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I blame Mr. Russell (he let us go 15 mins early) you know all I wanted was walk to McDonalds so i get a cup of tea to edge a step closer to completing my little card that gives you a free cup of tea after you’ve had six. So I notice some girls who used to go primary school and I’m just like no i’m not going near there i don’t want one of them to notice me, that way I don’t have to engage in conversation. So thats the end of that analogy.

Let’s go back week. I ended up in Warrington last saturday and no trip to Warrington is complete with out a visit to Ikea. And god is is brilliant. So many bookshelves, one question though, whats with all the pregnant women? With there husbands who look like complete twats who probably get paid fuckloads for doing fuckall. One day hopefully I will be like them and I will go and I will buy many beautiful frying pans. ‘Took’ plenty of free pencils, gotta be done really hasn’t it.

Sunday saw the start of my band Controversy at the Winter Olympics and it’s sounding good, we started work on a song and also managed to work on an awful cover of ‘Who Can Say’ by The Horrors. Other than that I did nothing last weekend. The week has progressed nicely so happy that February is finally here, 2010 begins now. Glastonbury headliners announced this week and to be honest I think they’ve done a great job at selecting three pretty varied artists. U2 to appeal to the more older rock fan, Muse to appeal to the youth and then Stevie Wonder who’ll undoubtedly make this years Glastonbury one to remember.

On the topic of music and gig tis’ one week until I see Los Campesinos! for a third time, you don’t need me to tell you how I feel about that. The plan is get in about 1:00, then the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is on at 1:45 brilliant. Followed by a home win against Accrington in the afternoon (i wish, we’ll probably get raped). Then my dads birthday on the 17th. And I would like to congratulate him in advance for lecturing at Cambridge University in September so proud of him after all that he/we’ve (as a family that is) been through.

and may Jedward be with you

James x

Just so you know I use this blog as a way of channeling my raw emotions, many people who really know me will understand this. So if you are reading this don’t read into it too much, I often feel completely different the day after I’ve written such things. And if you do think I’m depressed I’m not, growing up the way I did and with my dad working for various mental health services the I do know what depression really is from personal experience, you’d know if i was depressed which I’m not. Mental Health is an issue i feel very strongly about.

What i wrote on Friday night has raised up a few issues and i did actually have the chance to go out but I can’t be bothered spending time with people I don’t particularly like. People are seeing the same things I’m seeing especially with one particular person who has become everything he ever hated it’s now impossible to tell who he really is. People have told him and told me that he’s being a complete dick yet he takes no notice and that is truly saddening. From going from someone who I felt I could completely trust to an absolute no one in my eyes in a matter of weeks.

Second point; Another friend of mine has recently been getting on well with a girl (well from what I’ve heard). People keep presuming things about this individual. You can tell that he obviously doesn’t like and I don’t mean to speak for him but I find this a bit harsh and from what I’ve heard he doesn’t like it.

Anyway my life Saturday I had a thrilling trip to go and watch Crewe play Darlington, don’t think I’ve seen a more a boring 3-0 win. What made it worst was we were with all these people who obviously had no fucking idea about football. They weren’t football fans. Well for some reason I had my photo take with these twats behind this new advertising hoarding with Calvin Zola and Mat Mitchell-King. So don’t be surprised if you see me and my horribly short hair in the paper this week. Then during the match we had these kid sitting behind us just shouting your mum at each other etc. “I sued your mum she was that bad”. Reminds me of how I may have acted at their age. Everyone grows up in time… hopefully

Also spent the weekend getting into Telepathe, quality band should have got into them a lot earlier but then I say that about every band I get into. Lot of pressure on at school at the moment lot’s of essays and I’m just failing Lit coursework, on a D/E at the moment. On a positive not hopefully my Sennheiser headphones have arrived today, if not then they better arrive tomorrow. Reviews are also looking very good for ‘Romance is Boring’. and Controversy at the Winter Olympics is looking good, see how Sundays rehearsal goes then we may or may not add another one or two members, probably just the one for now. Hopefully lay something down that I can put up here.

