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The holidays are well and truly in full swing now, seems crazy almost half way though and where is the good weather. Seriously sun can you please come out for a little bit getting bored of day after day of cloud. Shame I can’t control the weather… So last time I wrote a blog about my life it was before Indietracks which was loads of fun. Coming back wasn’t. On the Tuesday my gran went to hospital cos’ she was suffering from heart problems so she stopped in hospital over night found out all was fine came back home the next day. My dad of course got stressed by all of this, probs wasn’t the best idea to have her over for tea then. This wouldn’t have happened if the lift was working in her apartment. So she came over and my dad instantly started questioning her about why she went to hospital because him and my uncles just think she’s making her heart condition up. They seem to think that’s she’s doing it to test the system in the sheltered accommodation she’s just moved into. My gran of course won’t answer his questions just to be awkward. So then both of them are equally stressed and then all this leads to my gran phoning for a taxi to go home because of the way my dad had been acting. So then I’m expected to go and try to persuade her to come back home. How am I expected to choose sides when both of them are acting as bad as each other. So I tell her not to come back and go home because my dad isn’t thinking straight. Don’t understand why my dad acts the way he does sometimes he only ever thinks about himself but I know he only does it because he cares. So by the end of this everyone was in tears, what can you do eh. Bad stuff happens at the best of times

So apart from the above summer hasn’t been to bad so far apart from the fact that my dad has changed the date we’re going on holiday so I can’t go play football on Friday. Last week played a lot of FIFA, had two FIFA tournaments knocked out in the first round in one and then lost in the final in the second. Nothing better than playing a bit of FIFA with my bros during the summer. On the subject of football went to watch Macclesfield’s final pre-season friendly against Rhyl on Saturday. Wasn’t too bad for a fiver and Brian was there always a plus hadn’t heard his crazy ramblings in so long. Have to say Macc are looking in good shame for the new season and really loving Gary Simpson’s tactics. Good to finally watch us play some football rather than just hoofing it up and hoping for the best. The new signings all looked good especially Jason Beardsley and my man of the match Sam Wedgebury. Just hoping this season we won’t be sucked into yet another relegation dog fight and looking at the squad I really can’t see that happening to be honest. Just hoping we can start the season in winning ways against a tough Stevenage side on Saturday.

This week has been pretty nice so far went into town on Monday I bought myself the new Arcade Fire record which to be honest after about five listens I have to say is a little over-rated. There isn’t one song on it that evokes the same sort of passion that either ‘Funeral’ or ‘Neon Bible’ do. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good album and there are some quality tracks just maybe a little too much filler. Also bought the Best Coast record on Monday doesn’t it just have the best artwork ever. LOOK!!!

It’s also made me want a pet cat really bad specially as one as cool as Snacks. Really good record too ‘Boyfriend’ has gotta be one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Seriously can’t resist American girls singing about how much they want a guy. Just hoping I get to spend some time listening to this on the beach next week. Weather permitting of course, not gonna go out and lie in the rain and get all wet am I, that would be shit.

That’s all for now going on down to Wales on Friday should be good, gonna visit Spillers, yay



Anyone like the pun I did there? So Saturday began with a trip to the cafe at the station/festival site where I had possibly one the most down right hideous and artery clogging breakfasts of all time. But hey how can you complain when you get all this food for free. It had hash browns, I never have hash browns. Later that morning me and the guys reported to the church where we would receive are duties for the day. Oooooh instrument store that sounds like it could be fun. WRONG! Possibly the most boring thing I have done in my entire life just sound there for what felt like hours staring blankly at the faces of the festival goers that went past making sure only authorised personnel were allowed to get in there. Thankfully I didn’t have to do that job too much and got what was probably the best of the rota’s out of me and my friends over the weekend. The only other thing I had to was take over the ticket desk for a while which was a hell of a lot better than working the instrument store.

All of this meant I didn’t have much time to experience the festival so first band of the day was a bit later on than what I would have liked. Saw a little bit of Antarctica Takes It! they were a little boring, then saw a bit of The Smitten’s who were more than a little bit twee and didn’t really take my fancy. So instead of watching bands thought it would be more fun to go and visit the model railway club.

