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It was nice not to see all the chavy girls out in force for the first time I’d returned to the venue that I experienced first ever gig. But damn those crafty fiends who work at Liverpool Academy I thought I was expecting an evening in Academy 2 but no it wasn’t to be (well not that it would of made a little bit of difference). Would of been nice to see Ellie in a smaller venue but what can you do eh.

Primary 1 your 25 years to late. Oh how I would of liked to have enjoyed the one support band tonight but words can not describe that level of cheese and overall mediocrity. They sounded and performed like they were the electro pop equivalent of Hadouken! This was only validated by that stupid lets jump in the air and kick our legs thing that the guitarist did and his MEGA FRINGE. Musically there were utterly boring like i said 25 years to late. The to end there lacklustre and incredibly short 20 minute set they tried to get the crowd going by doing this cringe worthy call and response over this piece of trancy bollocks or whatever it was. Who even knows what they we’re trying to be, they left me feeling very confused.

If your reading this then you probably know the story behind Ellie Goulding so I won’t bore you with the details. But I found like with last years BBC Sound winner Little Boots her albums is very hit miss. Combining some killer hooks and brilliant pop songs with the down right hideous.

Ellie cam on to a barge of screams, deafening would be an understatement. Kind of makes me feel glad about where I was standing which was about in the middle but could’t help but end up obscure some peoples views. Ellie came on and started with ‘Lights’ as song which I had not heard before. Not even a song in and it wasn’t hard to tell why she’d been given so many accolades early on in her career cos’ no one could doubt a voice like that. Certainly matching her peers vocally as her original and rather beautiful voice flung itself around the room so it could be just about be heard over the intolerable amount of screaming coming from down the front. Ellie contently plodded her way through debut album ‘Lights’ playing the likes of ‘This Love’ and ‘Your Biggest Mistake’ to a rapturous applause. New single ‘Guns and Horses’ stood out as a favourite for me even though it sadly didn’t feature any glockenspiel. It really didn’t matter what Ellie said in between songs tonight. She started rambling on about how she likes playing Liverpool and how they were the best crowd of the tour so far, yawn. She had everyone rapped around her little finger. Then she asked if anyone wanted to go jogging with her, you can guess the reaction. So yeah everything was just fine it was all very nice, just as expected. Obvious encore followed an exciting rendition of debut single ‘Under the Sheets’ with Ellie and band walking off stage without saying goodbye or playing the huge top 10 smash ‘Starry Eyes’. So to my suprise Ellie returned after a short break and started a three song encore by playing a very lovely version of ‘I Wish I Stayed’ followed by an ‘attempt’ at covering ‘Roscoe’ by the brilliant Midlake. Why? Ellie, Why? Was there really any need to synth pop that up. Then came ‘Starry Eyed’ which included auto-tune not neccasary for someone with a voice like hers, but yeah it was very good.

Tonight was no way near the best gig I’ve ever been to quite clearly but it was nice enough and I’m sure that if your fan of mainstream pop music then this would of been great for you. Ellie did what she does best and that’s playing a selection of the finest pop songs that any British pop artist has to offer at the moment, as well as presenting pretty decent stage craft that I imagine will only get better as she progresses to festival stages in the summer and larger headline shows in the winter. Yet after all this I feel kind of let down that this is the best thing that British pop music has to offer at the moment, which is arguable (new Mystery Jets album on the way). When you look at the likes of Gaga who is taking pop world by storm at the moment, who is quite clearly writing the most innovative pop songs around at the moment. Even still what Gaga does is only what the likes of Madonna did in the 80s. So have we still been playing catch up to the Americans since then. Britain have always kind of led the way in terms of original and interesting pop music. Yes Ms. Goulding at times is rather good but it’s gonna take a lot to take the pop crown away from America and Gaga.

Can’t remember the exact set list, might of gone something like this, correct me if I’m wrong

  1. Lights
  2. Everytime You Go
  3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
  4. Guns and Horses
  5. Your Biggest Mistake
  6. The Writer
  7. Salt Skin
  8. Under The Sheets
  9. Wish I’d Stayed*
  10. Roscoe*
  11. Starry Eyed*


James x

So first time I’ve returned to what I’d now like to call my home venue in 2010 (well that’s mainly cos they haven’t really been putting any good bands on of late). So arrive in plenty of time and i got my free cup of tea from McDonald’s one of the highlights of the evening. Before settling in to what was to be a pretty good night of live music.

