Today I have spent most of the day just sitting around playing Heartsink by Blood Red Shoes, so much fun to play. Anyway going off the title Eurovision was on Saturday and I decided in favour of going against going to watch it with my friends cos’ I wanted to watch with my dad and sister instead. I’d say personally that I felt that this years Eurovision was probably one of the best Eurovisions there has been for a number of years. Not a fan of Lena’s winning song to be honest although fair play I’m sure the rest of Europe enjoyed it (wouldn’t have won otherwise duh) but I just thought lyrically it was bit silly and the metaphors we’re just wank. Of course like every time I watch Eurovision with the family I made us a little score sheet on Excel and colour coded the cell with each country in in correspondence with their national colours. Has to be done to be honest… We voted for Romania this year based on overall scores. Eurovison gold glad it came at least third. But oh dear U.K. last place. How shit is that? Our song was that bad but come on Europe it wasn’t as bad as the Israeli guy going out of the tune and over-whelming boredom of Russia. But hey theres always next year, hopefully we’ll scrap the X Factor style talent contest and actually have some famous and or popular compete for us.

Been ages since I last blogged about my day to day life and it also seems ages since exams have started and for the most part it’s been pretty good considering how little revision I’ve done. Geography was a bit hit and miss but Sociology has been good so far and English Language went well. Four down two to go, got Literature and second Sociology paper to go. Definitely needed this week off.

And So far apart from dot to dot I haven’t really done much. Apart from Tuesday morning which involved myself and a friend wandering around Manchester at god knows what time in the morning. Manchester is rather beautiful at night it has a calming sort of quality to it, very atmospheric. After wandering around and avoiding drunken people we tried to go to sleep in Piccadilly Station, this failed. So I got back in at 6:15 after walking half an hour from Crewe station to my house and even then I only got just over three hours sleep. The train back was lovely just stared out of the window looking at the countryside, took a different route to the one you usually take going there and back to Manc.

Oh and also on Friday I went to the gym for the first time in about ten months. It wasn’t as fun as I remember it being but going to the gym is one of the few blokey things I do which felt good. And even better some woman came up to us saying that she called one of the machines downstairs Bill it was rather surreal.

That is all for the moment, maybe something exciting will happen soon… oh wait I’m going Glastonbury in three weeks

James x



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