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So the weekend came round and oh god was it bad. Saturday morning woke up about 6 with my head down the loo seemed like I’d gotten some sort of virus, so the majority of the day was spent lying on the sofa watching TV. The Gadget Show was rather good. Used to watch it regularly but then I just stopped. They did a great thing where they built robots and thought them and i lay there with my sleeping bag rapped over me thinking about how much I would have liked to have been on Robot Wars this was only reiterated on Monday but I’ll talk about that later. I also had the pleasure of watching a little bit of 10,000 BC it was awful. Felt better on Sunday but still didn’t do much went for a good old family walk up the cloud in Congleton. And I watched Heroes, can’t ever afford to miss Heroes.

Anyway Monday I thought I was well enough to go back into school but my body had other ideas. Get on the bus and my stomach felt like turning itself inside out. So I thought I’d stay in for period one and see how it went. We had this lovely guy come in and talk to us about drugs and he must have been about 35 odd. And there he was talking like some really retarded youngster. He just kept saying “yeah and stuff” over and over again. I thought to myself does he really talk like this when he’s out of work. So I sat through It trying not to fall asleep and walked to my nans. So get in lay on the Sofa and watched all seven episodes of series 2 of Spaced back to back. And of course there are many references to Robot Wars and that amazing bit where Tim and Daisy nearly kiss when she’s pretending to me Phillpa Forrester (wonder what happened to her, probably at the bottom huge ex-BBC presenter junkyard) or that bit…. well all of it, its comedy gold at the end of the day.

So then I watched old clips of Robot Wars and of course I went to watch some of my old favourite Hypnodisc.

Here are some conclusions I came up with about Robot Wars

  • To be honest it is utter shite
  • What is the point in refbot
  • How did Philippa Forrester about spending all that time with those weird middle-aged men
  • Jonathan Pierce better at commentating on Robot Wars
  • Why was there no Robot uprising

This is a classic

So today was the first day in three of not being ill, this meant an exciting fun trip to Manchester for Sociology lectures. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Didn’t really talk to anyone else other than my teacher all day which was rather sad. Sat in the front seat of the mini bus cos’ it didn’t seem like I would of been accepted anywhere else which was the feeling I got. It was alright just sat there with headphones in. Got there and it just seemed like the most pointless trip ever they basically told me everything I already knew. So after all this severe boredom meant that I got to visit my most favouritist record shop in the whole world and go home early cos’ everyone was sick of it. So I went to Piccadilly and I bought this on 12″

and then I bought this on CD and the lovely people there gave me a very lovely free poster

So it wasn’t too bad of a day to be honest and then I got in to find my dot to dot ticket on the floor underneath the letter box to my surprise. Ellie Goulding next week (probably negative) review to follow. Only 3 days left of school!!!!!

James x

So here we are again and i’m sitting alone listening to music that i don’t particularity like with nothing better to do. I hate January it’s just one of those times of year like the end of September, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to yet it’s all too far away. It is 21 days until the Winter Olympics a time spent watching all the sports that you never get to watch on TV. Or arguably more important the third time i’ll be seeing Los Campesions! except this time it i’ll be going alone, hopefully meet someone who might like me but you can’t go expecting to meet people. Still another two weeks until ‘Romance is Boring’ should arrive on my doormat alongside my Veronica Falls ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ 7″. Either way theres not gonna be much in my bank account cos’ i booked tickets to see LCD Soundsystem (alone) but even thats an age away in May.

Today I had my handwriting assessment to final decide if my handwriting is actually illegible so i could get some extra time in exams which would be nice. Also around school I see my friendship group slowly growing apart from me. I’m guessing there just bored of me everyone is either too pre-occupied with their girlfriends which is fair enough or just hanging around cooler, more attractive, confident and charismatic people than myself. If i could change this then i obviously would but theres nothing I can do and I feel myself and some of my best friends slowly growing apart. People change all the time yet I constantly stay the same. I could never re-invent myself I’m not Madonna. At least I know who the people I can truly rely on are.