NME award nominations were out this week and once again it doesn’t surprise me what the idiotic readers of that magazine (me included) have put forward. Oasis best British band takes the piss, seriously what the fuck. Other shockers include Arctic Monkeys nominated for both best and worst album, Hero of the year… Rage Against The Machine. No, just, no. There are however a few good nominations. LC! for best blog, Matt Bellamy worst dressed and then thats probably it. The most confusing thing of all though is this award and the nominations


  • Kasabians free Vlad the Impaler video
  • Danger Mouse leaking ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ (fair play to be honest)
  • Lily Allen’s ticket treasure hunt
  • Arctic Monkeys giving away ticket in oxfam (you know what i mean and fair play to them as well)
  • Vampire Weekend giving away a free song

The last one is the worst, for how long have bands giving away free songs from albums, it’s hardly revolutionary stuff is it, a treasure hunt is nice but it’s hardly ‘giving it back to the fans’ and ooohh a free video like giving away a free song but with flashy images with Noel Fielding in them. This is why this award is just a fucking joke. Yeah it’s nice to give away free things but it’s hardly worth giving an award for some doing it. It’s like awarding someone for going for a poo.

Heres a Spotify playlist of bands and songs you should be listening to if your not already

I know this is really obvious by the way

James x

I think MEGA deserves capital letter cos’ it a fucking huge word. Anyways i have noting to do it’s 10:15 and i really can’t be arsed watching that pathetic excuse for a football match on telly and i ate all the minstrels. On the subject of food today for my lunch I had a Mr. Kipling’s lemon slice and a packet of Worcestershire sauce crisps. They have to be my two all time favourite snack food and i don’t care if my favourite flavour of crisps is Worcestershire Sauce MEGA yummy! So for the past three days the rest of the year has been on stand down i of course had no exams and ignored Mrs. Bulmans advice about reading all the notes about Hamlet and The Tempest. Bad idea James. So yeah I was sitting there doing fuck all and watching videos of LC! from back in October and you can actually hear me screaming along to ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future” it’s quite embarrassing to say the least. Made me realised I should go less crazy at gigs in the future.

So I have now almost complete Mario Kart 100% only a few more characters and karts i need to unlock and i suppased the 7000 point mark online (only for it to be all taken away in a matter of races) but i did find this

Failed at trying to watch all series one of heroes in three days, I think I got to episode 13 or 14, almost did a whole season of Football Manager 2009. Fuck Fulham thought I’d plunge in at the deep end with Stafford Rangers took them from 21st to 9 only one point behind the play-offs with a game to go against Workington it’s a long shot but I hope I can do, I’ve always been a pretty decent manager in the lower leagues like the time i heroically took Redditch United into the Blue Square Premier before leaving and fucking up Bournemouth in the same league.

Finally I really like the idea for my new piece of English Language Coursework it’s a story based around my experiences with love (what experiences…). So yeah I’ll post that on here when I’m finished. Hope everyone has a totally MEGA wicked week!!!


Today you know I was kind of thinking it would be shit and it was. Didn’t start of shit school was cancelled for the first time in the 13 years i’ve been trapped in the British education system. So hey why not go and see my friends three miles away and go have some fun. Of course i take my 12 year old sister along with me because didn’t want to leave her by herself. So we walk the three miles over. Only to be generally ignored by everyone I try to make conversation with (except for a select few who always have time for me). Why??? Am I boring, is it because i brought my sister along, is it because i’m slightly shy and introverted, i don’t know. Either way we left to go see my nan and granddad who always have time for us. So now I’m back home in a better mood and listening to LC! “I’ve learnt more from toilet walls than I’ve learnt from these words of yours”

Finally finding the time to write about Christmas now and to be honest it was pretty mixed. One highlight was going on a huge walk with my Dad around where my Gran lives in the snow which was really lovely. Christmas Day itself wasn’t too bad we went to a proper traditional church service which was quite quaint and nice. Got a new turntable but I’ve taken it back cos’ it doesn’t work all you get is all this distortion and it’s horrible. Boxing Day game and it all kicked off. I hadn’t seen my mum go that mad since my parents got divorced. For some reason my mums boyfriends son Ben whos 22 thought it was acceptable to just be a dick to everyone all day hes even more angry and people all the time that I am. So my mum shouted at him “Your ruining Christmas” well more screamed. Then we all sat round the table for a beautifully prepared lunch. I also decided to book tickets to see LC! again in Liverpool next month.