First up of the two bands we’re Chew Lips who I’ve been into for quite a while now and to be honest was looking forward to seeing slightly more than Delphic. All of this after I said one of the stupidest things I’d ever said at a gig ever. Heres rough transcript of the conversation

Me: (directed at Michael Kinge) The floor’s not that sticky tonight, maybe they’ve raised it

(Piers over girls shoulder to left to see if i could see if the floor was lower on the other side of the barrier)

(Girls stares looking perplexed)

Me: I was just looking to see if there was a difference in the height of the floor, I come here quite often and usually its lower than this

(Girl looks bemused starts laughing with her friends, Kinge almost breaks into tears, I stand there looking like an absolute penis)

Anyway more importantly the music. Chew Lips we’re very good and played a set filled with songs taken from their debut album ‘Unicorn’. Not really a big fan of the newer stuff but they managed to transform these songs into something brilliant tonight. Front woman Tigs presented a certain individuality that many female fronted bands lack at the moment. Her voice echoing throughout the venue and would certainly match the likes of Florence and Marina any day. Musically as well live they presented more prowess with sequenced beats and synths and what not. Which I’d expect to find boring but as a three-piece this really works as Tigs doesn’t necessarily steal the show with all three members looking equally interested and involved in what there doing. Sadly the crowd quite obviously weren’t up for it as it was obvious that I was the only one singing along (probably cos’ i was standing next to a load of piss heads and girls who wouldn’t stop taking photos of everything) to early singles ‘Salt Air’ and ‘Solo’ which were both equally superb. Looking forward to seeing them headline Sugarmill next month, can’t help but think they’d be so much better playing in bigger cities rather than standing in front of a few hundred people who couldn’t give a shit about them on a Sunday night in Stoke.

I was a bit apprehensive about Delphic tonight who similarly to Chew Lips failed to match early singles such as ‘Counterpoint’ (even though Chew Lips proved me wrong) with some of the songs taken form debut. Delphic almost instantly lost all apprehensions I may of had by kicking into furious versions of  ‘Clarion Call’ and ‘Doubt’. With plenty of electro indie pop noise and very, very flashy lights. I can tell you now if Ian Curtis was there to see his fellow Mancunian’s then he would not be having  a very happy time. Surprisingly these two opening songs were played with more heart than I expected cos they always have seemed to me to have come across as a bit faceless to the media. But once again like Chew Lips the three piece looked like they were having fun and interacted with the drunken hoard standing to my right well. The whole show worked really well for a band of this caliber and I feel that Delphic should not be ladled and indie band there more like a dance band with indie pretensions. As shown by the huge and ever so slightly epic ‘This Mometary’ which was extended to a massive 10 minutes unlike its album counterpart. Yet none of this extendedness seemed to be boring as the band managed to merge all the songs into one to make one massive progressive piece of electro beauty. Can’t help but wonder what a band like this is doing in a venue so small surely they should be playing to massive rooms full of loads fans who like flashing lights as much as i do. The sold out Sugarmill was also well up for this with arms, limbs and bodies flying left, right and centre. I even managed to apologise to that girl for saying something so stupid and went home with a massive black mark down the side of my face probably from being kicked in the face. Delphic really surprised me tonight cos’ i wasn’t really expecting that much and put on absolutely stunning visual audio display. Reminiscent of the Nintendo DS game Electroplankton but without the weird fish. Looks like Delphic might just be taking a step up to next level and hopefully they will.

James x

Tomorrow i fly abroad for only the third time in my short existence after previously flying to Spain when i was about 18 months (cos’ i remember that don’t I), then off to the U.S.A and Bahamas a couple of years ago and to La Rochelle in France. I like planes, I hope I get nice food on it if they have food. Somehow I see the food not being good even is there is any last time i flew with easyjet I got caught in 11 hour delays didn’t get back home til 4 in the morning. Then since I don’t sleep in cars so i went bed at 5 managing only 3 hours sleep cos i don’t sleep full stop.

Anyway Barcelona should be good I aim to be one of a few or maybe even the first to where a Macclesfield Town shirt in the Nou Camp. I shall spread the spirit of Nat Brown, Ricky Sappleton and Jose Veiga throughout Spain. Looks like at the moment we’re heading towards a tenth game without a win as things go from shite to really really shite. Fuck Macclesfield now i’m going to the continent and then i’m coming back and i’m gonna see a ‘really really really cool’ new band in Hanley on Sunday evening so Monday I will literally be walking death. But hey who needs sleep when you’ve completed all the stickers on your McDonalds buy 6 get on free for cups of tea. I shall walk into McDonalds in Hanley with pride as I hand over my sticker chart thing and then skip along down to the venue with glee (i don’t watch that by the way).

