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Tomorrow i fly abroad for only the third time in my short existence after previously flying to Spain when i was about 18 months (cos’ i remember that don’t I), then off to the U.S.A and Bahamas a couple of years ago and to La Rochelle in France. I like planes, I hope I get nice food on it if they have food. Somehow I see the food not being good even is there is any last time i flew with easyjet I got caught in 11 hour delays didn’t get back home til 4 in the morning. Then since I don’t sleep in cars so i went bed at 5 managing only 3 hours sleep cos i don’t sleep full stop.

Anyway Barcelona should be good I aim to be one of a few or maybe even the first to where a Macclesfield Town shirt in the Nou Camp. I shall spread the spirit of Nat Brown, Ricky Sappleton and Jose Veiga throughout Spain. Looks like at the moment we’re heading towards a tenth game without a win as things go from shite to really really shite. Fuck Macclesfield now i’m going to the continent and then i’m coming back and i’m gonna see a ‘really really really cool’ new band in Hanley on Sunday evening so Monday I will literally be walking death. But hey who needs sleep when you’ve completed all the stickers on your McDonalds buy 6 get on free for cups of tea. I shall walk into McDonalds in Hanley with pride as I hand over my sticker chart thing and then skip along down to the venue with glee (i don’t watch that by the way).

Today I also got to stand for 3 yours holding a tape measure near a river, a certain geography teacher who I don’t like wasn’t very happy, I was, I’m lazy so it suited me just fine. So what else have I done this week before i ditch the internet for a few days. How will I live without news? I need to know whats happening, it’s kind of why I could never go on big brother. Friday night i went to Crewes best live music venue the box in which i had the pleasure of watching Arctic Monkeys and Oasis… oh i mean to local bands whose names I can’t remember, i swear this guy in the first band was trying to put on an accent to try and look like Alex Turner. Then the second band was just a guy who would probably bum Liam Gallagher if he had the chance. Then I almost got attacked by some drunken women who was dancing too hard her handbag game from less than inch from smaking me in the face, compensation please. Never it’s not me, i’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Other fun moments include waiting 10 minutes at the bar and a crazy man telling me he had the same shoes as me more than once. Apart from that it was pretty boring. TESCO’s is always fun though I got milk cos we got scared of crazy drug people walking behind us.

Final point for today, why are the BBC going to shut down 6Music do they realise that this will leave a gaping whole in the discovery of new musical talent from within this country. I’d say 6Music is a hell of a lot more important than what Radio 1 does for new music cos’ you’ve just got Zane Lowe sitting in his big fat chair playing whatever he wants and then brands it new music. I’m talking about bands on really obscure independent labels or unsigned acts writing great songs which no one will hear on terrestial radio without 6Music how long would of it taken me to discover Slow Club to name one example. Yes we have the internet and websites such as Drowned in Sound are brilliant at exposing new artists but how will they break through to the nation if when no one is able to listen to them on one of the easiest ways to. The BBC commissions crap on the such as Hotter Than My Daughter a programme made by idiots for the mass idiot public who are happy sitting on their arses watching this bollocks. Is there even any cultural integrity within the BBC anymore or are we just happy to let are lives ruled by celebrity culture and who Katie Price is fucking next. I’d like to think the British public are better than this but i am quite obviously wrong. I may not pay the license fee but surely I have the write to an opinion. These are just a few reasons why you should sign the petition at so we can have one ounce of happiness before Nibiru destroys us all

Have a good time doing what you do this week, expect photos and reviews of things to follow.

James x

So back to the routine this week, been busy haven’t had the time to write about my life (like you care). Half-term came and went if only it lasted longer. Didn’t really do much to be honest, went to Manchester bought myself Arcs Across The City by Johnny Foreigner and Romance is Boring 7″ by LC! which has a rather good b-side in the form of Too Many Flesh Suppers. Band practice was mixed last Thursday but we’re gonna take this seriously now by announcing the addition of new guitarist Thomas Mellish to make the band a three piece. Jack is gonna buy a bass and i’m gonna buy a drum machine. After I’ve come back from Barcelona of course. It’s only a week until i go, already thinking about how much I’m gonna enjoy wearing my Macclesfield away shirt in the Nou Camp.