That brought back some memories to say the least. After this I sat by myself and watched some more bands on the Outdoor Stage (as the guys were working). Now I don’t care how legendary or influential you may find The Orchids or Ballboy but I found both bands incredibly dull and boring. I sat thinking while watching both their equally average brands of indie pop how maybe this festival is far to specialist for my liking. Indietracks while being a great underground festival it can often alienate those like myself who have a reasonable knowledge of the genre but not one that is as in-depth as those for who the festival is aimed at. This could possibly prove to me the festivals main downfall as how many bands will continue to create music like this in years to come it’s hard to tell as many of these bands playing are pretty obscure apart from those playing late in the day. But for now the festival works a treat and caters for this market really well and not one person I met throughout the weekend had a bad word to say about it.

Final band I saw of the day were easily the best and that was Tender Trap who replaced Love Is All at short notice to headline the Indoor Stage. From what I saw Amelia Feltcher + band played through a selection of songs from their new record (which I hadn’t heard anything from at the time) to a packed audience. This was the first time I’d seen a band in the converted barn all weekend and the sound in there was easily the worst of any festival or venue I’d ever been to. This meant that although Tender Trap from what I could hear were pretty damn good the sound their sort of ruined what was a solid performance from an indie legend. Picture equally as awful as sound

Day two ended pretty much the same as day one as we sat back after a hard days of ‘work’ with some fine locally brewed ale. However the best (and worst) was yet to come…


Last night I was in A&E yay! See the problem with playing football with someone who quite clearly doesn’t know how to play football is that they are unwilling to jump over my sometimes over the top challenges and would rather plow their foot straight into my ankle. Most normal players would probably have stepped out but there isn’t much I can do now and I don’t want to blame on to anyone cos’ it was an accident but just saying. So after a good long three hour (at least the F1 was on otherwise it would have been hell) wait in the hospital I found out I’d only torn some tissue and ligament. They’ve done up Leighton pretty good since the last time I was there (another footballing injury), really don’t get why there were these ten chavy guys in there only two of them needed seeing to. All of them had that same stupid gormless retard facial expression on them, made me a laugh a little. The doctors and nurses were all very good as always can’t fault them really. I now have nine days til recover for Glastonbury. Things are looking good so far getting for confident walking on it just hoping some small child doesn’t kick me around school tomorrow in the corridors. Making sure I’m resting loads just spent the whole afternoon watching the two boring games of Holland vs Denmark and Japan vs Cameroon.

Back to school today and was typically questioned by numerous teachers but dear god was the organisation of these meetings poor. Spent an hour and half waiting for a meeting that lasted five minutes, surely individual time slots would have been better. But oh well, I am English and we are the best at waiting in the whole world.

Didn’t have to wait long though to watch England mess up the start to their World Cup campaign. Could have happened to any keeper but either way it was a shocking howler from Rob Green. Just hoping he picks himself up from that and starts the next game at least to prove that he’s got what it takes to lead us to at least some minor world cup success. Felt it was a generally disappointing performance all round, especially with Rooney marked out of the game. Who else is going to get the goals cos’ it certainly ain’t gonna be Heskey that’s for sure. Although Heskey didn’t do to bad. Thought Johnson, Gerrard and Terry also had good games. However the likes of Wright-Phillips didn’t look like they’ve got the ability to take us far in this competition and I think ultimately you have to questions Capello’s decision not to bring Joe Cole on for Milner. However we must not dwell on this defeat and I we must move on and destroy Algeria and Slovenia to make sure we finish top of the group. Thinking that Capello will have to change his attacking options to guarantee goals.

In other news I have now finished all of my exams Sociology went well, English Lit didn’t but we’ll see what happens come August. The band is getting better, I think we’ve written a better song that the one we wrote during our first practice which I really don’t like. And this random guy who my dad works with who I’ve never met before gave me a new amp. It makes aeroplane noises but it smells of smoke. Hey, free amp, can’t complain with that. Don’t think much else has happened just gotta concentrate on getting fit again.

