If you know me then you’ll know how much I adore Best Coast. How new they are is debatable but to be honest I don’t care. Debut album ‘Crazy For You’ is out and Wichita this week and since I downloaded it on Monday (4 quid on 7digital, bargain) I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. ‘Crazy For You’ is twelve beautiful slices of lo-fi pop gold filled to the brim with West Coast surfer vibes straight from the sunny beaches of California. Each song as irresistible as the next as Beth Cosentino sings about topics such as boys (mainly boys), heartache, weed and her cat Snacks. And this formula has worked for her and her band so far, featuring former child minder (yeah, seriously) Bob Bruno and former Vivian Girl Ali Koehler as recent shows in London have seen people paying extortionate amounts to get in and see them. From a recent tweet I received from Wichita it looks like Best Coast will be bringing back the sun to a grey Great Britain in late November, early December, can’t wait.


Look at British guitar music at the moment, god is it in a sorry state with the likes of One Night Only coming back for a second stab at stardom and bands like Kasabian packing out arenas to keep the needs of idiot music fans happy until Oasis reform. Finally there’s a light in these dark times and the that comes from Sunderland five piece Frankie & the Heartsrings. And by the looks of things this band have got what it takes to go all the way especially if their drummer just happens to be Lauren Laverne’s brother. Musically the band are great writing the kind of brilliant indie pop songs that the mainstream has been yearning for a long, long time. Take ‘Hunger’ for instance bellow, there’s a wonderful innocence and playfulness to it that hasn’t been seen in the charts for a long time. Live the band aren’t half bad either with front man Frankie swooning around majestically. Ethically the band are near perfect once again with putting out records in a Factory Records esque way on their own Pop Sex label and alongside that the band have been snapped up by Wichita home of sooooooo many great artists over the years. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys in the next twelve months and make sure you go catch them on their co-headlining tour with Summer Camp in September/October.


I’m not a huge fan of Crystal Castles too much random shouting for my liking but if you’re looking for an alternative where you can actually hear the front woman sing then Teeth are your band. Teeth are a London based three-piece and consist of Ximon Tayki on laptop, Simon Whybray on drum and Veronica So singing and keyboards. Bellow is debut single See Spaces which is out on the 16th on Moshi Moshi and from the instant that synth loop drops and the beats kick in you can tell what this band is all about. There’s little else floating round the internet in terms of music at the moment but from what I’ve read of their live shows there nothing less than insane and they’ve even managed to bag themselves a support slot for M.I.A.’s proteges Sleigh Bells. Expect to see them sound-tracking the end of the world in 2012.


Wait… I didn’t know Beach House had gone chillwave. Well you wound’t be surprised by the sound of this. Memoryhouse make the kind of woozy dreamy pop that you’d only thought could be made by my favourite Baltimore two piece. And if your fan of Beach House then there is no way you could not possibly like melancholy synths and repetitive drum patterns that this Canadian two piece have to offer. Their sound is equally perfect for rainy days indoors or warm summer evenings spent outside. Each song I’ve heard by them is utterly spellbinding and that’s why I’ve been scouring the internet to find some sort of U.K. release but sadly nothing of theirs out over here yet. However their debut EP is available as a free download from this site