1:30 was the time the first act of the day appeared on stage, The Heartbreaks from what I’ve read of them are apparently local. Not bad, decent post-Futureheads indie rock with a Smithsy twist. Sadly the sound down in Club Academy was terrible for them and I can’t see myself ever wanting to see them ever again but I knew better was still to come. However they made a decent show of it considering how early in the day it was and generally an interesting and engaging band to watch, not anything to write home about.

And the same could be easily said for White Hinterland who we’re all kinds of meh. Like some kind of really, really poor mans Beach House. I don’t mind Hinterland on the record but this was just plain boring what can you really do live with just overly repetitive beats and a front woman who insists on going woah-oh ahhhhhhhh oh after every line. It’s just plain irritating and dull, really didn’t do anything for me.

Small Black we’re the next band on in Club Academy a band who I’d read a lot about but never actually listened to. Definitely the biggest surprise of the day with their pretty sweet mega-hipster chillwave vibes. The kind of think that tunes that I expect will soundtrack a lot of peoples summers. Potentiality capable of producing some real hits but we’ll see  when either the chillwave scene fizzes out into nothingness or when their debut record comes out.

Off to the larger surroundings of Academy 2 for The Answering Machine who we’re very nice. Nice being the key word here. They played through a mix of nice old songs and nice new songs that sat very nicely next to each other. Fairly average show and they didn’t play ‘that one of FIFA’ which was a bit disappointing. New songs suggest a possible more electronic sound but still sticking to the basic indie rock/pop formula that they’ve used for through early stuff. Nothing more than average.

After a short trip to Spar, fifth up we’re one of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing  during the day that being Blood Red Shoes. The crowd we’re gagging for it from the off with opener ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’ carnage behind ensued with limbs flying all of the place. And it’s pretty safe to say straight from the off that BRS have nailed there two-piece indie rock to perfection. With Laura-Mary walking around the stage with a moody swagger and Steven going hell for leather on the drums. The intensity only increased as the band played a good mix of songs from their debut and latest album ‘Fire Like This’. Definitely the sweatiest show I’d been to all year and one of the noisiest, surprising how much noise they create for forty-five minutes just one massive huge assault on the ears. And wasn’t it brilliant…


  1. It’s Getting Boring By The Sea
  2. It Is Happening Again
  3. I Wish I Was Someone Better
  4. Light It Up
  5. Keeping it Close
  6. This Is Not For You
  7. Don’t Ask
  8. Heartsink
  9. Colours Fade

After going to the loo to wash my face from all the sweat, thought we’d go and try to catch a bit of Field Music of course Club Academy was packed and I could see a thing. So I was time to just sit and chill and the back and listen the lovely sound of Field Music from afar.

The Chapman Family are a band that I could almost certainly say I was guaranteed to enjoy. But alas I was still on a big come-down from Blood Red Shoes and decided to sit on the floor and watch the insanity of their live show commence. Even if you’re not a fan of The Chapman Family you can’t argue that there possibly one of the most passionate and raw live bands in the country. All four members will give it their all every show and once again they didn’t fail to disappoint from my spot on the floor. Playing a half an hour set of post-punk noise before front man Kingsley decided to rap the mic around his throat and smashing his guitar into the stage. Lovely stuff.

Another food break was now in order which meant missing Liars who we’re apparently brilliant. Eighth band of the day then we’re Wild Beasts who sadly I only got to see three songs of to ensure a good spot for Beach House. Still not sure if I really get Wild Beasts but they ultimately have one distinctive sounds in British guitar music at the moment. With haunting guitar melodies and even scarier falsetto vocals that really can’t be matched by anyone, as show by ‘All The Kings Men’ which I think is probably my favourite Wild Beasts song and thankfully I got to see it. For three songs they we’re rather gooooood.

Beach House just beautiful. Playing a set full of songs from my favourite album of the year so far ‘Teen Dream” bar ‘Gila’ from ‘Devotion’ they really we’re just perfect especially with the gorgeous stage props and lighting throughout to make the atmosphere that little extra special. I have never seen anyway play keyboard or synth like Victoria Legrand possessing her instrument and lashing her head around to sounds of some of the best dreamy pop songs written in years. Songs we’re played a lot higher intensity than on the record with the addition of live drumming as well as sequenced beats. Victoria’s voice as well even more outstanding than on the record filling up the room in all corners. Highlights for me included ‘Norway’ (obviously) and ’10 Mile Stereo’ which closed the set which was just epic with howling reverb screaming out of Alex Scally’s guitar. Nothing less than absolutely perfect


  1. Walk in the Park
  2. Lover of Mine
  3. Gila
  4. Norway
  5. Silver Soul
  6. Used to Be
  7. Zebra
  8. Take Care
  9. 10 Mile Stereo

From one kind of brilliant live show to one that on a completely different level. LC! are always nothing less than quality every time and it’s only better when they come back to Manchester. The band we’re well and truly giving it their all tonight as it’s there last proper show for roughly a month. Gareth later explained that this was because five of them we’re expecting a call up from Fabio. The band raucously played through tracks from all three records with Gareth’s vocals throughout absolutely terrifying and had everyone at his finger tips, don’t think there were many people in the room screaming along with him. Didn’t think anything would have beaten the sweatiness of BRS  today but with the intensity of the crowd and the size of the venue anything was possible. Every song played was a hit due to it being a slightly smaller set than usual. The band finished on the big four as always with Gareth as per usual jumping into the crowd for ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’. Don’t think it will ever be possible for me to get tired of this. LC! 4 EVA


  1. Heart Swells/100-01
  2. I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
  3. Death to Los Campesinos!
  4. Miserabilia
  5. A Heat Rash In The Shape of the Show Me State; or Letters From Me to Charlotte
  6. My Year In Lists
  7. Straight in at 101
  8. Romance is Boring
  9. You! Me! Dancing!
  10. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  11. The Sea is a Good Place To Think Of The Future
  12. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks

Overall a quality day out with a wide selection of quality bands (even if the line-up is of a slightly less quality than in previous years). Same again next year please