Finally this made me smile earlier in the week

James x

So first blog in ten days and I have been pretty busy… Mainly moaning about how much I dislike school. Today however I feel I have managed to break away from the misery. The sun is shinning and it is four days until my first Geography exam, soooooo happy get the hard one out of the way first. We did a pass physical paper on Friday and oh dear I failed massively. Oh well, just carry on revising I suppose. Most other subjects seem to be going well, think I can probs scrape a C in lit that would be nice. Most of my time has been spent up doing boring school work however but you just gotta live with that I suppose. Carry on the subject of school Thursday was higher education evening *yawn*. I do not care about foundation degrees I would like to go to a proper uni rather than Mid Cheshire College. Got some prospectuses through this week Keele and MMU(not Crewe campus) are looking like the most realistic so far. Don’t wanna go too far away from home considering how bad I get homesickness. And at Keele I’ve got the chance to go abroad (scary) and I could do some really stupid subject as well as Sociology. Generally feeling a bit happier about all this crap.

Other News: Football season has come to an end for another year. Can’t complain with Macc’s performance considering the tragic death of Keith. Highlight of course being the 4-1 battering of Crewe back in December. However can’t really understand why Johnny Brain and Lee Bell have been released seems like they probably can’t afford to keep the. Especially sad to see Johnny go considering he’s been one of our best players over the last couple of seasons. But we move on and look ahead to next year and hopefully improve on this season. Can’t really see a play-off push happening to be honest but what do you expect. Nicely done Chelsea for winning the double can’t really complain with that Ancelotti has done a brilliant job in his first season. And also well done to Roy Hodgson brilliant job done with Fulham in the Europa League but nothing to cry other though… Also I feel Fabio’s done a good job of picking the England squad only really complaint is the inclusion of Heskey really don’t rate him. But I can understand why he’s put him in. Heres my starting XI, feel free to criticise.

  • GK: David James
  • DR: Glen Johnson
  • DC: Rio Ferdinand
  • DC: John Terry
  • DL: Ashley Cole
  • DMC: Steven Gerrard
  • MR: Aaron Lennon
  • ML: James Milner
  • AMC: Frank Lampard
  • ST: Wayne Rooney
  • ST: Peter Crouch

Such a tough selection he’s got to make for the midfield.

My End of Season Awards

  • Best Macclesfield Town Player: Carl Tremarco (for being constantly brilliant at left-back throughout the season)
  • Worst Macclesfield Town Player: Ben Wright (enough said)
  • Best Player: Wayne Rooney (obvious choice but he really has been in outstanding form this season)
  • Worst Player: Johan Elmander (sure theres probably some who are worse but still, what a pile of shite)
  • Goal of the Season: Colin Daniel for Macclesfield vs Crewe (cracking 30 yarder into the top corner past ‘Shit’ Phillips right in front of the Star Lane End faithfull)
  • Biggest Dick of the Season: Ricky Sappleton (but thats why I love him)
  • Best Moment of the Season: As soon as Colin Daniels goal hit the back of the net
  • Worst Moment of the Season: The death of Keith Alexander
  • Manager of the Season: Roy Hodgson (amazing what he’s done in the Europa League)
  • Why???: The signing of Francious Kompany
  • Most Improved Player: Gareth Bale (why can’t he be English)
  • Most Underrated Player: Lee Chung-Yong (put some much effort in for Bolton on the right wing)
  • James Walker Award for Diving Header of the Year: Park Ji-Sung for Manchester United against Liverpool (pure genius from the South Korean)

The world cup of course being something to look forward to, it’s only a month away but it seems like forever. Then there’s Glasto of course (duh?). Dot to Dot Festival which is now only two weeks away and I’m pretty excited especially about seeing Beach House who I’ve just totally fallen in love with this year. It really is gonna be soooooooo much fun, really signifies the start of the summer for me. It would be better however if my ticket had actually arrived. Slow Club first though, can’t wait to hear what their new stuff sounds like.

Saturday night was an interesting experience. Went to my first ever Speedway race at Stoke, it was pretty fun. Such an interesting array of people there but the majority of which were quite clearly from the old working class mining community. They’re the kind of people you can tell have come here all there lives and stand there shouting with their clipboards and pens writing who won each race down in their programmes. And it seemed as if even though these people have aged and seen the area change from Tory to Labour and not back to Tory (well sort of again) the place in which they’ve watched the races hasn’t changed one bit

There just seemed to be something romantic about the rusty floodlights and terraces combined with a  back drop of a beautiful sunset and the rolling hills. Think I might go again next time I’m over at my dad’s.