Monday came around and it was possibly one of the best days of the year. Macclesfield Town 4-1 Crewe Alexandra, doesn’t get better than that

So i spend the rest of it just playing Mario Kart and god is it annoying, it always has been and always will be, especially when you take a decent lead and the you’ve got all these shells flying and your just like ARGHHHHH!!!! FUCK OFF!!!! Another house party was nice still don’t celebrate new year, you know so what it means nothing to me. At the end of the day were still living on the same planet no one makes a big thing about September 23 do they. Or do they i’m sure some people might but i don’t for me that would just be another day just like New Year is for me.

Amended Albums of 2009 list

  1. The Horrors – Primary Colours
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz
  3. Slow Club – Yeah, So
  4. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
  5. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – LP
  6. Girls – Album
  7. Johnny Foreigner – Grace and the Bigger Picture
  8. The xx – xx
  9. Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light
  10. Passion Pit – Manners

James x

Favourite EP of 2009:

  • Emmy the Great -First Songs

Favourite Gigs of 2009 (based on social and music)

  1. Los Campesinos @ The Death Institute, Manchester
  2. Johnny Foreigner @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  3. NME Radar Tour (Golden Silvers) @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  4. Emmy the Great @ The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
  5. The Horrors @ O2 Academy 2, Liverpool

Top 5 Live Bands i’ve seen this year

  1. The Chapman Family
  2. Los Campesinos!
  3. The Horrors
  4. Johnny Foreigner
  5. Patrick Wolf (even though hes a dick)

Top 5 Films I’ve Been to see in a Cinema this year

  1. Up
  2. Where The Wild Things Are
  3. (500) Days of Summer
  4. Coraline
  5. Slumdog Millionaire

Top 5 Games I’ve Been Playing This Year

  1. Mario Kart
  2. Mario Kart
  3. Mario Kart
  4. Mario Kart
  5. Mario Kart

Top 5 Bands that I think/want to do well next year

  1. Delphic
  2. The Drums
  3. Internet Forever
  4. Veronica Falls
  5. Chew Lips

Top 5 Albums I’m most excited for in 2010

  1. Los Campesinos! – Romance is Boring (even though i’ve already got the leak)
  2. Something new by Radiohead maybe
  3. New Arcade Fire expect late in 2010
  4. New Friendly Fires in the summer
  5. Laura Marling’s new ones out in March i think

Top 2 Most bestest b-sides

  1. Slow Club – Thighs
  2. Vivian Girls – Death

Top 5 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Flight of the Conchords
  2. How Not To Live Your Life
  3. The Jeremy Kyle Show
  4. Match of the Day
  5. err can’t think of anything else i’ve really watched cos Heroes just got shit

Top 5 Favourite Macclesfield Town players

  1. Hamza Bencherif
  2. Johnny Brain
  3. Nat Brown
  4. Izak Reid
  5. Joaquin Medinilla-Cabotti

My Top Five Footballers of the Decade

  1. Jon Parkin
  2. Gianfranco Zola
  3. Tore Andre Flo
  4. Danny Adams
  5. Zinedine Zidane

List of people who I’ve met who are in bands that I like

  • Euan Hinshelwood (Younghusband/Emmy the Great)
  • Wesley Patrick Gonzales (Let’s Wrestle)
  • Patrick Wolf
  • Gwilym Gold (Golden Silvers)
  • Robden Alexis Nunez (Golden Silvers)
  • Rebecca Taylor (Slow Club)
  • Gareth Campesinos!
  • Kim Campesinos!
  • Harriet Campesinos!
  • Ellen Campesinos!
  • Rob Taylor (Sparky Deathcap/Los Campesinos!)
  • Laura Wolf (Internet Forever)

and  finally Top 10 Albums of the Decade (based on music and influence on my life)

  1. Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
  2. Los Campesinos! – We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed (2008)
  3. Radiohead – Kid A (2000)
  4. Arcade Fire – Funeral (2004)
  5. Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger (2005)
  6. The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2003)
  7. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible (2007)
  8. Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am Thats What I’m Not (2006)
  9. Bat For Lashes – Fur And Gold (2006)
  10. Friendly Fires – Friendly Fires (2008)

