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So I am back from what was the biggest party in the whole world. I’ll write a proper wordier review later in the week but for the moment you can have this, a fine selection of pictures of places, people and bands I saw over the weekend.

And on one final note (I’ll delete this if you want to)


So first blog in ten days and I have been pretty busy… Mainly moaning about how much I dislike school. Today however I feel I have managed to break away from the misery. The sun is shinning and it is four days until my first Geography exam, soooooo happy get the hard one out of the way first. We did a pass physical paper on Friday and oh dear I failed massively. Oh well, just carry on revising I suppose. Most other subjects seem to be going well, think I can probs scrape a C in lit that would be nice. Most of my time has been spent up doing boring school work however but you just gotta live with that I suppose. Carry on the subject of school Thursday was higher education evening *yawn*. I do not care about foundation degrees I would like to go to a proper uni rather than Mid Cheshire College. Got some prospectuses through this week Keele and MMU(not Crewe campus) are looking like the most realistic so far. Don’t wanna go too far away from home considering how bad I get homesickness. And at Keele I’ve got the chance to go abroad (scary) and I could do some really stupid subject as well as Sociology. Generally feeling a bit happier about all this crap.

Other News: Football season has come to an end for another year. Can’t complain with Macc’s performance considering the tragic death of Keith. Highlight of course being the 4-1 battering of Crewe back in December. However can’t really understand why Johnny Brain and Lee Bell have been released seems like they probably can’t afford to keep the. Especially sad to see Johnny go considering he’s been one of our best players over the last couple of seasons. But we move on and look ahead to next year and hopefully improve on this season. Can’t really see a play-off push happening to be honest but what do you expect. Nicely done Chelsea for winning the double can’t really complain with that Ancelotti has done a brilliant job in his first season. And also well done to Roy Hodgson brilliant job done with Fulham in the Europa League but nothing to cry other though… Also I feel Fabio’s done a good job of picking the England squad only really complaint is the inclusion of Heskey really don’t rate him. But I can understand why he’s put him in. Heres my starting XI, feel free to criticise.

  • GK: David James
  • DR: Glen Johnson
  • DC: Rio Ferdinand
  • DC: John Terry
  • DL: Ashley Cole
  • DMC: Steven Gerrard
  • MR: Aaron Lennon
  • ML: James Milner
  • AMC: Frank Lampard
  • ST: Wayne Rooney
  • ST: Peter Crouch

Such a tough selection he’s got to make for the midfield.

My End of Season Awards

  • Best Macclesfield Town Player: Carl Tremarco (for being constantly brilliant at left-back throughout the season)
  • Worst Macclesfield Town Player: Ben Wright (enough said)
  • Best Player: Wayne Rooney (obvious choice but he really has been in outstanding form this season)
  • Worst Player: Johan Elmander (sure theres probably some who are worse but still, what a pile of shite)
  • Goal of the Season: Colin Daniel for Macclesfield vs Crewe (cracking 30 yarder into the top corner past ‘Shit’ Phillips right in front of the Star Lane End faithfull)
  • Biggest Dick of the Season: Ricky Sappleton (but thats why I love him)
  • Best Moment of the Season: As soon as Colin Daniels goal hit the back of the net
  • Worst Moment of the Season: The death of Keith Alexander
  • Manager of the Season: Roy Hodgson (amazing what he’s done in the Europa League)
  • Why???: The signing of Francious Kompany
  • Most Improved Player: Gareth Bale (why can’t he be English)
  • Most Underrated Player: Lee Chung-Yong (put some much effort in for Bolton on the right wing)
  • James Walker Award for Diving Header of the Year: Park Ji-Sung for Manchester United against Liverpool (pure genius from the South Korean)

The world cup of course being something to look forward to, it’s only a month away but it seems like forever. Then there’s Glasto of course (duh?). Dot to Dot Festival which is now only two weeks away and I’m pretty excited especially about seeing Beach House who I’ve just totally fallen in love with this year. It really is gonna be soooooooo much fun, really signifies the start of the summer for me. It would be better however if my ticket had actually arrived. Slow Club first though, can’t wait to hear what their new stuff sounds like.