James x

Of course referring to school. Two weeks of this nightmare left and then I’ll only have to go on for exams for about three weeks. And god I can’t fucking wait. I’ve just had enough of everything and everyone. People knit picking all the time you so fucking hilarious. Yes let’s all take the piss and alienate me (doesn’t apply to everyone). So what if I do things differently to other people I don’t care. Accept me or fuck off.

Rant over


*feels better*

So everything has fallen apart since I last wrote a blog about my life. Revision is out of the window. I will try and lock myself in my room on Sunday and just crack on with revision. However my grades haven’t been looking too bad in the run up to exams but effort on the other hand. It’s always the same I horribly lazy end of. I’d rather just sit around drinking tea and eating cake while trying to complete Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi. Way for fuuuun.

Election you can also fuck off. Seriously do we really need all this coverage it’s just stupid. There are other things going on in the world other than a load of twats been put into power. Cameron and friends can fuck off. Can someone please tell me what is broken about Britain they make this big stupid song and dance about how there gonna fix everything. No your not someone out there is always gonna be complaining about the state of the country nothing will ever me right for everyone. I just hope big Gordon gets a coalition set up with the Liberals so we don’t have the tory scum running a minority government for the next four years.

Good things that have happened this week. I bought tickets to go and see Slow Club again and on Monday we put our tent up for Glastonbury to see if it’s alright and it is so that’s fine.


Apparently the school are reading this, err so hi. Well I only found out because apparently members of staff go searching for their names on the internet and see if people have written bad things about them in blogs. The school of course read this and thought I was skiving the Friday before Record Store Day. Of course I wasn’t I was inside learning all sorts of wondrous things.

So the past week has been rather uneventful, seriously nothing has happened of note apart from the above… err… The new Foals album has leaked and me lack a bad boy went and downloaded it. And first let it be said I have pre-ordered it and it really really surprised me. Just it’s expansiveness and the way it progresses throughout. From the summery groves of early tracks like ‘Miami’ and ‘Total Life Forever’ then through to the darker ‘After Glow’ and the beauty of my personal favourite track ‘2 Trees’. Personally I think it dicks on their debut and will probably end up being one of my favourite records of the year can’t wait to see them at Glasto now just how the songs work out live.

Speaking of live music it’s all I’ve got to look forward to at the moment. Tomorrow night I’m seeing Chew Lips for a second time and then the big one that is LCD Soundsystem. This will be by first gig by myself and here some questions arrive:

  1. How sad will I look in the queue outside the venue just standing there with my headphones in?
  2. How sad will I look probably playing games on my phone in-between bands cos’ i can’t afford to text anyone?
  3. How sad will I look dancing by myself?
  4. How said will I look when my dad and sister come to pick me up from the venue?

Apart from the above I am generally really looking forward to it especially from what I’ve read about how good their love shows are and how good the new album is.

Oh yeah forgot to say I wrote a song this week and recorded it. It will be pretty hard for you to find it on the net though proper hidden away. It’s weird when song writing you notice how much you rip of other bands especially Television Personalities. Feeling more confident about my ability as a song writer both with my music and lyrics cos’ my band mates both like it.

Revisions going well got a bit done this weekend sat on by mums boyfriends canal boat answering questions about Marxists views on education. The boat was nice enough not too bad just sat there not doing a lot and playing Nintendogs for the most part. On the subject of games the gap in-between revising is now to be taken up by completing Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi so I get the final extra two levels at the end. Which to say the least is a little bit nerdy but I think I’m about 40% of the way through with Luigi which is pretty good going. Plus it’s getting me excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is out in June and promises to be ‘2’ times the fun. On that note. Byeeeeeeeeeee

James x

First of all let me start on a sad note as I was informed today over the internet that Devon Clifford drummer in You Say Party! You Say Die! has died of a brain aneurysm. I remember YSP!YSD being one of the first bands I ever really got into it must have been about 2006 or 2007 listening to Steve Lamacq when I first heard them. Since then they disappeared off my musical radar until recently where I went back and to listen to them for the first time in ages and they were equally as fun as they were those years ago. My thoughts are with the band, family and friends.