Macc however just been shocking of late. 0-0 against Accrington was just utter shite then we drew with Grimsby last night. KEITH OUT!!! no wins since the win against Crewe is shocking get it sorted guys.  However we have signed Francouis Kompany younger brother of Vincent which may or may not be an interesting signing. Me and my friends had a game last Monday out on the school field always good fun.

Going a week forward this Monday was death, it so hard to go back there. Probably shouldn’t rant about teachers on here so i won’t. This kid still won’t stop going “Hi Jim Walker” to me though with his friend going “He’s coping with this pretty well”. Well I’m not the kind of sixth form who bully’s yr 7s. I’m not that much of a twat. “Can I Pick A Song”, “Why do you always where headphones” “Whose your form tutor” “I’m a dickhead” the list of stupid annoying phrases and questions go on. One final note I’ve been felt up enough in the library this week. You know who you are.

James x

So this week I have developed a new stalker for myself *sighs*. Except this time it’s not some deranged psycho girl it’s a small year 7 boy. He won’t shut up, he just keeps going “Hi, Jim Walker” to be on the bus. How on earth does he even know my name, who even told him, it makes no sense. Today him and his friends thought it would be a good idea to take photos of me. I know I may be ginger but I’m not some sort of freak show.

On a less stalkerish note my Veronica Fallls 7″ arrived making it the first slab of pretty black plastic to arrive this year. It’s like mini-christmas when anything like that arrives in the post. Cos’ you just get all this exitement about it arriving and oh it’s just brilliant. Also musically related tomorrow night I see LC! for the third time and I would like to congratulate them on selling out Liverpool Academy 2 it’s at least 600 capacity so well done to them. Now I am indulging in an LC!athon listening to ‘Sticking Fingers Into Sockets’, ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’, ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ and ‘Romance is Boring’ back to back. So tomorrow night promises to be epic unless i get stabbed by a Tinchy Stryder fan cos’ he’s playing next door.

Last weekend went to some peoples houses (thank you it was nice) and we saw plenty of vagina… i ruined it forever, sorry for even introducing it

enough said

Last weekend also saw my first macc game in just over a month and it doesn’t get much worse than that. We have no money and  nothing in-front of goal what are we supposed to. We should of got at least a point cos Shrewsbury had about two shots and made one count and fair play it was a quality goal. They seem like the kind of side who could easily grind out games like that cos they know they’ve got the fire power. I provided the comic relief on Saturday. Ball goes out of play comes to me go to throw it back into play. Throw it at the assistant manages head. Story of my life. Lost on Tuesday night away at bury took the lead and then lost it, once again Keith whats going wrong we shouldn’t be taking leads against bigger clubs and throw them away like that. Hes gotta get it sorted or else his head must roll. To be honest who are we gonna get whos any better. Mark Hughes is still available isn’t he…

PLAYER RATINGS (vs. Shrewsbury)

  • Brain 6 (had nothing to do all game and was hardly at fault for the goal)
  • Hessy 6 (didn’t really do much wrong got into good positions but for some reason no one gave him the ball)
  • Brown 6 (solid as always)
  • Morgan 6 (same as above put in a few decent tackles)
  • Reid 6 (looked dangerous at times but nothing really came of it)
  • Bell 6 (put in a good amount of effort but some of his passing was shoddy at times)
  • Bolland 6 (played alright in the 36 minutes he did play)
  • Daniel 5 (pretty much anonymous should buried an early chance to take the lead)
  • Sinclair 5 (disappointing as usual)
  • Sappleton 4 (absolutely useless all over the pitch messed up most of the chance we could of had)
  • Lindfield 5 (doesn’t look like he has the strength to play at this level, gotta give him a chance though)


  • Brisley 5 (never looks comfortable playing at right-back)
  • Rooney 7 (came on and made an instant impact made some absolutely cracking passes why didn’t he play from the start)
  • Wright 5 (still don’t understand what he actually does)

Went for a walk around Rode Hall with my dad on Sunday. Going somewhere like that really makes me feel so proud of where I’m from cos’ it’s just beautiful. The flowers and what not, looking out onto the lake. Really feel a sense of belonging I could never ditch my roots, considering flowers are probably growing on my great-grandmothers grave which is across the road from the hall. I hope I get to be buried somewhere as beautiful as that.

