So been a while since I last wrote anything here lets start where we left off

Must have been about two weeks ago since I went on holiday to South Wales for a week with my dad and sister. Didn’t have a bad time there weather was a bit hit and miss but it’s the same where ever you go. At least we got a day on the beach, stuck to my promise of listening to the Best Coast record while chilling in the sun on the beach. Didn’t really sound that different to be honest. Also went to Cardiff for the first time ever, not a bad city centre but it’s pretty much the same as everywhere else shops, shops and shops. Expect in Cardiff it’s a little more high brow they had some lovely arcades with expensive art shops are in. Always stop and look never buy. Got to visit apparently the worlds oldest record store which was lovely. However it doesn’t really match what Manchester has. Finally managed to get my hands on some Frankie & the Heartstrings vinyl after not being able to find any anywhere. The weather meant we stayed indoors for a fair bit of the time. This lead to a controversial game of monopoly where I gave my sister a grand to stop my dad from winning, he was cheating anyway. Towards the end of the five days we had away I finally got to see Toy Story 3. Truly a magical film and the first film i’d ever seen in 3D. Wasn’t that impressed by that but the film itself couldn’t be more perfect, thinks it’s almost certainly the best film out of the three. Just thankful I wasn’t in tears like when I went to see Up last year, came pretty close though. The last night ended with some real randomness, for some reason the town we were staying in has a fireworks display every Tuesday night, god knows why.

Felt good to come back though felt like I hadn’t seen the rest of my family or friends in ages. Spent too much time with my dad this summer I think seems like there’s sometimes a bit of clash of personalities if I spend a lot of time with him. We still went to football on Saturday though. Soooooooo glad to have football back after the disappointment of the World Cup

As always Macc failed to live up to their potential in the first home game of the season and conceded in the 4th minute. All Izak Reid’s fault, Shrewsbury player runs down the wing with a fair bit of pace for some reason he stands off rather than putting a foot in. Shrewsbury player runs into the box no problem pulls the ball back for Matt Harold to slot it home past Jose Veiga. So for the rest of the game we were just shut out. Couldn’t fault Macc for effort but Shrewsbury were so tight at the back think they might have only had a couple of shots on goal after that and even then non of them troubled Veiga. Very disappointing… as always. Heres some player ratings.

  1. Jose Veiga: 6 (barely had anything to do for the 90 minutes)
  2. Carl Tremarco: 6 (a little hit and miss for a usually consistently brilliant player
  3. Nat Brown: 6 (solid, didn’t really have much to do either)
  4. Shaun Brisley: 8 (did well to play on through concussion, didn’t put a foot wrong all game)
  5. Izak Reid: 4 (couldn’t do anything right, deserves to be dropped after that game)
  6. Paul Bolland: 6 (did what he had to do in the midfield)
  7. Matt Hamshaw: 8 (already looking like a quality signing caused plenty of danger putting balls into the box but sadly no one found the end of it)
  8. Richard Butcher: 5 (pretty much anonymous throughout)
  9. Emile Sinclair: 5 (why is he still at the club)
  10. Tyrone Barnett: 5 (really struggled to get into the game)
  11. Vinny Mukendi: 8 (great performance and effort from Vinny if anyone was gonna score for us it would have been him)

Just really hope we can go to Accrington on Saturday and pick up the three points.

Been back at my mums for all of this week so far went and had a haircut on Monday then sat back and enjoyed the Manchester United vs Newcastle game (with French commentary). Tuesday had a nice trip up to Manchester bought myself a new jumper for autumn/winter and too much music. Also had a look at drum machines, 90 quid could afford one soon. Result day tomorrow I’m predicting: Sociology: B, English Language: B, Geography: D, English Literature: D. Be so happy if I get that but who knows could be better could be worse, not long to find out.