So, back to school Tuesday had a nice inset day where i finished all the work that needed to be finished and made myself a nice motivational revision poster. If i do not revise then I do not get to see Slow Club and Summer Camp next month. Summer Camp’s debut single was released this week and I of course got it all nice and pre-ordered from Piccadilly Records and it is very nice indeed. School hasn’t been too bad you’ve just gotta get on with it really put you foot down and pull through the nightmare that is A-Levels. Theres a lot to be happy about which helps

Wednesday night saw the Glastonbury line-up and oh isn’t it beautiful nearer the time  I will do a top 10 bands I want to see at Glasto list. For me though really there was one massive name that stood out and that’s The Flaming Lips. Definitely one of my favourite bands of all time and from what I’ve read about their live show it proves to be flippin epic. And it’s only made better when you’ve got Florence and Hot Chip playing before. On Thursday I found out that I’ve got someone who can get me some alcohol which is good

Yeah so Thursday evening went out to celebrate my mums boyfriends daughters 21st and we go with various extended family and one of my mums boyfriends friends called Bob



I hope I never get to meet him every again

Apart from that I sat quietly without really saying much, got some good uni and glasto advice though, wine in a bag is apparently the way forward.

Friday built up the anticipation for what as an absolutely brilliant Record Store Day at Piccadilly Records in Manchester. Woke up at 6:30 to and got the 7:30 train to Manchester with Michael Kinge and Jack Mitchell. We arrived outside the store to already see that the queue was already round the corner and going to down towards Afflecks. Before this i bought myself the Daily Mirror to read if I get bored (It had a great picture of Eidur Gudjohnson as a cloud, can’t remember what the pun was). I also bought a Frappachino. I have no idea what a Frappachinno is but it tastes very strange and made me very hyper. I didn’t realise that it was supposed to be cold I was expecting a nice warm cup of coffee but no what a mistake I made. So we were there two hours early and as you do you getting chatting with people you don’t know. There were free flavoured water for everyone in the queue it was all very nice indeed got asked by lots of people what was going on. So doors opened and Kinge got the very last Blur 7″ and a Hot Chip 7″he was very lucky indeed, Jack got Factory Records 12″ and I got a She & Him 7″, Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding 7″ and LCD Soundsystem 12″. After this we bumped into the girl I was talking to in the queue found out that she had actually added me on lastfm a few months ago. What a small world we live in.

Here are a few pictures

So we continued to spend the rest of the morning/early afternoon wandering round Manchester buying things and enjoying the sun before hopping back on the train home. Got to mine and played everything, think I personally enjoyed Kinge’s Hot Chip 7″ the most. In the evening it was band practice, things just seem to be getting and better for us

Today I got up an enjoyed watching the F1 with my dad this morning, wasn’t a bad race. The game the greatest festival of the yeah…



As if you don’t love wandering round a car park with a few cars and lorries on then walking through down watching the masses get drunk in the afternoon. Hasn’t Sandbach got anything better is this all people have got to look forward to in the year. I suppose it’s the same in most small towns such as ours up and down the country and it’s quite sad. I really do wish there was something interesting here. Nothing changes.

James x

Well it’s here at least. I went for a little walk around in the sunshine this afternoon to celebrate how lovely the weather has suddenly come and to send back my Dot to Dot tickets cos’ apparently there’s something wrong with them. And as I was out walking I noticed a few things:

  1. It seems like everyone is in love and holding hands
  2. The blossom always looks beautiful
  3. It’s that time of year where people are always out walking dogs or on bike rides
  4. ‘Brighten the Corners’ era Pavement is always the best kind of music to walk around to in the sunshine

Anyway what have I done this week. Well Monday was Bank Holiday and my mum and sister decided to go on the canal boat with Stuart so I went on a nice walk with my dad in the countryside. Tuesday was rather uneventful. Wednesday was good though. Went to see Kick-Ass with a few friends and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant. Probably the best film I’d seen since watching Control, which I watched the night before. Kick-Ass however was a long way from the doom and gloom of an Ian Curtis bio-pic. It had absolutely everything, a little controversy, romance, action, a stupidly brilliant amount of gore, comedy, those tender little emotional bits that are just lovely. You could list it’s brilliance for ages, maybe the plot was a little bit unintelligent but that was just about it’s only flaw. Heres a clip for you encase you haven’t seen it. Oh and it also had Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding in the soundtrack, always a good thing.