Today I also got to stand for 3 yours holding a tape measure near a river, a certain geography teacher who I don’t like wasn’t very happy, I was, I’m lazy so it suited me just fine. So what else have I done this week before i ditch the internet for a few days. How will I live without news? I need to know whats happening, it’s kind of why I could never go on big brother. Friday night i went to Crewes best live music venue the box in which i had the pleasure of watching Arctic Monkeys and Oasis… oh i mean to local bands whose names I can’t remember, i swear this guy in the first band was trying to put on an accent to try and look like Alex Turner. Then the second band was just a guy who would probably bum Liam Gallagher if he had the chance. Then I almost got attacked by some drunken women who was dancing too hard her handbag game from less than inch from smaking me in the face, compensation please. Never it’s not me, i’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Other fun moments include waiting 10 minutes at the bar and a crazy man telling me he had the same shoes as me more than once. Apart from that it was pretty boring. TESCO’s is always fun though I got milk cos we got scared of crazy drug people walking behind us.

Final point for today, why are the BBC going to shut down 6Music do they realise that this will leave a gaping whole in the discovery of new musical talent from within this country. I’d say 6Music is a hell of a lot more important than what Radio 1 does for new music cos’ you’ve just got Zane Lowe sitting in his big fat chair playing whatever he wants and then brands it new music. I’m talking about bands on really obscure independent labels or unsigned acts writing great songs which no one will hear on terrestial radio without 6Music how long would of it taken me to discover Slow Club to name one example. Yes we have the internet and websites such as Drowned in Sound are brilliant at exposing new artists but how will they break through to the nation if when no one is able to listen to them on one of the easiest ways to. The BBC commissions crap on the such as Hotter Than My Daughter a programme made by idiots for the mass idiot public who are happy sitting on their arses watching this bollocks. Is there even any cultural integrity within the BBC anymore or are we just happy to let are lives ruled by celebrity culture and who Katie Price is fucking next. I’d like to think the British public are better than this but i am quite obviously wrong. I may not pay the license fee but surely I have the write to an opinion. These are just a few reasons why you should sign the petition at so we can have one ounce of happiness before Nibiru destroys us all

Have a good time doing what you do this week, expect photos and reviews of things to follow.

James x

So 2010 saw me arrive at the same venue 2009 left off arriving at Liverpool Academy to be  surrounded by hoards of Tinchy Stryder fan’s. It wasn’t a pretty sight and no i do not want to buy your mix cd with Chipmunk and N-Dubz on. Seemed a bit of a shambles outside the venue i had no idea what i was queueing for and i certainly didn’t want to have the pleasure of seeing Tinchy Stryder again. Thankfully Tom and Ellen told me when I saw them outside the venue so we joined another queue and everything was fine.

First up Islet who I thought would be good but I really didn’t think they’d be as good as they we’re. First song opened with just random screaming before going into a good half an hours worth of brilliant experimental noise. Islet definitely justify the hype. Possibly one of the finest bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing live. They did everything any good live band should do, plenty of jumping up and down, running around the stage, throwing tambourines at each other. Every song sounded as interesting as the next going from slow melodic droning synth noise through to at one stage all four members battering the fuck out of their drum kit. Hopefully I’ll get to see Islet again in the near future cos they were just flippin’ brilliant.

Swanton Bombs were alright it was obvious that they are both brilliant musicians but there’s only so much garage rock can stand before it gets boring. Didn’t really get me interested in them at all. Not really much to say about them to be honest cos’ it’s just not really my cup of tea. I’m sure plenty of others enjoyed them though.

