Feels like ages ago it’s just finding the time to right up all this…


The final day of the festival started off early again due to once your awake there’s no way you can get back to sleep in the tent. Went to look at merchandise and tried on a Blood Red Shoes t-shirt the woman at the stall didn’t look very happy when I decided not to buy it. Oh, well. First band of the day were The Joy Formidable a band who I’ve been wanting to see for ages and ages and ages. A great start to the day as was expected bringing their epic guitar noise to a bleary eyed other stage. Just one of a number of bands other the weekend who looked like they were having the time of their lives. Especially in set closer the eight minute long ‘Whirring’. Next up was my last trip over to The Park to see Irish folk outfit Villagers. Very impressed by their heartaching tales of love and loss perfect for just lying down and chilling in the midday sun. Back over to the other side of the festival next for These New Puritans. Personally I thought they were great but obviously not for everyone’s taste. So like the majority of other English football fans I decided to go over and watch the game only to notice on the way that Laura Marling was performing on BBC Intoducing stage later in the afternoon. Hmmm Marling or England, I know I made to right choice. Laura performed two acoustic songs from new album ‘I Speak Because I Can’ for Radio 1 which was very nice indeed.

The later part of the afternoon was spent for the majority at The Other Stage where I first enjoyed Grizzly Bear who were good but no way near as good as they are on the record. Shame they had to play to a smaller crowd due obvious reasons. Next up We Are Scientists were nothing other than brilliant. O.K. some of the newer songs aren’t so great but that can’t take away how fucking awesome the likes of ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’ and ‘The Great Escape’ are. The banter from the guys were top-notch as was expected and performed through a blistering set of new and old. Fun was had by all. MGMT followed and were boring as expected, the new songs aren’t as bad as some people make them out to be but don’t translate too well live. The Brooklyn two still managed to bring the hits out and ‘Time to Pretend’ still sounds as fresh as it did back in ‘o8. LCD Soundsystem impeccable as always. How can James Murphy call time on the band when they’ve got those kind of tune. An hour was no way near long enough need to dance myself clean. The only reason it wasn’t as good as their show in Manchester back in May was because of the length. Still enough time to back in the likes of ‘Drunk Girls’ and ‘Daft Punk is Playing at My House’ before removing their ‘LA douche’ sunglasses to perform a truly epic ‘Yeah’.

Finally it was the one and the only Stevie Wonder and god do I wish I’d got a good position or not be so tired that I can barely stand up. From what I saw on the screens his performances looks like it could go down as being one of the all time great Glasto headliners. Got so much respect for that guy. But the circumstances meant that I had to turn in half way through only to be unable to get to the sleep due to the constant noise of the Dance Village and Orbital.


Woke up feeling a lot less tired, some random Scottish guy gave us a shed load of beer so me and my friends sat around just drinking and chilling playing toilet roll cricket and human buckaroo. Put the tent away successfully before heading to they drop-off point again at five. Felt so sad to walk out of the gate knowing that it would be a long time before I would head back to Worthy Farm again.

Glastonbury really was the most perfect weekend and as I look back two weeks on I have to say it was probably one of the best experiences of my life. No matter what you decide to do at the festival you know you’re gonna experience something really special. And I suppose that’s what makes Glastonbury the king of all festivals. Like where else would you get the likes of Rolf Harris, Snoop Dogg and Vampire Weekend play on the same stage on the same day. And there is no way you can explore everything that the festival has to offer in the four proper days that are on offer. Everything is just perfect and I could go on about how great it is forever so if you get the chance go because you know you’re gonna have the time of you’re life.