I can now say I’m 17 doesn’t really feel that much different to being 16. Had a good birthday though got to play croquet at school and almost smashed the staff room window cos’ I just couldn’t hit the ball. You can’t blame me  for not coming from an upper class background (and thank god I don’t). Looks like I’ll never me a world-class twat croquet player after all. Then one of the teachers started patronising me since I couldn’t do it, go die. 17 and I still can’t stand people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. Spent the afternoon at my nans watching some classic Come Dine With Me and eating sandwiches. Got home opened presents… oooooooooo an Ipod didn’t know I was getting one of them… Stupid apple meaning that I have to spend £1.23 on a new cable cos’ the one that came with it doesn’t work. Got Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well and it really is just brilliant. I think maybe a little bit of  it’s charm has been lost but the new levels are superb think there’s any been one that I haven’t liked. Must be about 2/3 of the way through at the moment. Job well done again Nintendo. Later went out for a curry but that’s nothing new. Do that all the time.

So summer started Friday and I didn’t do anything in the day, party in the evening (not mine). Drinking however puts me in two moods. Friday was the self-deprecating one. Not good. Had a nice walk home though. Actually the party was on Saturday my memory fails me. Wednesday thought it would be a good idea to go the cinema with of course we get there and like everything was sold out. And of course I couldn’t go to the later showing of Inception cos’ my dad had done a ‘nice tea (incidentally it was a nice tea). So bought new LCD record and some classic Beach Boys both of which are great records. Afternoon was spent having a Pro-Evo tournament came second, very disappointed in myself. Today my dad thought it would be a fun idea to go to the place where they make Morgan cars. The journey was fun listened to a bootleg of LCD at Glasto, brought the memories flooding back. When we got there got to watch people building cars. Found it a little creepy how this one guy took photos of everyone working in every workshop. So yeah, that was fun.

Mum and rest of family of gone to Portugal, I decided not to so I’m sitting at home waiting to go to Indietracks this weekend. So many bands looking forward to seeing, finally getting to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Veronica Falls. And no harm in of course seeing Slow Club and Internet Forever. However not looking forward to navigating the Derbyshire bus network should be fuuuuun. Made a mix CD to put in the mix CD swap thing. I wrote the URL to the blog on the side of this so whoever gets it I hope you find this and enjoy the music I put on it. Will write a review of the weekend once I’m back.