Los Campesinos! opened this time with new set opener ‘I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know’. Lacked the energy an urgency that it had on the record but then they played ‘Death to Los Campesinos!’ and that got the crowd going. I think that will always be my favourite LC! song. Gareth coming out with great one-liners all evening with ease “We’re Tinchy Stryder”. Before breaking into ‘Letters From Me to Charlotte’ featuring great brother and sister synchronised dance move sand a frighteningly awesome ‘Miserabila’. Kim now looking more confident than ever, I think it’s got the stage now where she has managed to replace Aleks brilliant and certainly match her her vocal prowess throughout. ‘There Are Listed Buildings’ then made the step up from good song to brilliant song as the crowd sung along endlessly, even then at the tender acapella bit at the end of a racy ‘Straight in at 101’. The set carried on and song after song was the same brilliance that i’d grown to expect with Gareth often at time screaming at the crowd. Sadly they didn’t mix anything up tonight I would of liked it if they’d done something a little different but oh well. Probably cos they can’t do a lot of the best songs of ‘Romance is Boring’ live. The hilarity from Gareth continued “One of Tinchy Stryder’s entourage pissed in a kettle”. ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ played as expected with suitable response from everyone, didn’t mind that they fucked up the intro. ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future’ seemed less intense than it had done on previous occasions sadly. But it doesn’t matter cos’ the finished with traditional set closer ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’. Before hand in which Gareth thanked the audience for letting them have the second best job in the world cos’ none of them would of ever made it as footballer. Gareth jumping into the crowd as always got to ruffle his hair and probably got sexually abused after being pulled out looking like he was about to die. Perfect end to an almost perfect night. I think Los Campesinos! have now got the staying power to become one of the finest ‘alternative’ bands this country has produced in the last five years or so. Perfectdly managing to combine a mix of great songs, superb lyrics and blistering live performances. Yet I feel the best is still yet to come. Made sure I told Gareth he was awesome as always before I left, leaving with new t-shirt, a mug, couple of pin badges and an Islet fan-zine


  1. Heart Swells/100-01
  2. I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
  3. Death to Los Campesinos!
  4. …Letter’s From Me To Charlotte
  5. Miserabila
  6. There Are Listed Buildings
  7. Straight In At 101
  8. Romance is Boring
  9. Way’s To Make It Through The Wall
  10. Who Fell Asleep In
  11. My Year In Lists
  12. This Is A Flag. There Is No Wind
  13. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  14. You! Me! Dancing!
  15. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Can’t complain with that can you

James x

Another night and sadly another corporate venue but this certainly didn’t stop one of my favourite bands of the year blowing me away yet again

This was possibly the worst night for support bands ever, first up it was three grown me playing Nintendo DS’s for 20 minutes. What do their mothers think? Is it even possible for a band to be that pretentious??? So there they stood around a wooden table just tapping away. Theres not really much else i can say about it apart from it being easily the most boring live band ever apart from… The light show was more interesting than they were. The noise that came out of their DS’ wasn’t too bad it was just basically the mario theme tune, and come one who seriously doesn’t like Mario. At least we got an acknowledgement of thanks from the band unlike other bands.

I have nothing to say about HTRK.

The Horrors concluded even more why they are my favourite band of the year last night. Coming on in typical fashion bathed in darkness before building up the tension with ‘Mirrors Image’ as soon as the drums kicked i just went mental. Love it. Sounds even more as if your heads gonna explode when played live. One of the advantages of tonights set was that they played all the songs of ‘Primary Colours’ that i didn’t see them play at Underage in the summer. This included the aforementioned title track and ‘I Only Think Of You’. A song that really showcases Faris’ stage presence as he moved around the stage with a perfect mix of grace and energy. It was if we were all worshipping from in the church of St. Faris. They then went on to play ‘Whole New Way’ to be honest you can really tell that it was just Japanese bonus track from their last album but this doesn’t stop it from being a great tune with a ridiculously funky bassline. Other favourites included ‘Scarlet Fields’ which is always just brilliant and ‘Who Can Say’. The band finished with ‘Sea Within A Sea’ which was always going to be just beautiful (if you can call The Horrors beautiful) and of course once again I ended up getting kicked in the head. But how on earth could they go away without playing some classics for this we moved to the back so we could make a swift exist. I suppose seeing them from this angle only showcases even more what a great live band they are even though we were only able to see a great rendition of ‘Count in Fives’. Thank god they don’t sound like this anymore cos ‘Primary Colours’ is the sound of a band who are only just beginning and to be honest I only think they can get better. Sadly couldn’t stick around for the rest of the encore but oh well.

Set List:

  1. Mirrors Image
  2. Three Decades
  3. Primary Colours
  4. I Can’t Control Myself
  5. New Ice Age
  6. Scarlet Fields
  7. I Only Think Of You
  8. Whole New Way
  9. Who Can Say
  10. Sea Within A Sea
  11. Cover i didn’t know*
  12. Count In Fives*
  13. Sheena is a Parasite*
  14. err i suppose they might have done another song or two???


and heres a video of ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ that i found (it’s not very good)

So that was pretty much the perfect gig to end the year, bar the three or four pricks being sexist and the awful support. Hopefully a lot more of the same planned for 2010.