James x

Just so you know I use this blog as a way of channeling my raw emotions, many people who really know me will understand this. So if you are reading this don’t read into it too much, I often feel completely different the day after I’ve written such things. And if you do think I’m depressed I’m not, growing up the way I did and with my dad working for various mental health services the I do know what depression really is from personal experience, you’d know if i was depressed which I’m not. Mental Health is an issue i feel very strongly about.

What i wrote on Friday night has raised up a few issues and i did actually have the chance to go out but I can’t be bothered spending time with people I don’t particularly like. People are seeing the same things I’m seeing especially with one particular person who has become everything he ever hated it’s now impossible to tell who he really is. People have told him and told me that he’s being a complete dick yet he takes no notice and that is truly saddening. From going from someone who I felt I could completely trust to an absolute no one in my eyes in a matter of weeks.

Second point; Another friend of mine has recently been getting on well with a girl (well from what I’ve heard). People keep presuming things about this individual. You can tell that he obviously doesn’t like and I don’t mean to speak for him but I find this a bit harsh and from what I’ve heard he doesn’t like it.

Anyway my life Saturday I had a thrilling trip to go and watch Crewe play Darlington, don’t think I’ve seen a more a boring 3-0 win. What made it worst was we were with all these people who obviously had no fucking idea about football. They weren’t football fans. Well for some reason I had my photo take with these twats behind this new advertising hoarding with Calvin Zola and Mat Mitchell-King. So don’t be surprised if you see me and my horribly short hair in the paper this week. Then during the match we had these kid sitting behind us just shouting your mum at each other etc. “I sued your mum she was that bad”. Reminds me of how I may have acted at their age. Everyone grows up in time… hopefully

Also spent the weekend getting into Telepathe, quality band should have got into them a lot earlier but then I say that about every band I get into. Lot of pressure on at school at the moment lot’s of essays and I’m just failing Lit coursework, on a D/E at the moment. On a positive not hopefully my Sennheiser headphones have arrived today, if not then they better arrive tomorrow. Reviews are also looking very good for ‘Romance is Boring’. and Controversy at the Winter Olympics is looking good, see how Sundays rehearsal goes then we may or may not add another one or two members, probably just the one for now. Hopefully lay something down that I can put up here.

NME award nominations were out this week and once again it doesn’t surprise me what the idiotic readers of that magazine (me included) have put forward. Oasis best British band takes the piss, seriously what the fuck. Other shockers include Arctic Monkeys nominated for both best and worst album, Hero of the year… Rage Against The Machine. No, just, no. There are however a few good nominations. LC! for best blog, Matt Bellamy worst dressed and then thats probably it. The most confusing thing of all though is this award and the nominations


  • Kasabians free Vlad the Impaler video
  • Danger Mouse leaking ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ (fair play to be honest)
  • Lily Allen’s ticket treasure hunt
  • Arctic Monkeys giving away ticket in oxfam (you know what i mean and fair play to them as well)
  • Vampire Weekend giving away a free song

The last one is the worst, for how long have bands giving away free songs from albums, it’s hardly revolutionary stuff is it, a treasure hunt is nice but it’s hardly ‘giving it back to the fans’ and ooohh a free video like giving away a free song but with flashy images with Noel Fielding in them. This is why this award is just a fucking joke. Yeah it’s nice to give away free things but it’s hardly worth giving an award for some doing it. It’s like awarding someone for going for a poo.

