The searing heat meant an early start every morning as the tent felt more like the Sahara that Somerset. The day started off with another drip up to the Park Stage and a hunt for somewhere that sold male shorts since I got mud down my good pair. Sadly I failed at finding some. Perched myself up on the hill for first act of the day I Blame Coco, really wish I hadn’t bothered watching them half an hour of my life I’m never gonna get back. First band of the day I really wanted to see were Frankie & the Heartstrings. They certainly didn’t fail to impress and justify the hype that they have been gathering. Front man Frankie Francis possessed the stage the band were performing on all clearly reeling in the opportunity of playing the festival. One to watch for future months for sure. Next on The Strange Boys who brought their bluesy garage rock to the Park Stage. Weren’t bad and did justice to a version of ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ by the legendary Dusty Springfield. After a superb set at Dot to Dot Festival at the end of May it was time for Beach House to bring some darkness to the Park on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year so far. The heat of the sun mixed with some sort of drug fuelled haze which the band were apparently in didn’t lead to a great performance. But all the same the quality of third album ‘Teen Dream’ shone through but not in the same way for example if they were playing in a Cathedral (which I’m seeing them play in later in the year). Stand out tracks being the likes of ‘Norway’ and ‘Heart of Chambers’.

After got knows how long I’d spent in The Park is was time to move over to the other side of the sight to see Marina & the Diamonds for a third time. This was the best time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Marina and it lead me think how you look at all these current female singer-songwriter types have nothing to say. Then you listen to Marinas lyrics and seems like maybe she does well either that or the heat was getting to me. With society being the way it is at the moment think it’s certainly not a bad thing to have someone like Marina out there saying what she does. However her brand of operatic bubble gum pop isn’t for everyones taste and for at times not mine but once again she put on a good show; even at one point ditching the band to play one song by herself on piano. Major contrast next as the math-rock of Foals livened things up with a sadly heavily ‘Antidotes’ based set which meant that such brilliant songs as ‘2 Trees’ and ‘After Glow’ didn’t get aired. Foals were highly energetic and so were the audience which meant I couldn’t really enjoy their set cos’ I kept worrying about my ankle (typical). Best bit of the set was seeing Yannis climb the scaffolding of the John Peel tent and jump from into the crowd bellow (see photos). Next up were easily biggest surprise of the best band of the day The XX. The atmosphere in the tent was just about perfect for them to perform the dark and hauntingly beautiful tracks from their debut album. The three members came out and went straight into ‘Intro’ with rapturous applause before moving on into personal favourite ‘Islands’. The chemistry being just as apparent between Jamie and Romy onstage as it is off. The band blitzed through ‘XX’ playing the majority of their spellbinding record before ending on their version of Florence’s version of ‘You’ve Got the Love’. Featuring a very special guest… wonder if you can guess who it was.

Following this it was time for cider and time to reflect up by The Park once again while sitting and listening to end of Laura Marling’s set and the start of Midlake’s. I stayed in The Park into the early hours to watch what I was expecting to be Freebass. It wasn’t’. Instead me and everyone else in The Rabbit Hole were treated to a DJ set from the one and the only Jarvis Cocker. Does it really get much better than that.

James x