So it maybe Tuesday now but the last few days have been quite eventful. Had a very long walk home with a good friend on friday night all four miles back from Sandbach to Haslington. There was a lot to be discussed so we talked and talked and talked, which we also then ended up doing on Saturday night walking there and back to Crewe but that was in the evening. During the day i got back into playing the last Splinter Cell game. Nothing feels better than getting up and just strangling innocent people, or falling of the side of a building for the god knows how many times and then throwing your controller at your sister whos just decided to perch herself in your room. Well I obviously didn’t do that. So in the afternoon i went to Crewe for the first time to try and do Christmas shopping but as per usual i came back with a CD for myself, saves myself the embarrassment of buying something JLS related for my sister. Then in HMV i overheard a great conversation between a little girl and her mother Daughter: “I’m gonna die soon” Mum: “Well die quietly then” This just left a huge grin on my face. So in the evening i went back into Crewe and talked some more mainly about people i hate which is a lot. One in particular who i now hate a hell of a lot more. So we met up at Pizza Hut another establishment which i hate before moving to the bowling alley which is full of people i hate. Like those stupid chavy pricks throwing basketballs at each other. There is soooooo soooo much to moan about. So we started bowling which only highlights how small my feet are a size 7 for someone who is 6″1. Bowling lead to me becoming increasingly annoyed with one individual. Who exactly are you trying to impress? Haven’t you realised how much i actually hate you yet. Your stupid hair, your stupid fashion sense and your horrible fakeness. Nothing about you is at all real, so just disapear and make my whole life a whole lot better.

So anyway as always i get very angry when i bowl cos i don’t like being bad at stuff so i ruined the whole evening for myself. As per usual i fail to pluck up the courage to talk to either girl who was with us this evening, it’s not that i have a problem with girls talking to me and holding a conversation it’s a problem of being starting the conversation and talking to girls. For some reason i’m absolutely fine in other social setting for example at a gig but that side of my personality just wasn’t there that night. Then i went and trapped my thumb in a gate round the back of where MFI used to be because I was ‘exploring’.  We discussed the person i mentioned earlier and how much we hate him.

So Sunday meant the start of winter football and the surface at school was perfect i must of fallen over at least four times and got extremely muddy. So as always it’s just a bit of fun grabbed myself a couple of goals in the final game we played so alls good. At least football is a way to constructively take my anger out. In the evening i stayed up and watched Happy-Go-Lucky which is a great film a perfect mix of comedy and drama it’s only made better by the fact that it’s British. I could see a lot of myself in Scott the driving instructor but i’m no way near as socially fucked as he is.

Yesterday was parent consultation evening which was to be honest a little bit of a shambles mainly because Mr. Bootherstone went ranting on for 10 minutes more that he was supposed to. Every teacher said exactly the same thing which was James’ handwriting is difficult to read. I think they might actually do something about it considering how annoyed my dad got. But anyway apparently i’m the best in the year at Sociology which was nice complement from my sociology teacher. But i need to improve in everything else even though i’m doing alright at English Language. It’s my choice to be in the sixth form so i need to improve at the end of the day

The title of course not referring to the guy who recently got thrown out of a Morrissey gig in Hamburg but to everyone’s favourite striker Ben Wright. Once again on Saturday not living up to his transfer fee (what transfer fee).

Macc started off well until Lee Bell went and handled in the area for a penalty but once again Johnny Brain came to the rescue and saved a half-decent penalty from Bournemouth’s Brett Pitman. Macc didn’t look bad for most of the first half managing to get a a way a few decent efforts but you could really see why Bournemouth are top of the league and never really looked like they were having any problems with any of our attacks apart from the goal. A looping free kick taken by Lee Bell which eventually ended up on the foot of Shaun Brisley who chipped the keeper from just inside the area. The first half ended on a low as Brett Pitman found space and struck a sweetly hit volley into the bottom left corner not giving Johnny a chance to save it, lovely goal. The just as the whistle was about to be blown Ricky Sappleton got his shirt ripped open by some Bournemouth player leaving him with a massive gash down the side of his shirt

Second half started and once again it seemed like either side could have taken the point the way the game was going with both sides trying to play some sweet football in tough conditions. We had our best chance of the game when Ben Wright was found with the ball one on one with the keeper makes a short pace to John Rooney who for some reason took a second touch which gave the keeper a chance to save his shot the ball ended up at the feet of Emile Sinclair who once again could only hit it straight at the keeper. As per usual the side changed after 70 minutes our defending became  Shaun Brisley who had pretty much had a perfect game now looked lost and started giving away stupid balls. Our lacklustre defending then lead to a second goal which could have been prevented if it wasn’t for poor marking a sweet little header from Brett Pitman once again. Colin Daniel came on for an ineffectual John Rooney who was pretty much useless on the left. Daniel instantly made an impact adding a little bit of creativity to the left-wing but still wasn’t enough to salvage a point. To be honest we weren’t bad and overall it was a good team performance against a side that are probably going to get promoted come next May.

