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So this weekend was generally quite a good one as always get to go home early every other Friday, so i just sat down infront of the laptop and downloaded a few LC! bootlegs. Then i spent most of the evening and Saturday morning trying to complete Super Mario Galaxy, i don’t think it’s healthy to be playing the same level for more than two hours, those bastard purple star levels are a pain in the arse, it was the one where in the toy galaxy thing and there are those stupid green platforms that always vanish, but i got there in the end.

Then it was a big game for Macc on Saturday as we faced second in the league Dagenham and Redbridge. Macc started off a little shaky with a mistake from Nat Brown putting a Daggers’s player through only for him to hit it wide. The about ten minutes in Abu Ogogo made an absolutely hideous challenge on Bencherif showing studs sliding straight in to Hamza’s kneecap. This of course warranted a straight red, Hamza tried to play through the pain but you could tell he was in agony and in due course was taken off for Matt Tipton, which seemed a rather odd decision but one that would ultimately change the course of the match. Nat Brown then had to come off injured replaced by Paul Morgan meaning that we’d know used two of our three substitutions in the space of twenty minutes. Macc then began to dominate and their hard work paid off when Matt Tipton was awarded a penalty for being pulled back. He easily managed to slot it home hard and high into the top corner. Macc then managed to continue and expose the Dagenham defence and we managed to dominate possession in the midfield this lead to plenty of chances with both Ricky Sappleton and Colin Daniel hitting the woodwork. But of course nothing hits the back of the net. The start of the second half lead to more of the same with even Lee Bell not having a bad game, and had hit the post another two times with Emile Sinclair one on one with the keeper narrowly missing out on the goal. Finally all our hard work paid off and Colin Daniel who has a superb game managed to thread the ball through the Dagenham defence to Ricky Sappleton who managed to out pace the Dagenham defenders, turn the keeper and tap the ball home to make it 2-0. The game changed as the instrumental Sappleton was replaced by everyone’s favourite Lincoln reject Ben Wright. The game changed as soon as he walked on the pitch our defence who had been tight all game suddenly got clumsy and this of course lead to Dagenham’s opening goal with Wesley Thomas calming slotting the ball home on the 79th minute. Then things went from bad to worse as the idiot the is Matt Tipton decided to kick the ball away when the ref blew for a Dagenham free kick a second yellow card meant that it was ten versus ten for the last five minutes. Dagenham then pushed everyone forward and Macc just seemed to crumbling under the pressure. With on minute of added time to go Ross Draper handled the ball in the area which meant only one thing. And the penalty was rammed home. An on pitch brawl then broke out which was a lovely way to end an enjoyable game, but it left me extremely angry.

Reasons to be annoyed:

1. How many fucking time were we given offside, can we learn to stay on side please

2  Ben Wright you are just awful, i really can’t understand how you scored against Chelsea in the UEFA Cup, why haven’t you scored for us yet

3. You don’t just collapse as soon as you concede a goal, two goals up and with an extra man advantage at home, how many teams let that slip eh.

4. Tipo you may be a Macc legend but why the fuck did you go and sent off like that, TWAT!!!

Things never change do they

Match Ratings:Brain 7,Reid 6, Brisley 7, Brown 6 (Morgan 6), Tremarco 8, Bell 7, Draper 7, Bencherif (Tipton -45), Daniel 9, Sinclair 7, Sappleton 8 (Wright 5)

In other news today i’m seeing Los Campesinos! and it’s gonna be fucking awesome

James x

So today i had a study leave instead of when i was supposed to have sociology this gave me plenty of time to visit Japan… so i did. I never knew that there were so many random little islands in the middle of the pacific ocean so i went to one of them and it looked very beautiful lots of luscious green trees and what not. Then i visited Tokyo in search of mafia crime lords but i couldn’t find any sadly all that appears to be there is suburban housing but even so that is still a lot more interesting than sociology. Of course after that it was time for lunch and i had stopped exploring Japan, but what i really want to know is what the hell is in Chatwins meats and potato pies, seriously? It looks like someone had blended a cow and just put some white mush in there and it certainly tastes like that. I’m rather angry at the fact that at lunchtime’s recently there has been a lack of warm sausage roll’s cos’ usually i like to treat myself with one. But nooooooo they don’t have any do they, oh well. Great game of football this afternoon compared to my diabolical performance on Monday even scored a goal but now i have realised that i am useless with my left foot and i shall never use it ever again. And then on the bus amongst the usual shenanigans i got abuse off my year 9 fan club cos’ i was wearing a Deportivo la Corna shirt. “One club, one shirt” they shout at me. Anyway it’s been a good day, might go an continue practising Street Spirit by Radiohead on guitar in a bit

James x

So finally my first home league game of the season after watching macc loose to leicester and crewe earlier in the season. Macc started well look dangerous down the right wing thanks to Izak Reid and Emile Sinclair both giving Lincoln’s star player Sergio Torres a lot of trouble. Lincoln were the first side really to pose a threat due to sloppy defending from Nat Brown to play some shit Lincoln player through who looked like he may have managed to neatly slot the ball into the bottom corner but thanks to a great save by Johnny Brain it went out for a corner. Macclesfield then continued to threaten throughout the first half and dominated in possession not letting Lincoln have any of the ball. Colin Daniel saw an opportunity to score when the Lincoln keeper was off his line narrowly missing the far post. Just before half time John Rooney also took a long range chance and hit the cross bar. Things looked promising for macc as the half time whistle blew. The second half started slow but once again macc looked like the better side before Johnny Brain conceded a penalty. It obviously wasn’t watching the highlights this morning you can clearly see Johnny take the ball before he took out the player. Rene Howe easily took at scored slotting it straight down the middle.This was then followed by a serious of ridiculous yellow cards given by the referee one in particular given to Lee Bell. Keith brought on a few changes towards the end taking of the dire Ben Wright and Emile Sinclair for Matt Tipton and Ricky Sappleton. The later of the two instantly making an impact and came very close to equalising if it wasn’t for a superb save by the Lincoln keeper. But even this wasn’t enough and once again the referee has ruined the game for the paying fans. But, oh well next stop Cheltenham away.

PLAYER RATINGS: Johnny Brain 7, Izak Reid 8, Shaun Brisley 6, Nat Brown 7, Carl Tremarco 8, John Rooney 8, Lee Bell 4, Hamza Bencherif 6, Colin Daniel 6, Ben Wright 5, Emile Sinclair 7

James x