James x

So thanks for nothing googlemaps you sent us to the wrong Academy didn’t you. It was about 6:50 and we’d made sure we’d be at the venue in plenty of time and followed the directions fine. So where were all the people oh yeah at the new academy. So this lead to us stressing about where the fuck were we but thanks to some good old fashioned ingenuity we managed to get there only ten minutes late. This was only after walking straight past Harriet Campesinos! and Sparky Deathcap probaly should have stopped them and asked for a photo but oh well.

Leeds based Sky Larkin were first on the bill of this Wichita records extravaganza. To be honest Sky Larkin are just one of those bands who are just a lot better to listen to on the record which is quite as shame considering what a fun band they are. They lacked any real sort of energy apart from their drummer who looked like he was the Hulk and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d put his hand straight LC!s drum kit. ‘Beeline’ sounded good, the new song they played wasn’t particularly interesting. So overall just a bit average.

Songs that I know that they played

  • Antibodies
  • Molten
  • Fossil I
  • Beeline

I would expect nothing less than awesome from Los Campesinos! and of course they duly delivered as always. Apparently tonight was a greatest hits set which disappointingly meant only really singles but no the less they performed a blinding set epitomised by the amazing ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ which this time they did with the cover of ‘Box Elder’ by Pavement which they didn’t do when i saw them back in October. Gareth even managed to have to guts to do a bit of casual crowd-surfing during closing song ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’. What surprised be the most was how much The Cribs fans were up for it which was a nice gesture considering the nature of Cribs fans. Other highlights included ‘The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future’ and ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’

Set List:

  1. Death To Los Campesinos!
  2. Miserabilia
  3. There Are Listed Buildings
  4. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  5. My Year In Lists
  6. Box Elder/You! Me! Dancing!
  7. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  8. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

What did I expect Cribs fans to be like???

I think i was rather naive to have gone without expecting the majority of them to be absolute dickheads but what can you do??? not much. There is only so much of huge sweaty half-naked men and incredibly annoying crowd surfing 14 year-olds. The whole show generally felt very hostile and i don’t think I’ll want to go to another Cribs show or any other similar band ever again. So i spent three songs at the beginning going crazy and having fun. Roughly another seven songs feeling like i was about to die, getting kicked (yes kicked), punched in the face and generally just pushed and shoved in all possible directions. Then about ten songs standing at the back trying to dry myself from all the sweat with my hoodie which was wrapped around my wast and enjoying the rest of the show from a distance. So what was the actual perfromance like… Very good of what i could actually see infront of the mesh of limbs and anyone who says Johnny Marr is not what he used to be is a complete idiot. Starting off with a song which i had no idea what it was wasn’t great and then i sure i’ve suffered mild concusion cos’ i have no idea what came next. Hey Scenesters! was just great and the four of them looked like they were having a great time a band who are obviously in their element in venues like this. As the set continued the band began to loose various items of clothing but as if you’d come on wearing a coat i’m looking at you Johnny Marr. So they through they ploughed  through their set in a typically raucous fashion playing a mix of old and new. Favourites for me when i was down the front were ‘Emasculate Me’ and ‘Direction’ while i was being murdered down the front. As i moved to the back this gave me a chance to see what the band were like a lot better and they did just look awesome. Johnny Marr even did this thing where he looked like he was killing everyone with his guitar, hes got all the moves. I felt like i should be having such a fun time watching them but no it wasn’t to be. Another great moment was ‘Be Safe’ in which Lee Ranaldo of the Sonic Youth’s head appeared on a giant projected image. The band ended with fan favourite Men’s Needs and the epic City of Bugs. So overall great band. Shit fans.