Let’s Moan

  • What was Keith thinking playing John Rooney on the left, it was never going to work
  • Ben Wright??? what does he actually do
  • Why can’t we play like a decent side for a full ninety minutes

Match Ratings

  • Brain 7
  • Tremarco 7
  • Morgan 7
  • Brisley 7
  • Reid 6
  • Bell 7 (Tipton)
  • Draper 7
  • Rooney 4 (Daniel 7)
  • Bencherif 6
  • Sinclair 5
  • Sappleton 6 (Wright 5)

Anyway back to reality today was fun had a free second, this lead to the first time of the day when i laughed so hard it hurt. Derek was playing Denies Lewis Heptathlon on the BBC website but the game kept skipping and going really fast and i don’t know why but i just couldn’t hold my giggling in. Can’t really describe why it was so funny it was just something you had to be there for. Then we looking at everyone’s most favourite racist, sexist and homophobic band… The Macc Lads. How could music become so vulgar???

I introduce my penis to hamsters, gerbils and mice
I like to read Fiesta, and peek at the reader’s wives

It doesn’t get much worse than that.

U2 headlining Glastonbury, oh well all I can hope that the other headliners are better than that

James x

So hear I am and i’ve finally found the time to blog and i would just like to that everyone who viewed my blog on Monday for making it the most successful day of my blog ever and just thanks if your reading this anyway

So last night i decided to get the PS2 back out for some classic Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and bloody hell is it good. I actually would rather play that than play FIFA 10. Got back on the master league with Sandbach F.C. and it’s the 2014 season first game was an D1 cup semi-final against Leece. We take a 1-0 lead in the first half only to let it slip in the last minute. So straight from the kick off we ran the ball down the pitch 2-1 game over. I hadn’t felt that good about a game in ages. Then i went on to win the Master League again

Today was a bit disappointing i decided to record a cover of Frontwards by Pavement of course one of my guitar strings broke i was trying to make it a horrible lo-fi cover and i ended up playing my guitar too hard. So now i have no idea to fix it. So then i went out to Pizza Hut (grrrr i don’t like pizza hut) because it’s my friend Adam’s birthday. It was nice to walk into Crewe by myself i haven’t done it in ages so i walked at a good pace listening to Funeral by Arcade Fire which felt good. So I got there and all i had was ice cream from the ice cream factory cos’ i’m a horrible cheap skate, i looked like a right wierdo, but i need money for gigs so it’s all worth it. Met someone new today, thats always a good thing i like meeting people. So then we go to watch “The Men Who Stared At Goats” if you love pointless comedy’s then this is the film for you. It wasn’t that i didn’t understand the humour it was just that it was predictable and stupid. And there was absolutely no plot overall it was just a completely pointless film and a waste of my money. But Adam enjoyed it so thats all that really matters considering that it is his birthday. One thing that annoy’s me thought is when my friends don’t understand me, it like i was trying to explain to them why i didn’t like it but they just don’t get it, it kind of makes me feel as if i’m being singled out for not liking something in particular but hey what can i do. So i walked home listening to Arcade Fire some more and that felt good


James x

Well after buying far too much last week i’ve now had a chance to fully go over what i’ve bought.

First of all is the new Vivian Girls album which i now undoubtedly i have played far too much because of having to write about it for my English Language coursework. So i’ve gradually grown sick of it which it is rather annoying but a decent album none the less

Secondly new Johnny Foreigner album which i’m also playing far too much, wasn’t sure about it at first but it’s grown on my loads and now i can’t stop listening to it, much more of stripped down maybe even poppier sound for their second album but still keeps tha punky edge that made them such an enjoyable band in the first place so overall pretty good. Also enjoy the more emphasis thats been put on Kelly Southern’s vocals makes a nice change to all the yelping you get from Alexei. I couldn’t choose one favourite track from it there all too good