Heres a Spotify playlist of bands and songs you should be listening to if your not already

I know this is really obvious by the way

James x

So here we are again and i’m sitting alone listening to music that i don’t particularity like with nothing better to do. I hate January it’s just one of those times of year like the end of September, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to yet it’s all too far away. It is 21 days until the Winter Olympics a time spent watching all the sports that you never get to watch on TV. Or arguably more important the third time i’ll be seeing Los Campesions! except this time it i’ll be going alone, hopefully meet someone who might like me but you can’t go expecting to meet people. Still another two weeks until ‘Romance is Boring’ should arrive on my doormat alongside my Veronica Falls ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ 7″. Either way theres not gonna be much in my bank account cos’ i booked tickets to see LCD Soundsystem (alone) but even thats an age away in May.

Today I had my handwriting assessment to final decide if my handwriting is actually illegible so i could get some extra time in exams which would be nice. Also around school I see my friendship group slowly growing apart from me. I’m guessing there just bored of me everyone is either too pre-occupied with their girlfriends which is fair enough or just hanging around cooler, more attractive, confident and charismatic people than myself. If i could change this then i obviously would but theres nothing I can do and I feel myself and some of my best friends slowly growing apart. People change all the time yet I constantly stay the same. I could never re-invent myself I’m not Madonna. At least I know who the people I can truly rely on are.

Life goes on, one boring repetitive day too the next where the same issues about how poor the music that’s on the common room TV is. Sorry for being boring

James x

Today you know I was kind of thinking it would be shit and it was. Didn’t start of shit school was cancelled for the first time in the 13 years i’ve been trapped in the British education system. So hey why not go and see my friends three miles away and go have some fun. Of course i take my 12 year old sister along with me because didn’t want to leave her by herself. So we walk the three miles over. Only to be generally ignored by everyone I try to make conversation with (except for a select few who always have time for me). Why??? Am I boring, is it because i brought my sister along, is it because i’m slightly shy and introverted, i don’t know. Either way we left to go see my nan and granddad who always have time for us. So now I’m back home in a better mood and listening to LC! “I’ve learnt more from toilet walls than I’ve learnt from these words of yours”

Finally finding the time to write about Christmas now and to be honest it was pretty mixed. One highlight was going on a huge walk with my Dad around where my Gran lives in the snow which was really lovely. Christmas Day itself wasn’t too bad we went to a proper traditional church service which was quite quaint and nice. Got a new turntable but I’ve taken it back cos’ it doesn’t work all you get is all this distortion and it’s horrible. Boxing Day game and it all kicked off. I hadn’t seen my mum go that mad since my parents got divorced. For some reason my mums boyfriends son Ben whos 22 thought it was acceptable to just be a dick to everyone all day hes even more angry and people all the time that I am. So my mum shouted at him “Your ruining Christmas” well more screamed. Then we all sat round the table for a beautifully prepared lunch. I also decided to book tickets to see LC! again in Liverpool next month.

Monday came around and it was possibly one of the best days of the year. Macclesfield Town 4-1 Crewe Alexandra, doesn’t get better than that

So i spend the rest of it just playing Mario Kart and god is it annoying, it always has been and always will be, especially when you take a decent lead and the you’ve got all these shells flying and your just like ARGHHHHH!!!! FUCK OFF!!!! Another house party was nice still don’t celebrate new year, you know so what it means nothing to me. At the end of the day were still living on the same planet no one makes a big thing about September 23 do they. Or do they i’m sure some people might but i don’t for me that would just be another day just like New Year is for me.

Amended Albums of 2009 list

  1. The Horrors – Primary Colours
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz
  3. Slow Club – Yeah, So
  4. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
  5. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – LP
  6. Girls – Album
  7. Johnny Foreigner – Grace and the Bigger Picture
  8. The xx – xx
  9. Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light
  10. Passion Pit – Manners

James x

So here I am and listening sitting on my slightly fatter arse writing about this year. ooohhh lets see how much i can actually remember

January: I did work experience in the library that was really fun got to make a border to go all the way the children’s reading area. The people there were really nice i probably in true librarian fashion acted too shy. Also remember getting really excited about Emmy the Greats debut album.

February: Don’t really remember much of this much, living out the last torturous months of compulsory education dying of boredom thanks the Mr. Stancombe being told to constantly revise everything which of course i didn’t. truly discovered the wonders of the Independent Record store.