Songs that I remember them playing

  • Hey Scenesters!
  • Direction
  • Mirror Kisses
  • You Were Always The One
  • Our Bovine Public
  • Men’s Needs
  • I’m A Realist
  • Be Safe
  • We Were Aborted
  • Cheat On Me
  • We Share The Same Skies
  • City of Bugs
  • Hari Kari
  • Emasculate Me
  • Save Your Secrets
  • Ignore The Ignorant
  • Nothing

Give me a nice friendly band playing in a nice friendly venue to nice friendly people any day

James x

So once again i made my way down on a cold winters evening to the sugarmill to see hopefully three great bands but this was never going to be the case was it. Troops of Mafeking are easily the worst local band i’ve ever seen and this is why

  1. Absolutely no energy
  2. Didn’t look like they gave a shit about being there at all
  3. Their image was just all wrong
  4. They sounded like Kings of Leon but maybe even more shit than them
  5. The only people who looked like they might cared about them were there parents
  6. Boring garbage lyrics

The less said about them the better

Second up were the awesome Internet Forever who sounded like the  mega-awesome bastard child of Tilly and the Wall and Times New Viking who are both awesome in their own right. Combing intelligent pop songs with lo-fi indie chique what was not to like about Internet Forever, they couldn’t have been further away from whatever the first band were called. But the best thing of all about them was that they looked like they were having fun and loved what they do. There the kind of band who don’t care about becoming massive or chart success and are just one of a number of bands that can’t be matched in terms of being personable and classic old school D.I.Y ethics. As shown by the superb tape i picked up by them for £2.50 including 12 nuggets of lo-fi gold and even a cover of ‘Walk of Life’ by Dire Straits.

Johnny Foreigner cemented themselves as one of my all time favourite bands tonight and but on a really really really good show. Started with a strange choice of an opener in the form of “Yr All Just Jealous”. As the usual when I ever go to a gig there is almost certainly some form of technical difficultly this time Alexei’s mic breaking and having to be replaced this then lead to a hilarious rendition of Happy Birthday to some random guy standing at the bar by bassist Kelly. The show really began with a sublime version of lead single from ‘Grace…’ ‘Feels Like Summer’. Other set highlights included a very tender and lovely version of ‘i’llchoosemysideandshutup, alright’ which then lead straight into a furious ‘Salt, Pepa and Spinderella’. Alexei also created some of my all time favourite onstage banter of all time “What are you chavy girls doing here? Is it because you have a long heritage of alternative rock bands starting at Pavement and ending at Los Campesinos!” this put a huge grin on face. The Birmingham three piece ended with “The Coast Was Always Clear” which didn’t really stand out for me of their second album but it’s a completely different beast when played live. This was only helped by Internet Forever coming back on stage to help before everything just went mental with both bands just throwing there instruments down on the floor and walking off stage.

Set List

  1. Yr All Just Jealous
  2. Feels Like Summer
  3. Dark Harbourzz
  4. Eyes Wide Terrified
  5. Every Cloakroom Ever
  6. Choose Yr Side And Shut Up!
  7. i’llchoosemysideandshutup, alright
  8. Salt, Pepa and Spinderalla
  9. More Heart, Less Tongue
  10. More Tongue, Less Hear
  11. Champagne Girls That I Have Known
  12. (graces)
  13. Criminals
  14. The Coast Was Always Clear

This night was just one of the reasons I love music so much and i hope bands like Johnny Foreigner last forever and of course we all learn something from nights like these. Don’t buy ladies t-shirts.

James x

So now i’ve finally finished my horrible Geography homework i can now crack on with this review

So once again get the venue stupidly early, just end up sitting in McDonalds for half an hour drinking tea but that’s certainly not a bad thing cos it was flippin freezing outside. So first band on were local act The Vanguards and once again they are just another local band that fail to impress. They looked and sounded like they were about 10 years late. More generic inoffensive garbage lyrics is there any hope for local band… evidently not by the account of this lot. They didn’t put on a bad show and they looked like they were having fun certainly not going anywhere though. Had a little giggle at the three guys dancing down the front, obviously a little pissed… didn’t take any photos they weren’t worth it.

Copy Haho are a band i’m just getting to enjoy even more. It’s not even like there trying to do anything original or new it’s just well i don’t know there’s just something about them that i just love. I think it could just be there genuineness it’s not like there trying to conform with any particular scene or anything they just like four great Scottish guys having a good time. This was evidently shown by there bassist just sort of standing in the crowd for set opener “Wrong Direction”. Played a pretty much similar set to what was played when i saw them support LC! last month. Personal highlight was set closer “Pulling Push Up’s” love that song. Bit annoyed that i didn’t decide to wear by Romance is Boring t-shirt cos the lead singer of Copy Haho was wearing one. Best quote of the night “Is anyone in Stoke stoke-d”