So following that I got home and saw my mum for about the first time in a week and watched the United game. Looked like they we’re gonna destroy Bayern in the first half but no wasn’t to be. Bit disappointed that no British teams reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. But I would like to congratulate Fulham on reaching the Europa League final and while on the subject of football well done to Pompey as well for reaching the FA Cup final, well deserved after such a season they’ve had.

Thursday went to see my nan played a lot more Tomb Raider and have done very little work. Friday was along the same lines, and Saturday and Today, so today I am left with this fucking huge pile of work to do for Tuesday, wish me look people. At least I got a little bit of motivation now. If I don’t stick to a revision timetable then i do not get to go see Slow Club and Summer Camp next month, gonna write a massive sign in front of my desk to remind me to work. Only two months of this. Can’t fail, right…

James x

So the weekend came round and oh god was it bad. Saturday morning woke up about 6 with my head down the loo seemed like I’d gotten some sort of virus, so the majority of the day was spent lying on the sofa watching TV. The Gadget Show was rather good. Used to watch it regularly but then I just stopped. They did a great thing where they built robots and thought them and i lay there with my sleeping bag rapped over me thinking about how much I would have liked to have been on Robot Wars this was only reiterated on Monday but I’ll talk about that later. I also had the pleasure of watching a little bit of 10,000 BC it was awful. Felt better on Sunday but still didn’t do much went for a good old family walk up the cloud in Congleton. And I watched Heroes, can’t ever afford to miss Heroes.

Anyway Monday I thought I was well enough to go back into school but my body had other ideas. Get on the bus and my stomach felt like turning itself inside out. So I thought I’d stay in for period one and see how it went. We had this lovely guy come in and talk to us about drugs and he must have been about 35 odd. And there he was talking like some really retarded youngster. He just kept saying “yeah and stuff” over and over again. I thought to myself does he really talk like this when he’s out of work. So I sat through It trying not to fall asleep and walked to my nans. So get in lay on the Sofa and watched all seven episodes of series 2 of Spaced back to back. And of course there are many references to Robot Wars and that amazing bit where Tim and Daisy nearly kiss when she’s pretending to me Phillpa Forrester (wonder what happened to her, probably at the bottom huge ex-BBC presenter junkyard) or that bit…. well all of it, its comedy gold at the end of the day.

So then I watched old clips of Robot Wars and of course I went to watch some of my old favourite Hypnodisc.

Here are some conclusions I came up with about Robot Wars

  • To be honest it is utter shite
  • What is the point in refbot
  • How did Philippa Forrester about spending all that time with those weird middle-aged men
  • Jonathan Pierce better at commentating on Robot Wars
  • Why was there no Robot uprising

This is a classic

So today was the first day in three of not being ill, this meant an exciting fun trip to Manchester for Sociology lectures. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Didn’t really talk to anyone else other than my teacher all day which was rather sad. Sat in the front seat of the mini bus cos’ it didn’t seem like I would of been accepted anywhere else which was the feeling I got. It was alright just sat there with headphones in. Got there and it just seemed like the most pointless trip ever they basically told me everything I already knew. So after all this severe boredom meant that I got to visit my most favouritist record shop in the whole world and go home early cos’ everyone was sick of it. So I went to Piccadilly and I bought this on 12″

and then I bought this on CD and the lovely people there gave me a very lovely free poster

So it wasn’t too bad of a day to be honest and then I got in to find my dot to dot ticket on the floor underneath the letter box to my surprise. Ellie Goulding next week (probably negative) review to follow. Only 3 days left of school!!!!!