March: Dreamed of going to festivals and like youth hosteling in London during the summer in science lessons. Established some new ‘friends’ like eveything friends come and go and they certainly have and i think really my friendship group is now split up to four groups

  • Select few people who i generally really care about
  • People who I like but will probably end up sadly loosing touch with in coming years (thanks for the memories)
  • If I never saw you again after today i probably wouldn’t care

Dunno why remember playing football a lot going and watching Macclesfield quiet a bit

April: Still haven’t started revising probably just far too busy playing Football Manager to really give a shit. Won the MLS with Chicago Fire on my first attempt.

May: School finished exams begun this of course meant little revising and fuck loads of free time. Me and most of my friends got abused by some pricks in the park. Still remember getting smacked on the back of the head by this prick. Went out for a horrible meal with people who now mean nothing to me. May always equals Eurovison and I love Eurovision!!! Exams didn’t go too bad so far only really had a few. Spent was too many boring afternoons in the park

June: finished exams had this great all nighter to celebrate we walked around Sandbach and ended up going to a motorway service station at 2:00 am got chased through woodlands etc. That sort of tomfoolery good times. Had some great day by myself just eating crap and watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women and playing a little Football Manager. Boring days in the park with people who bore me.

July: Is my birthday everyone forgot, ended up going bowling and TESCOS for choc ices late in the evening, slowly begun getting sick of most people. Went to see Let’s Wrestle weirdest gig ever, tried to talk to complement someone who had a johnny foreigner t-shirt on the bus on the way home but she couldn’t hear me cos’ she was to busy listening to her ipod (but it’s o.k. cos’ i know her now anyway). Went on holiday to Newquay with Mum, her boyfriend and sister. Didn’t really enjoy it went to a lot of boring pubs and locked my sister in the car which meant whenever she moved it set the alarm off, cried with laughter. Otherwise pretty boring holiday

August: First ever festival went to Underage it was really fuuuuun even it was full of moronic kids saw The Horrors for the first time and they were awesome. Other than that it was just sort of finishing of the rest of the summer. Got to see Eoghan Quigg on what was a very regrettable evening. Went on holiday to Berwick with Dad and sister a holiday i enjoyed a lot more went to the Fringe Festival for the day that was fun. Spent sometime on nice beaches etc.

September: Had a girlfriend, didn’t have a girlfriend. Had a stalker, didn’t have a stalker. Started sixth form things started off o.k but as always everything goes down hill and all the new found excitement I had disappeared spent to long just mourning the end of my pathetic relationship. Went to Milton Keynes with a load of Leeds fans don’t think I’ve ever felt more out of place.

October: Booked tickets for Glastonbury which i can now actually pay off fully next Wednesday. Saw Golden Silvers for a second time, saw Slow Club, saw the beautiful Los Campesinos! and the met most of them which was really special for me

Novemeber: Became a part of musical history as I was there the night Morrissey got bottled in Liverpool continued meeting lovely people. Got to go watch Macclesfield more cos i can get in for free now and got to see Johnny Foreigner. Lied to my mum felt really really bad. Realised how much i hate the works of Shakespeare.

December: Got told to fuck off by cribs fans. Made new friends. Discoverd the wonders of Denise Lewis’ Heptphlon, playing football in the winter. School ended, went to a few house parties and i’ll write more about general christmas period next week

Some friends of mine decided to go to Manchester today, i of course tagged along. Unless i wasn’t invited and went on a massive rant about how i hate the fact that my friends have found some new friends which isn’t the kind thing i would do is it.

Somehow we ended up on the stupid train that goes via Manchester Airport and god it just goes on and on forever and ever but we eventually get there. I head straight to the record shops and as always i end up spending ages looking over what i want to buy. Some stupid French women picked up the Copy Haho 7″ that i wanted that pissed me off. So today i went for Album by Girls “That girl looks happy playing the piano” (which i’m gonna wrap up for christmas) and Christmas, Thanks For Nothing by Slow Club (which is for now cos’ theres no point rapping it up and the listening to it for the day).

