Of course referring to school. Two weeks of this nightmare left and then I’ll only have to go on for exams for about three weeks. And god I can’t fucking wait. I’ve just had enough of everything and everyone. People knit picking all the time you so fucking hilarious. Yes let’s all take the piss and alienate me (doesn’t apply to everyone). So what if I do things differently to other people I don’t care. Accept me or fuck off.

Rant over


*feels better*

So everything has fallen apart since I last wrote a blog about my life. Revision is out of the window. I will try and lock myself in my room on Sunday and just crack on with revision. However my grades haven’t been looking too bad in the run up to exams but effort on the other hand. It’s always the same I horribly lazy end of. I’d rather just sit around drinking tea and eating cake while trying to complete Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi. Way for fuuuun.

Election you can also fuck off. Seriously do we really need all this coverage it’s just stupid. There are other things going on in the world other than a load of twats been put into power. Cameron and friends can fuck off. Can someone please tell me what is broken about Britain they make this big stupid song and dance about how there gonna fix everything. No your not someone out there is always gonna be complaining about the state of the country nothing will ever me right for everyone. I just hope big Gordon gets a coalition set up with the Liberals so we don’t have the tory scum running a minority government for the next four years.

Good things that have happened this week. I bought tickets to go and see Slow Club again and on Monday we put our tent up for Glastonbury to see if it’s alright and it is so that’s fine.