It’s official summer is well and truly and being really pale and ginger my neck is already scorched. It’s only a week until my first festival and line-ups pretty much sorted for everything I’m going to. So here’s the follow up to the post I wrote a couple of months


When I was 10 I’d religiously listen to the chart show on Radio 1 every Sunday. One particular Sunday I heard Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots and I loved it all that crazy experimentalism and crazy noises. Of course being a 10 year old I had no idea what an iconic and influential band they are. This lead me to becoming the hippest kid that ever existed (apart from that kid in Piccadilly Records who went up to his dad and asked if he could have Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective on 12″) and so I went with my mum down the library where I went and got said album. I have adored ‘The Lips’ ever since and now I finally have the chance to see how spectacular their lives shows are. This will ultimately end what will be a pretty much perfect Friday night on the Other Stage at Glasto (apart from La Roux). Seriously, this is gonna one pretty special performance.


Where do I even start with Beach House. A band who have really snuck up on me this year in terms of their overwhelming brilliance. ‘Teen Dream’ is a big shoe in for album of the year with it’s luscious dreamy shoegazy tones especially on tunes such as ‘Norway’. But what does it matter if songs this awesome can’t be transported on the live stage. Well we’ll see come Dot to Dot Festival next Monday and once again on the Saturday afternoon on the Park Stage at Glasto


Second album syndrome… pah. If 2009 was they year of The Horrors then 2010 is definitely Foals’ to claim as their own. Especially when they’ve gone and wrote a great summery record in the form of Total Life Forever which will suit the festivals perfectly. Can’t wait…

4. M.I.A.

M.I.A. looks set to continue her dominance in the field of good pop music. In a world where the like of Jason Derulo and the manufactured trash of Alexandra Burke dominate the charts it’s good to have someone as refreshing as M.I.A. to hold on to traditional pop values. For example doing a Pepsi ad and then giving all her money to building a school in Africa as was reported in NME recently. Wouldn’t see Gaga doing that would ya. Nope. Maya’s third album set for a July release is sound promising so far and I expect the live shows to go with it will be equally as promising. Gonna have to wait til the 1st of August at Underage Festival to find out though.


Over the past twelve months it really has been hard to ignore Florence’s rise into the public eye as one of the best pop artists around. What makes it even more incredible is how she’s been able to stay in the mainstream but keep her indie credibility. Going off what  I’ve seen of her live shows on telly she sits as what expects to be a quality warm up for Hot Chip and The Flaming Lips on Friday evening at Glasto.


If you’ve seen James Murphy and friends on their current tour then you’ll not their live shows are not to be missed. This is Happening may not be the follow-up the Sound of Silver that I was hoping for but it’s still got the killer tunes on it that are gonna make you move. Definitely a must see considering their gonna pack it all in, in the near future.


Really was so happy when the Glastonbury line-up was announced. Yet another band that I have loved for absolutely years and now I finally get the chance to see them. Expect highlights from fourth album Barbara, silly on stage banter from Keith and Chris and some cracking tunes from their back catalogue to be blasted out from the Other Stage on Sunday.


It amazing to think that just over six months ago The xx were playing venues like The Death Institute in Manchester. Now however they have risen to hipster stardom and oh how I regret missing them at Underage last summer and not being able to see them when they back in Manchester earlier this year. However there ambient electro tones to the John Peel stage on Saturday night at Glastonbury giving me no excuse to miss them in June.


Apart from my sister I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Hot Chip. Yet another band who I’ve loved for years but have never got round to seeing. Hot Chip therefore must go right up there on my list of bands (and yours) to see this summer. Still haven’t got round to buying One Life Stand but either way they won’t be missed considering they’ve got a sweet little slot on Friday night at Glasto


Better than Pendulum… You heard it here first people.

James x