’ll only have to go on for exams for about three weeks. And god I can’t fucking wait. I’ve just had enough of everything and everyone. People knit picking all the time you so fucking hilarious. Yes let’s all take the piss and alienate me (doesn’t apply to everyone). So what if I do things differently to other people I don’t care. Accept me or fuck off.

Rant over


*feels better*

So everything has fallen apart since I last wrote a blog about my life. Revision is out of the window. I will try and lock myself in my room on Sunday and just crack on with revision. However my grades haven’t been looking too bad in the run up to exams but effort on the other hand. It’s always the same I horribly lazy end of. I’d rather just sit around drinking tea and eating cake while trying to complete Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi. Way for fuuuun.

Election you can also fuck off. Seriously do we really need all this coverage it’s just stupid. There are other things going on in the world other than a load of twats been put into power. Cameron and friends can fuck off. Can someone please tell me what is broken about Britain they make this big stupid song and dance about how there gonna fix everything. No your not someone out there is always gonna be complaining about the state of the country nothing will ever me right for everyone. I just hope big Gordon gets a coalition set up with the Liberals so we don’t have the tory scum running a minority government for the next four years.

Good things that have happened this week. I bought tickets to go and see Slow Club again and on Monday we put our tent up for Glastonbury to see if it’s alright and it is so that’s fine.


Prices available for those who guess the song that I have quoted in the title, respond on twitter @dryish_bones. And don’t tell me no one will cos’ I already know that.

So here comes a post about my life. School ended last friday, cheers all round as i skipped out of English Litreture and ran to my nans with a huge smile on my face. To be greeted by the usual tea and biscuits that I cherish so much. Saturday = party, couldn’t believe that it had been my first party since new year, a long long time ago. But yeah it was fun I probably drunk too fast but what can you do eh, (err drink less). Hello Katie Lee you probably won’t read this or remember but you told me to mention you. So drink, socialise etc. Walk the massive almost 5 mile walk home from Elworth to Haslington, soo cold. That was easily the worst time i have ever walked home from Sandbach to Haslington. So holidays begun which is nice. Monday was good, had fun with friends in Liverpool, Ellie Goulding wasn’t bad. READ MY REVIEW!

The week continued Tuesday just another day spent inside the house doing nothing. Wednesday went up Crewe with a bit with some of my boys. Took Tomb Raider legend back to Gamestation cos it didn’t work so spent most of the evening playing that. The combat system is truly awful. How the hell do you find cover. I’ll just stand in the open and let all these bad guys kill me then i don’t care. Lara you must die because there are these big crates here but some how you can not hide behind them and shoot. You must just stand there and shoot and hope people do not shoot back. The adventure side however isn’t bad. Climbing things are fun. I wish I was Lara Croft…

Thursday saw traditional holiday football with my mates always a good laugh followed by band practice. We wrote a new song, it doesn’t sound bad but I think we can do better. Friday I saw my Gran first time I’d seen her in ages. We tried to fix her internet but my dad just ended up on the phone shouting a this Indian man. It was rather heated but not racist. Saturday went on nice family day out to Buxton. I do not like dogs or camping shops. Couldn’t imagine what I’d be like if i ever saw a dog in a camping shop. Can’t bare to think about it

So now here I am on Easter Sunday and I am not doing much, as usual. Dad just made a nice tea and all is well. APART FROM THAT FUCKING HUGE PILE OF FUCKING GEOGRAPHY WORK I HAVE TO DO.

James x

Yeah just basically, i promise i won’t shit stir, i’m not helping anything or anyone by doing it

James x

I may of over-reacted. Not all Cribs fans are dickheads, i think it’s obvious who the real fans are and there the ones not being sexist, giving me abuse and crawling around on the floor at the back.


James x