Thought I’d make this a regular feature, well it’s not that regular but I’ll do it once every 4 months.


2010 has been a great year for dream pop especially when you’ve got the likes of the brilliant Beach House, White Hinterland and A Sunny Day In Glasgow all releasing great records (well for me at least). Summer Camp are Jeremy Warmsley (former average singer songwriter) and Elizabeth Sankey (former music journo) and together they have been creating some of the best pop melodies around for some time. See for example debut single ‘Ghost Train’ which sold out on pre-sales alone. The aforementioned track oozes charm and beauty with Sankey elegantly crooning with genuine heartache over a dreamy lo-fi synth tones. Currently going out on tour with the brilliant Slow Club this month and I can’t wait to find out how good they will be live.


Bit of a reoccurring theme here. Wild Nothing also creates brilliant dreamy pop music but this might be more to your taste if you prefer something a little more fuzzy. This of course being the solo project of Jack Tantum member of band Facepaint who are apparently a tropical punk band I wouldn’t know and you would have never of  guessed considering the kind of music that he’s creating. For his second single he covered ‘Cloudbusting’ by Kate Bush and if that doesn’t give you an impression of what he sounds like then I don’t know what would. His version takes an original take on the classic by adding beautiful synths where there was one strings and adding Johnny Marr esque jangly guitars. Debut album ‘Gemini’ is out on the uber-cool Captured Tracks label this month.


Only came across Wu Lyf or Word Unite  Lucifer Youth Foundation today (thank you NME) and instantly by the article I read I was intrigued and even more so when I read that they are from Manchester. The thing that interests me most was the air of mystery that surrounds this band who are they, no one seems to be sure how many members they’ve got. Their myspace makes little sense and their website is the same. Then there’s other on-line monikers that appear when searching their name on google such as Vagina Wolf. This therefore has led their debut tapes to be sold from 50 quid upward. Either way it’s all very interesting and so is their music. And from what I have been able to listen to its well, very, very  haunting with plenty of droning organ sounds on the go and intense vocals. Then at the end of one of their songs it just goes of into some random hip-hop track. Who knows whats going on but wouldn’t you like to know.


Back to something a little saner but no less fun. Allo, Darlin’ are you typical ‘proper’ indie pop band and are full everything that is lovely and good in the world of pop. Creating brilliant hooks and beautiful, tender and  a little bit twee lyrics about everything from making Henry Rollins dance to ABBA to getting nostalgic about Polaroids’. All of this makes for an irresistible concoction that will just make you yearn for more. But don’t worry a debut album is on the way on legendary indie pop label Fortuna Pop! later in this year.

James x