James x

… well i am now so stop your moaning

So Barcelona was brilliant but it seems like it was a lifetime ago now. Really really fun I would put some pics up but I haven’t got my lead for the phone. Really wasn’t very many places we didn’t go to. First day was great we arrived and it wouldn’t stop raining but this didn’t mean that we couldn’t have fun. Me and two others went out and explored the city and went to the Arc d’ Triump (can’t spell), random metal thing, giant gold horse thing, woolly mammoth and the small cathedral. Which was equally as beautiful as the Segrada Familia. Then we went out and had a nice meal at some place Piccasso used to go to. Best quote of the trip for me “It’s got bones in it” when eating fish, what did you expect.

Second day went to the Nou Camp hopefully the first person ever to have worn a Macclesfield shirt in the Nou Camp but probably not. It was pretty big and had lots of shiny trophies but I shall not buy your replica shirts for 87 euros. So after that had a little explore around the Olympic Village which was very nice and had lots of cats in it and a nice big palace. Then trekked up to the cemetery and you could see the whole city. It was very beautiful.

Third day visited Park Guell it was vastly over-rated it was just full of screaming Spanish  school kids running about everywhere. The architecture was good though. The came the worst bit of the trip got call  saying there was an independent record store near-by. Although it was near it meant hopping on three different metros to try and get to it and of course by the time we get there they close for a ciesta. But then we went to the beach and it was all sunny and lovely had a little kick about and walk in the see. In the evening went to the Picasso museum and acted all pretensions and analysed all the paintings to try and get what Picasso was drawing. Then I had this fucking huge lobster paella, lets just say there was a lot of gauging. Momentous occasion bought my first ever pint (well it was litre really)

Final day went to Segrada Familia which was pretty big to say the least. I though the scaffolding that they’d done was superb to say the least. Spent the rest of the day looking for presents and cats and people who look like people I know from home. Then got on the flight and came back to sunny England.

So when I was back routine as per usual begins. Above is only a brief mention of what happened in Barcelona and I’ll do a picture blog soon (maybe). So routine began and seriously I can’t think of anything really important that has happened over the last couple of weeks. Last week I got told that i should quit sixth form by one of my Geography teachers. I’m not having any of that good blow to the confidence especially friends opening results letters and having U’s inside. Gotta before when summer comes round.

Speaking of summer I now have tickets for three different festivals aside from Glastonbury I will now be going to both Dot to Dot and the end of May and Underage at the start of August both promise to be fun and line-ups for both and looking too shabby so far. One band I hope to see are Veronica Falls who I’ve mentioned before on here there new 7″ came this week and god is the b-side good. ‘Stephen’ is the first song in ages which I’ve had on repeat for about ten times in a row. Haven’t heard a song this infections since i first heard ‘Second Date’ by Vivian Girls.

In rather belated news it was very sad to learn the news of the passing away of Keith Alexander while I was away in Spain. I would just like to say what a great manager he was for the club and how massively missed he will be by everyone who is associated with Macclesfield Town. It felt strange on Saturday not to see him standing on the touchline in which he was such a  large presence. The lads have done him proud since his death and it was a moving and very moving tribute to him on Saturday afternoon. And it was really good to see everyone play-well and get the result at the end of the game. Something that we haven’t been able to do much this season, it seems like look might finally be on our side.


  • Brain: 8 (didn’t have much to do but when he did he dealt with Bury’s chances with some great reaction saves)
  • Hessy: 7 (solid and dependable at the back as always)
  • Brown: 7 (same as above)
  • Morgan: 7 (controlled the back line never looked like anything was going passed him)
  • Brisley: 9 (absolutely flawless in defence and going forward didn’t put a foot wrong all game)
  • Bell: 7 (another strong solid performance)
  • Draper: 6 (a bit reckless at times and a little bit anonymous would expect better but he has just come back from injury)
  • Rooney: 8 (his passing and his ability to keep hold of the ball was second to none)
  • Daniel (didn’t play long enough to get a rating
  • Sinclair 7 (did well setting up the first goal)
  • Wright 7 (scrappy goal could he finally hit form though)


  • Lindfield: 8 (thats the best performance I’ve seen from him since he joined in January showed composure to score the decisive second)

May the memory of Keith live on

Keith Alexander 1956-2010