Thirdly i was “Ringleader of the tormentors” by the wizard of Moz i think it’s a lot better than his most recent work i much prefer his more orchestral pieces on this than the sort of hard-hitting rock that features on years of refusal which is not a bad album it’s self. Some tracks are pretty poor though for example “The Father Who Must Be Killed” going back to the shit he did in the mid 90’s but then you’ve got the great seven minute epic that is “Life is A Pigsty”. So yeah a pretty good album

So anyway less about music more about meeeeeeeee (but as if you care) so monday i was thinking about writing a blog about how much a hate people because i came home from school/collage whatever you wanna’ call it in a depressive rage. But then i realised as always i just should just shut up. Remember James life is good at the moment. But yeah monday was just shit and incredibly boring, i had a free and i just sat by myself in library researching obscure New Zealand football teams because i had nothing better to do.  i always end up doing my homework at home instead of in frees.

Tuesday was better some lovely friends came to see me from Sandbach which meant mass bitching about certain people who i HATE!!! i wish i could stop being a bitch it makes me paranoid about how people think of me as a person. I mean i try to be nice to everyone but how can i know how people really feel about me. I wore my nan’s knitted bobble hat as we walked to Haslington Hall for no particular reason it kept my head warm and pissed Jack off but my hands were freezing, i want rainbow mittens hopefully that will up my level of tweeness. Then we went to the park play area and i ate to many crackers and felt sick on this thing that went round and round and round and round etc. Urgh…

So today i went to see my nan she looked a lot happier than she has done recently i thing my great-uncle ron is recovering from whatever’s wrong with him, had a cup of tea  and a chat as always. The went back to school for games i was planning on playing football but now all these chavyish people have started playing with us and i don’t like it one bit. THEY WEAR STUDS!!!!! it’s not good i don’t like the idea of coming home with a broken ankle especially when i’m seeing Moz on saturday night. So me derek, ryan and mick sort of skulked away to the sports hall to play table tennis. Once a coward always a coward, will i ever change my ways… i don’t think so. But there will be a time one day where i’m gonna have to step out of my shell and do something out of the ordinary i’m thinking 27th November but more about that when the time comes.

james x

Well half term has come to an end and i’d say it’s been a pretty good one, but that was mainly because of the awesomeness of LC! on Monday night, this is what i’ve done so i can look back on this in months/years to come and remember all the fun stuff i’ve done

Saturday: Went to watch Macclesfield vs Dagenham and Redbridge but i’ve wrote enough about that

Sunday: Decided that i didn’t want to stay in my house all day which meant i spent the day randomly going around Stoke, toys-r-us is shit what happened to all the fun toys. Spent a lot of time listening to Los Campesinos! bootlegs in the back of my mums boyfriends car. The we went bowling and i won both games yay!!! but the horrible music in the bowling alley gave me a headache. Thank god i went with them because otherwise i would have had to let my uncle and all my cousins in the house and as usual the two youngest would have probably made a fort out of all the cushions again and i would have lost any control that i may have had over them

Monday: Spent the day moping around the house waiting for LC!, visited my nan and how could i forget i completed Super Mario Galaxy got all 120 stars

Tuesday: Got in from LC! and had a dance around my room to my “There Are Listed Buildings” 7″ followed by a shower, milk and bed, then i went round Gregs listened to Morrissey’s new b-side album “Swords” and played a bit of FIFA

Wednesday: Went Manchester with Dad bought myself “Higher Than The Stars” Pains of Being Pure at Heart 7″ new Johnny Foreigner album and “Ringleader of the tormenters” by “Morrissey” got back home and saw my Gran for the first time in a while, thankfully shes looking well, then booked myself Johnny Foreigner tickets to see them at the Sugarmill in November, got home and my Vivian Girls vinyl had arrived.

Thursday: Had a kick about with mates at school, went to Mellish’s and watched too much Spongebob and Haunting in Connecticut don’t watch it please, it’s a terrible film for a horror it’s not remotely scary. Got lost on the way there it was so dark i couldn’t see where i was going

Friday: Went round Jacks had a FIFA tournament i won as Chelsea, felt quite pleased with myself. Started English Language coursework

Saturday: Went to see Up with family it made me cry twice, seriously go and watch it such a beautiful film really makes you think about what in life really matters the simple things etc. Felt quite ill had some paracetamol and felt a bit better. Finished English Language coursework

Sunday: Watched the F1 it was really boring and got on with more homework

James x