Life goes on, one boring repetitive day too the next where the same issues about how poor the music that’s on the common room TV is. Sorry for being boring

James x

I think MEGA deserves capital letter cos’ it a fucking huge word. Anyways i have noting to do it’s 10:15 and i really can’t be arsed watching that pathetic excuse for a football match on telly and i ate all the minstrels. On the subject of food today for my lunch I had a Mr. Kipling’s lemon slice and a packet of Worcestershire sauce crisps. They have to be my two all time favourite snack food and i don’t care if my favourite flavour of crisps is Worcestershire Sauce MEGA yummy! So for the past three days the rest of the year has been on stand down i of course had no exams and ignored Mrs. Bulmans advice about reading all the notes about Hamlet and The Tempest. Bad idea James. So yeah I was sitting there doing fuck all and watching videos of LC! from back in October and you can actually hear me screaming along to ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future” it’s quite embarrassing to say the least. Made me realised I should go less crazy at gigs in the future.

So I have now almost complete Mario Kart 100% only a few more characters and karts i need to unlock and i suppased the 7000 point mark online (only for it to be all taken away in a matter of races) but i did find this

Failed at trying to watch all series one of heroes in three days, I think I got to episode 13 or 14, almost did a whole season of Football Manager 2009. Fuck Fulham thought I’d plunge in at the deep end with Stafford Rangers took them from 21st to 9 only one point behind the play-offs with a game to go against Workington it’s a long shot but I hope I can do, I’ve always been a pretty decent manager in the lower leagues like the time i heroically took Redditch United into the Blue Square Premier before leaving and fucking up Bournemouth in the same league.

Finally I really like the idea for my new piece of English Language Coursework it’s a story based around my experiences with love (what experiences…). So yeah I’ll post that on here when I’m finished. Hope everyone has a totally MEGA wicked week!!!


So this is what we do during stand down, i have a plate on my lap after cooking myself one single chicken kiev and i’m doing this cos i haven’t blogged in a while and the new relativity average series of Heroes started again on Saturday evening on BBC2.

#1: The Haitian

Just look at him hes so fucking cool with his blue shirt and brownish jacket. The only thing that makes him cooler is that he barely ever talks a man full of mystery. He may not have the best power but who cares when you look like that.

#2 Stephen Canfield

Easily has the shitted ability of anyone ever, ever, ever. He created vortexes with his hands and then committed suicide by jumping in. If Claire hadn’t been such a bitch then maybe he would of never of killed himself but no she can’t do anything write can she. Just because she can’t die doesn’t mean no one else can.

#3 Claude Rains

The only British character in the whole show I think and thats why he deserves a place here and whats not to love about Christopher Eccleston. And he hates everyone as well as pushing Peter of the side of a building genius.

#4 Annie

All the best characters commit suicide (or do they cos were only one episode into Volume 5). If I was Claire i would of slapped her so hard when she was alive but no she had to go and jump out of a window didn’t she. Goof cos she is easily the most stupid irritating characters of all time, did a good job of advertising guitar hero though.

#5 Turtle

Matt Parkman “Hi-5, turtle”… enough said

James x

Favourite EP of 2009:

  • Emmy the Great -First Songs

Favourite Gigs of 2009 (based on social and music)

  1. Los Campesinos @ The Death Institute, Manchester
  2. Johnny Foreigner @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  3. NME Radar Tour (Golden Silvers) @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  4. Emmy the Great @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  5. The Horrors @ O2 Academy 2, Liverpool

Top 5 Live Bands i’ve seen this year

  1. The Chapman Family
  2. Los Campesinos!
  3. The Horrors
  4. Johnny Foreigner
  5. Patrick Wolf (even though hes a dick)

Top 5 Films I’ve Been to see in a Cinema this year

  1. Up
  2. Where The Wild Things Are
  3. (500) Days of Summer
  4. Coraline
  5. Slumdog Millionaire

Top 5 Games I’ve Been Playing This Year

  1. Mario Kart
  2. Mario Kart
  3. Mario Kart
  4. Mario Kart
  5. Mario Kart

Top 5 Bands that I think/want to do well next year

  1. Delphic
  2. The Drums
  3. Internet Forever
  4. Veronica Falls
  5. Chew Lips

Top 5 Albums I’m most excited for in 2010

  1. Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring (even though i’ve already got the leak)
  2. Something new by Radiohead maybe
  3. New Arcade Fire expect late in 2010
  4. New Friendly Fires in the summer
  5. Laura Marling’s new ones out in March i think

