Last night I was in A&E yay! See the problem with playing football with someone who quite clearly doesn’t know how to play football is that they are unwilling to jump over my sometimes over the top challenges and would rather plow their foot straight into my ankle. Most normal players would probably have stepped out but there isn’t much I can do now and I don’t want to blame on to anyone cos’ it was an accident but just saying. So after a good long three hour (at least the F1 was on otherwise it would have been hell) wait in the hospital I found out I’d only torn some tissue and ligament. They’ve done up Leighton pretty good since the last time I was there (another footballing injury), really don’t get why there were these ten chavy guys in there only two of them needed seeing to. All of them had that same stupid gormless retard facial expression on them, made me a laugh a little. The doctors and nurses were all very good as always can’t fault them really. I now have nine days til recover for Glastonbury. Things are looking good so far getting for confident walking on it just hoping some small child doesn’t kick me around school tomorrow in the corridors. Making sure I’m resting loads just spent the whole afternoon watching the two boring games of Holland vs Denmark and Japan vs Cameroon.

Back to school today and was typically questioned by numerous teachers but dear god was the organisation of these meetings poor. Spent an hour and half waiting for a meeting that lasted five minutes, surely individual time slots would have been better. But oh well, I am English and we are the best at waiting in the whole world.

Didn’t have to wait long though to watch England mess up the start to their World Cup campaign. Could have happened to any keeper but either way it was a shocking howler from Rob Green. Just hoping he picks himself up from that and starts the next game at least to prove that he’s got what it takes to lead us to at least some minor world cup success. Felt it was a generally disappointing performance all round, especially with Rooney marked out of the game. Who else is going to get the goals cos’ it certainly ain’t gonna be Heskey that’s for sure. Although Heskey didn’t do to bad. Thought Johnson, Gerrard and Terry also had good games. However the likes of Wright-Phillips didn’t look like they’ve got the ability to take us far in this competition and I think ultimately you have to questions Capello’s decision not to bring Joe Cole on for Milner. However we must not dwell on this defeat and I we must move on and destroy Algeria and Slovenia to make sure we finish top of the group. Thinking that Capello will have to change his attacking options to guarantee goals.

In other news I have now finished all of my exams Sociology went well, English Lit didn’t but we’ll see what happens come August. The band is getting better, I think we’ve written a better song that the one we wrote during our first practice which I really don’t like. And this random guy who my dad works with who I’ve never met before gave me a new amp. It makes aeroplane noises but it smells of smoke. Hey, free amp, can’t complain with that. Don’t think much else has happened just gotta concentrate on getting fit again.

Finally this made me smile earlier in the week

James x