Saturday night was an interesting experience. Went to my first ever Speedway race at Stoke, it was pretty fun. Such an interesting array of people there but the majority of which were quite clearly from the old working class mining community. They’re the kind of people you can tell have come here all there lives and stand there shouting with their clipboards and pens writing who won each race down in their programmes. And it seemed as if even though these people have aged and seen the area change from Tory to Labour and not back to Tory (well sort of again) the place in which they’ve watched the races hasn’t changed one bit

There just seemed to be something romantic about the rusty floodlights and terraces combined with a  back drop of a beautiful sunset and the rolling hills. Think I might go again next time I’m over at my dad’s.

James x

First of all let me start on a sad note as I was informed today over the internet that Devon Clifford drummer in You Say Party! You Say Die! has died of a brain aneurysm. I remember YSP!YSD being one of the first bands I ever really got into it must have been about 2006 or 2007 listening to Steve Lamacq when I first heard them. Since then they disappeared off my musical radar until recently where I went back and to listen to them for the first time in ages and they were equally as fun as they were those years ago. My thoughts are with the band, family and friends.

So, back to school Tuesday had a nice inset day where i finished all the work that needed to be finished and made myself a nice motivational revision poster. If i do not revise then I do not get to see Slow Club and Summer Camp next month. Summer Camp’s debut single was released this week and I of course got it all nice and pre-ordered from Piccadilly Records and it is very nice indeed. School hasn’t been too bad you’ve just gotta get on with it really put you foot down and pull through the nightmare that is A-Levels. Theres a lot to be happy about which helps

Wednesday night saw the Glastonbury line-up and oh isn’t it beautiful nearer the time  I will do a top 10 bands I want to see at Glasto list. For me though really there was one massive name that stood out and that’s The Flaming Lips. Definitely one of my favourite bands of all time and from what I’ve read about their live show it proves to be flippin epic. And it’s only made better when you’ve got Florence and Hot Chip playing before. On Thursday I found out that I’ve got someone who can get me some alcohol which is good

Yeah so Thursday evening went out to celebrate my mums boyfriends daughters 21st and we go with various extended family and one of my mums boyfriends friends called Bob



I hope I never get to meet him every again

Apart from that I sat quietly without really saying much, got some good uni and glasto advice though, wine in a bag is apparently the way forward.

Friday built up the anticipation for what as an absolutely brilliant Record Store Day at Piccadilly Records in Manchester. Woke up at 6:30 to and got the 7:30 train to Manchester with Michael Kinge and Jack Mitchell. We arrived outside the store to already see that the queue was already round the corner and going to down towards Afflecks. Before this i bought myself the Daily Mirror to read if I get bored (It had a great picture of Eidur Gudjohnson as a cloud, can’t remember what the pun was). I also bought a Frappachino. I have no idea what a Frappachinno is but it tastes very strange and made me very hyper. I didn’t realise that it was supposed to be cold I was expecting a nice warm cup of coffee but no what a mistake I made. So we were there two hours early and as you do you getting chatting with people you don’t know. There were free flavoured water for everyone in the queue it was all very nice indeed got asked by lots of people what was going on. So doors opened and Kinge got the very last Blur 7″ and a Hot Chip 7″he was very lucky indeed, Jack got Factory Records 12″ and I got a She & Him 7″, Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding 7″ and LCD Soundsystem 12″. After this we bumped into the girl I was talking to in the queue found out that she had actually added me on lastfm a few months ago. What a small world we live in.

Here are a few pictures

So we continued to spend the rest of the morning/early afternoon wandering round Manchester buying things and enjoying the sun before hopping back on the train home. Got to mine and played everything, think I personally enjoyed Kinge’s Hot Chip 7″ the most. In the evening it was band practice, things just seem to be getting and better for us

Today I got up an enjoyed watching the F1 with my dad this morning, wasn’t a bad race. The game the greatest festival of the yeah…



As if you don’t love wandering round a car park with a few cars and lorries on then walking through down watching the masses get drunk in the afternoon. Hasn’t Sandbach got anything better is this all people have got to look forward to in the year. I suppose it’s the same in most small towns such as ours up and down the country and it’s quite sad. I really do wish there was something interesting here. Nothing changes.

James x

Here are some picture I took in the fog of places

James x