I’d really forgotten how much i used to love Good Shoes tonight. They came on and went into “The Photos on My Wall” it’s hard to believe that that was realised three years ago, still sounds a fresh as it ever did last night. It was mainly new songs tonight from the London four piece the highlight of the new songs was easily “Under Control” great bassline.couldn’t help but want to dance along all the way though everyone of there songs except maybe the slow songs. Which there seemed to be more of last night this could mean a more cohesive second album not that the first album isn’t because i love their debut album. The sad thing about the show was how little the crowd were up for it, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a lot of people there because there was. And bless em’ they tried to turn it up a notch by having frontman Rhys jumping into the crowd for a few songs which was great. He kept grabbing people and shouting lyrics at them i wish he’d done that to me cos’ i would have screamed them straight back at him. Other highlights included “All in My Head” and “We Are Not The Same”. They ended the show with “Morden” which was pretty goooood once again still sounding like a great fresh indie pop tune. So yeah good night. At least they didn’t walk off after one and a half songs.

err can’t remember set list but they deffientley played these songs in no particular order

  • The Photos on My Wall
  • The Way My Heart Beats
  • Morden
  • Sophia
  • All In My Head
  • Wait
  • We Are Not The Same
  • Under Control
  • Small Town Girl

and about four or five others

James x

The train up to Manchester was great, someone always ends up commenting on my Let’s Wrestle t-shirt and this time it was a train conductor “Fags, you don’t smoke do you” to my reply “of course not smoking is a dirty habit”. He then continued to ramble on about various stuff about how one time one of his teachers kicked another teacher. You just don’t get guys as lovely as him anymore, didn’t mind that i was obviously too old for a childs ticket. As soon as we arrived in Manchester i instantly went on Gareth patrol looking in all the restaurant and bars down Whitworth Street and Oxford Road until we got to the venue. Of course our luck prevailed when Johnny saw him enter the veune while i was in the loo, but my chance came when we standing inside the front door area place near the cafe/restaurant place when he walked up the stairs into the venue itself.

More importantly how was the music… Sparky Deathcap reminded me very much of an English Jeffrey Lewis, combining lyrical wit, and funny cartoons in the form of a powerpoint presentation in the background. I personally felt that his acoustic songs were better than when he had LC! as his backing band. But overall he put on an enjoyable show even if he did fuck up some of his songs. He also produced one of the best moments of the night by telling some twats down the front to shut up while he was performing. That will teach him to shut up i hope in the future, i mean it doesn’t really get much ruder than thatDSC00281The guy who looked like Jarvis Cocker standing next to me looked like he enjoyed him. Next up was Glasgow based Copy Haho who were horribly plagued by technical difficulties all the was through their set, First of all the lead singer/guitarists mic stand broke, followed by the mic breaking and then the poor guy’s guitar broke. But they put on a brave face and played through. They seemed like a nice enough band, just basically indie pop but not the shit kind. So not really anything special but put on a good show and new single “Wrong Direction” sounded pretty good. Look forward to seeing them support Good Shoes next month.DSC00290Well they were always going to be amazing weren’t they my all time joint favourite band Los Campesinos! came on and played the weirdest opener ever. Playing a lovely version if “You’ll Need All Your Fingers For Crossing” with Gareth hitting his glockenspiel as if he were possessed. I won’t go on about every individual song but highlights included my all time personal favourite LC! song Death To Los Campesinos! which sounded great. Loved the intro to “This is How You Spell…” with added cowbell courtesy of Gareth. New songs such as Cribs-esque “Romance is Boring” sounded decent and the even better “A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte”. But the first eleven songs just sounded like a warm up to be honest before the show really kicked up a gear when Gareth leapt into the crowd for “Knee Deep at ATP” which meant i got to ruffle his hair. This was followed by the beautiful “Who Fell Asleep In”. Then of course came “You! Me! Dancing” which once again put the crowd into raptures the irony was i can’t dance but i was dancing with this random girl through the whole song. “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future” sent shivers down my spine the lyrics “This thing hurts like hell, but what did you expect” will always mean a lot to me. The set ended with Gareth running through the whole of the crowd up to the top of the stairs to sing traditional set closer “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks” followed by crowd-surfing from Neil in front of his parents i also got to ruffle his hair.13457_163199907919_549517919_2617385_6864200_n13457_163199932919_549517919_2617389_406598_n13457_163199957919_549517919_2617392_190402_n

