Tomorrow I shall turn 17 and I have to say 16 has been pretty flippin’ good. Yeah I’ve made my fair share of mistakes don’t we all but the positives way outweigh the negatives. So many fun moments but let’s not dwell on the past the future looks even better. School ends for six weeks of summer tomorrow and it really couldn’t have come soon enough. Had enough of that place and the people there it’s really gonna be nice to just get away from it all and wait in paranoia for results day at the end of August. One or possibly two more festivals to go which is always nice to look forward to as well as a holiday to South Wales.

Nothing much has really been happening since I’ve come back from Glasto about just over two weeks ago. It was nice to see family etc. Both parents have been in hospital over the last month (my dad today). There both fine, everything always turns out fine in the end. Autumn gig schedule is coming together booked tickets to see Beach House in a Cathedral can’t wait for that. Just waiting for Arcade Fire to announce a tour really there new stuff isn’t sounding bad but not really on the same level as ‘Funeral’ or ‘Neon Bible’.

The World Cup was rather disappointing to be honest wasn’t really one game I watched where I could have said it was brilliant. Think this was probably down to how good the tactics from the various coaches involved were brilliant. Think Spain were pretty worthy winners managed to stay solid throughout the tournament even if their opening game was a bit of a shambles. Don’t think the Dutch had any right to complain about the refereeing of Howard Webb, they had it coming to be honest. For South Africa it couldn’t have really gone much better they did a fine job of hosting the tournament. Hoping for some better football in 2014 though. Not long til the start of the domestic season now, can’t wait for that.

Don’t think I’ve really got much else to say, bye

James x