So then we leave to go get food, once again this lead me to ponder what did i expect. There are two saturdays before chrsitmas and i’m in Manchester. I don’t like crowded spaces and ARGH there are people everywhere. Anyway i decide to got to pizza hut and in the que there were these two morons with their tongues wrapped around each other throuts, bleurgh!!! Things like this make me want to be sick all over them. I just can’t stand it But anyway i got my pizza and it tasted alright. Some silly people thought it would be a good idea to buy a huge bucket of chicken, they both regretted it later. So then we just end up in loads of shops for ages which makes me stressed because of there just being people everywhere i need space and i take after my dad. Bought my sister a JLS calender though, thats one present out of the way.

After all this exhaustion we go to the Christmas markets why are even busier but i bought myself some Dutch pancakes with white chocolate which were just lovely. So everyone else talks i sit out, i just don’t think i’m gonna ever be good socially around large groups of people. I need to change it’s not good, worker harder James.

So then we go home and everything is fine, live is decent, christmas is on the way, seeing horrors tomorrow night but having to start eng lit coursework again isn’t good. I’ll pull through though

James x

So it maybe Tuesday now but the last few days have been quite eventful. Had a very long walk home with a good friend on friday night all four miles back from Sandbach to Haslington. There was a lot to be discussed so we talked and talked and talked, which we also then ended up doing on Saturday night walking there and back to Crewe but that was in the evening. During the day i got back into playing the last Splinter Cell game. Nothing feels better than getting up and just strangling innocent people, or falling of the side of a building for the god knows how many times and then throwing your controller at your sister whos just decided to perch herself in your room. Well I obviously didn’t do that. So in the afternoon i went to Crewe for the first time to try and do Christmas shopping but as per usual i came back with a CD for myself, saves myself the embarrassment of buying something JLS related for my sister. Then in HMV i overheard a great conversation between a little girl and her mother Daughter: “I’m gonna die soon” Mum: “Well die quietly then” This just left a huge grin on my face. So in the evening i went back into Crewe and talked some more mainly about people i hate which is a lot. One in particular who i now hate a hell of a lot more. So we met up at Pizza Hut another establishment which i hate before moving to the bowling alley which is full of people i hate. Like those stupid chavy pricks throwing basketballs at each other. There is soooooo soooo much to moan about. So we started bowling which only highlights how small my feet are a size 7 for someone who is 6″1. Bowling lead to me becoming increasingly annoyed with one individual. Who exactly are you trying to impress? Haven’t you realised how much i actually hate you yet. Your stupid hair, your stupid fashion sense and your horrible fakeness. Nothing about you is at all real, so just disapear and make my whole life a whole lot better.

So anyway as always i get very angry when i bowl cos i don’t like being bad at stuff so i ruined the whole evening for myself. As per usual i fail to pluck up the courage to talk to either girl who was with us this evening, it’s not that i have a problem with girls talking to me and holding a conversation it’s a problem of being starting the conversation and talking to girls. For some reason i’m absolutely fine in other social setting for example at a gig but that side of my personality just wasn’t there that night. Then i went and trapped my thumb in a gate round the back of where MFI used to be because I was ‘exploring’.  We discussed the person i mentioned earlier and how much we hate him.

So Sunday meant the start of winter football and the surface at school was perfect i must of fallen over at least four times and got extremely muddy. So as always it’s just a bit of fun grabbed myself a couple of goals in the final game we played so alls good. At least football is a way to constructively take my anger out. In the evening i stayed up and watched Happy-Go-Lucky which is a great film a perfect mix of comedy and drama it’s only made better by the fact that it’s British. I could see a lot of myself in Scott the driving instructor but i’m no way near as socially fucked as he is.

Yesterday was parent consultation evening which was to be honest a little bit of a shambles mainly because Mr. Bootherstone went ranting on for 10 minutes more that he was supposed to. Every teacher said exactly the same thing which was James’ handwriting is difficult to read. I think they might actually do something about it considering how annoyed my dad got. But anyway apparently i’m the best in the year at Sociology which was nice complement from my sociology teacher. But i need to improve in everything else even though i’m doing alright at English Language. It’s my choice to be in the sixth form so i need to improve at the end of the day

So thanks for nothing googlemaps you sent us to the wrong Academy didn’t you. It was about 6:50 and we’d made sure we’d be at the venue in plenty of time and followed the directions fine. So where were all the people oh yeah at the new academy. So this lead to us stressing about where the fuck were we but thanks to some good old fashioned ingenuity we managed to get there only ten minutes late. This was only after walking straight past Harriet Campesinos! and Sparky Deathcap probaly should have stopped them and asked for a photo but oh well.