Top 2 Most bestest b-sides

  1. Slow Club – Thighs
  2. Vivian Girls – Death

Top 5 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Flight of the Conchords
  2. How Not To Live Your Life
  3. The Jeremy Kyle Show
  4. Match of the Day
  5. err can’t think of anything else i’ve really watched cos Heroes just got shit

Top 5 Favourite Macclesfield Town players

  1. Hamza Bencherif
  2. Johnny Brain
  3. Nat Brown
  4. Izak Reid
  5. Joaquin Medinilla-Cabotti

My Top Five Footballers of the Decade

  1. Jon Parkin
  2. Gianfranco Zola
  3. Tore Andre Flo
  4. Danny Adams
  5. Zinedine Zidane

List of people who I’ve met who are in bands that I like

  • Euan Hinshelwood (Younghusband/Emmy the Great)
  • Wesley Patrick Gonzales (Let’s Wrestle)
  • Patrick Wolf
  • Gwilym Gold (Golden Silvers)
  • Robden Alexis Nunez (Golden Silvers)
  • Rebecca Taylor (Slow Club)
  • Gareth Campesinos!
  • Kim Campesinos!
  • Harriet Campesinos!
  • Ellen Campesinos!
  • Rob Taylor (Sparky Deathcap/Los Campesinos!)
  • Laura Wolf (Internet Forever)

and  finally Top 10 Albums of the Decade (based on music and influence on my life)

  1. Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
  2. Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (2008)
  3. Radiohead – Kid A (2000)
  4. Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)
  5. Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger (2005)
  6. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2003)
  7. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible (2007)
  8. Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am Thats What I’m Not (2006)
  9. Bat For Lashes – Fur And Gold (2006)
  10. Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires (2008)

Well christmas certainly came early for me yesterday when i found out that the forth coming third album by my now all time favourite band Los Campesinos! was leaked. And I know i shouldn’t have downloaded it but i did gave it a couple of listens then deleted it and found it all on youtube so now i can’t really ignore it. Gareth if you ever read this i am very sorry but you and your bands music is just far to good to be ignored. Don’t wanna talk about it too much considering that it hasn’t been released but i can certainly say it will be up there when by Albums of 2010 comes round this time next year.

Heres a personal favourite from it:

Haven’t really found time to blog much recently I’ve either been too busy or just not aresed about doing this but now I am aresed and have found the time. So we broke up from school last Thursday and I decided to skip Christmas curry

Reasons behind doing this

  1. I wanted a haircut
  2. The queue was fucking huge
  3. Didn’t wanna mess my nan about cos i said i’d go see her at 12:15 (only to find out she didn’t know I was even coming over)

I love the start of the holidays it means i get to watch Jeremy Kyle every single morning, I don’t think I can ever get tired of DNA tests and lie detector results and watch the J-Dawg shout at horribly scumy people. So yeah Friday i went to a house party really enjoyed myself, might have drunk a little too much but not so much that i was being sick on people coats, well I wasn’t even sick so thats good.

Sunday me and a friend went on a huge walk around Crewe Golf Course it was really nice but sadly we had like barely any snow, the course look beautiful though. Then we sat and listened to the chart show for the big show down of Joe McEldrey and Rage Agaist The X Factor. And of course Rage won, now you might as well call eveything thats alternative pop music.

Read this if you are a Rage fan/moron

So the week has continued and I’ve done even more walking about the place and nothing much else intresting has happened but it’s christmas on Friday and it doesn’t really get much better than that + i know i can pay of the rest of my Glastonbury tickets next week.