Well what a night, it’s hard to describe how good they were in this shitty blog. I’m so pleased they managed to combine a mix of HONY, WABWAD and RIB (ooohhh album title abbreviations) disappointed at the lack of “The International Tweexcore Underground” but I can’t have everything my own way. Ellen gave me Spark’ys set list which i now have stuck to a shelf in by bedroom i might frame it cos’ i got Kim, Gareth, Ellen, Sparky and Harriet to sign it which is more than half the band which is pretty good. Bought myself a red “Romance is Boring” t-shirt and a “There Are Listed Buildings” 7″. I walked back to the station singing “Knee Deep at ATP” and covered in sweat, lovely. Sorry the pics are all kind of shit as well

Set List:

  1. You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing
  2. Death To Los Campesinos!
  3. Miserabilia
  4. This Is How You Spell Ha Ha Ha We’ve Destroyed The Hopes And Dreams Of A Generation Of Faux Romantics
  5. Romance Is Boring
  6. Ways To Make It Through The Wall
  7. A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte
  8. My Year In Lists
  9. We Are All Accelerated Readers
  10. There Are Listed Buildings
  11. Knee Deep At ATP
  12. Who Fell Asleep In
  13. You! Me! Dancing!
  14. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  15. The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
  16. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Gareth even complained about the amount of songs they played but i don’t think anyone else cared.

James x

Bloody hell they put the bands on late at the box it was about 9:00 before anyone started playing, but the wait was worth it to see a local band who are actually decent. Bathroom Crooners are possibly Crewe’s equivalent to Flight of the Concords with songs called “Tandoori Girl” and “What Happened to My Local Independent Record Store?” I couldn’t help but think that that song was written for me and left me in hysterics. The hilarity continued with a cover of “Who’s Got the Crack?” by The Mouldy Peaches. And to make it worse they couldn’t play many of there own songs because there drummer didn’t no any.DSC00248The second band i’d heard before, Sgt. Wolfbanger are apparently Crewes “biggest” band. Why? The music is written by idiots for idiots you could just tell by looking at the people down the front that they are obviously complete and utter retards. I don’t think it is possible for a band to sound more generic and boring. You couldn’t pay me to endure this crap again. But fair enough they put on an alright show, but it’s hard to describe how bad Sgt. Wolfbanger are, if you like generic indie garbage then this is the band for you. But what makes people actually like this shit there are so much better bands than this around at the moment if you want a good indie record go pick up the new Cribs album. I hope i never have to listen or see Sgt. Wolfbanger ever again.DSC00249The third band were Rotherham based The Heebie Jeebies who i thought were Slow Club’s backing band but then Slow Club didn’t come on stage when they started playing so i then thought otherwise. As soon as they started playing i could automatically tell they were better than that shite i had to witness before. And they also added to the hilarity of the first band with the drummer randomly shouting inbetween songs “Imagine your dad’s got a baked bean for a head” and Rebecca from Slow Club randomly screaming at them. It’s hard really to describe what they sound like but it was basically just simple indie rock, played short catchy songs with maybe a little bit of math rock thrown into the mix as well, obviously not ever gonna progress to bigger things but what they do is nice enough. DSC00252Finally coming on stage at about 11:45 were Slow Club who as expected played a lovely set starting it with b-side “Wild Blue Milk” before jumping straight into a frantic “Because We’re Dead”. Sadly throughout the set problems plagued Rebecca who couldn’t get the kick drum to work which lead to a lot of quieter songs being played such as the incredibly twee “When I Go” (which was used in Ritz cracker adverts in Canada) and the beautiful “Sorry About the Doom”. Generally a pretty good set even though it was incredibly short considering how many songs they actually have would have liked it if they’d maybe played some songs from there back catalogue but i can’t complain because they but on a really good show and ended it with “Giving Up on Love” and new single “Trophy Room” which the crowd reacted to well with plenty of dancing and what not. As the band walked of stage you could tell the crowd wanted more and they weren’t gonna let them go without having an encore. And of course they did, by playing “Christmas TV” in the crowd which lead a mass sing along which was all very lovely.


  1. Wild Blue Milk
  2. Because We’re Dead
  3. ??? (song i didn’t know)
  4. I Was Unconscious, It Was a Dream
  5. When I Go
  6. It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
  7. Sorry About The Doom
  8. Giving Up on Love
  9. Trophy Room
  10. Christmas TV*


DSC00259DSC00257Overall a good show apart from the obvious and Rebecca from the band said i was her favourite tonight and gave me a free signed poster and i bought myself a “Trophy Room” 7″. Next up The Chapman Family at The Sugarmill next Friday, hopefully the girl of my dreams will be there again and hopefully i’ll find the confidence to actually go up and talk to her, I can only dream.

James x