Leeds based Sky Larkin were first on the bill of this Wichita records extravaganza. To be honest Sky Larkin are just one of those bands who are just a lot better to listen to on the record which is quite as shame considering what a fun band they are. They lacked any real sort of energy apart from their drummer who looked like he was the Hulk and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d put his hand straight LC!s drum kit. ‘Beeline’ sounded good, the new song they played wasn’t particularly interesting. So overall just a bit average.

Songs that I know that they played

  • Antibodies
  • Molten
  • Fossil I
  • Beeline

I would expect nothing less than awesome from Los Campesinos! and of course they duly delivered as always. Apparently tonight was a greatest hits set which disappointingly meant only really singles but no the less they performed a blinding set epitomised by the amazing ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ which this time they did with the cover of ‘Box Elder’ by Pavement which they didn’t do when i saw them back in October. Gareth even managed to have to guts to do a bit of casual crowd-surfing during closing song ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’. What surprised be the most was how much The Cribs fans were up for it which was a nice gesture considering the nature of Cribs fans. Other highlights included ‘The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future’ and ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’

Set List:

  1. Death To Los Campesinos!
  2. Miserabilia
  3. There Are Listed Buildings
  4. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  5. My Year In Lists
  6. Box Elder/You! Me! Dancing!
  7. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  8. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

What did I expect Cribs fans to be like???

I think i was rather naive to have gone without expecting the majority of them to be absolute dickheads but what can you do??? not much. There is only so much of huge sweaty half-naked men and incredibly annoying crowd surfing 14 year-olds. The whole show generally felt very hostile and i don’t think I’ll want to go to another Cribs show or any other similar band ever again. So i spent three songs at the beginning going crazy and having fun. Roughly another seven songs feeling like i was about to die, getting kicked (yes kicked), punched in the face and generally just pushed and shoved in all possible directions. Then about ten songs standing at the back trying to dry myself from all the sweat with my hoodie which was wrapped around my wast and enjoying the rest of the show from a distance. So what was the actual perfromance like… Very good of what i could actually see infront of the mesh of limbs and anyone who says Johnny Marr is not what he used to be is a complete idiot. Starting off with a song which i had no idea what it was wasn’t great and then i sure i’ve suffered mild concusion cos’ i have no idea what came next. Hey Scenesters! was just great and the four of them looked like they were having a great time a band who are obviously in their element in venues like this. As the set continued the band began to loose various items of clothing but as if you’d come on wearing a coat i’m looking at you Johnny Marr. So they through they ploughed  through their set in a typically raucous fashion playing a mix of old and new. Favourites for me when i was down the front were ‘Emasculate Me’ and ‘Direction’ while i was being murdered down the front. As i moved to the back this gave me a chance to see what the band were like a lot better and they did just look awesome. Johnny Marr even did this thing where he looked like he was killing everyone with his guitar, hes got all the moves. I felt like i should be having such a fun time watching them but no it wasn’t to be. Another great moment was ‘Be Safe’ in which Lee Ranaldo of the Sonic Youth’s head appeared on a giant projected image. The band ended with fan favourite Men’s Needs and the epic City of Bugs. So overall great band. Shit fans.

Songs that I remember them playing

  • Hey Scenesters!
  • Direction
  • Mirror Kisses
  • You Were Always The One
  • Our Bovine Public
  • Men’s Needs
  • I’m A Realist
  • Be Safe
  • We Were Aborted
  • Cheat On Me
  • We Share The Same Skies
  • City of Bugs
  • Hari Kari
  • Emasculate Me
  • Save Your Secrets
  • Ignore The Ignorant
  • Nothing

Give me a nice friendly band playing in a nice friendly venue to nice friendly people any day

James x