Merry Christmas

James x

So today saw the death of my headphones, the right ear thing has now gone and i hate it when only one headphone works. So thank you for being there on: lonely journey’s home on public transport in the middle of the night long car journey’s on sunday afternoons. The only thing keeping me from staying sane in horribly dull classrooms, cold dark winter mornings while walking around Haslington doing my paper round. So yeah they’ve been good but this leads me to ponder do i get some similar ones and sacrifice sound quality for build quality, or do i get something expensive but sounds awesome. we’ll see

So today i went to visit my nan twice first of all is because my first sociology lesson got cancelled so i had nothing to do went and had a cup of tea etc. So then i went back after school so i could get my grandad to give me a lift home because i have no change for the bus. So there i was sitting there watching Countdown and there was this on guy who was on who said that he only wanted to be on countdown so he could watch himself on TV while have a cup of tea from his countdown mug. I thought to myself “If only i was more intelligent” then maybe one day i could go on countdown and get a countdown mug. And this lead me to become rather sentimental oh the joy of sitting at my nan’s table eating sausage, mash and chips when i was a kid. I used to love just sitting there and watching it. I don’t know why i’ve become so sentimental of late, i’m guessing it was after watching Up on saturday but then again it could be the cool winter’s air. This has lead me to start listening to Lightspeed Champion and Arcade Fire etc. who i adore but they always seem to sound a lot better at this time of the year. Very excited about the new Lightspeed Champion album but it clashes with the new LC! record so i’ll have to get them both.

Another good thing that happened today was that we got tea in sociology, our other lesson didn’t get cancelled. I know it seems like i’m going on about tea but i love tea and to get it at school was an added bonus.

And who still buys Bon Jovi albums, seriously???

James x

Did anyone watch the end to BBC3’s How Not To Live Your Life last night cos’ it was flippin’ awesome. Usually i just thing that the commissioners for BBC3 just put on shows made by idiots for idiots but How Not To Live Your Life has easily been the best show I’ve watched since series two of Flight of the Conchords back in the spring. But the ending was just so lovely to this the two main characters fell in love it was just so beautiful, it just filled me up with that euphoria that love brings. But what do i know about love. It was like the Don (whose perspective the show comes from) had finally grown up after spending the whole of the second series acting like a hilarious twat. Some of the humour in the show is just superb i can’t really describe how funny it is so you should probably just watch it. “I’m gonna of your head and shit down your throat” almost pissed myself” put me into a fit of giggling.

Here it is if you’ve got the time to watch it

Before watching this though it was possibly the funniest episode of Jools Holland of all time. Basement Jaxx feat. Yoko Ono. Seriously whose idea was that collaboration, Yoko Ono was jumping around the stage like a loveable little evil pixie it was great. Yeah i know it seems like i’ve been stuck sat on the sofa a lot recently but thats because i have because Super Mario Galaxy has engrossed me again. So close to completing it now i think i’ve only got about 22 gold stars left to collect now. And i’ve successfully completed learning my third song on guitar Street Spirit by Radiohead as well as constantly annoying my sister by turning the volume up too loud and playing horrible distorted improvised shit all around the house.

Yesterday marked our families annual six month check up at the dentist which i always love. Mainly because of how wound up my sister gets, i’m not even allowed in the room when shes in there. It’s not like i’m laughing at her or anything. But anyway she comes out having a right go at him because he said he wanted to pull out, i’m sorry but hes only doing his job. This was then followed by some casual racism “He should learn to speak English properly”. I don’t know what shes talking about he can speak English fine it’s better than some migrants who come over here and can’t speak a word of English.

In other news Morrissey tickets came in the post today completely unexpectedly, this was followed by a very strong manly hug from Greg and I and a feeling of great happiness that after all this time of waiting. Unlike my Los Campesinos! tickets that came in the space of a week we’ve had to wait three long months for these. On the subject of LC! it’s only five days before i get to see them for the first time this year. I bought my pens ready for my custom made t-shirt and thank god they write on cotton otherwise i would not be happy having spent four quid on them.

So life is good for the time being, theres a lot to look forward to. Let’s hope the good times continue.

james x

P.s. does anyone out there like Vivian Girls i’m looking for someone to see them with.