First gig on my own, hmm. I have to say I didn’t mind waiting outside for an hour. Just stood their listening to Romance is Boring and watching the scary looking people with scary hair and scary face going to see whatever scary sounding band they we’re going to see queue outside Academy 2. Doors opened on time and god did it feel weird to be the first one to enter a very very empty Manchester Academy. I took my spot underneath the huge discoball and spent my time while waiting for YACHT to come  by listening to the conversations of the couple to left of me and the two blokes to right. When i couldn’t hear what they were saying my attention turned to where on earth was the air conditioning coming from. Seriously I looked everywhere and I could not for the life of me work out where the air-con was coming from. Anyway…

YACHT probably the ideal support for a band like LCD and they did a very good job of warming up the crowd. And whats not to like when  you’ve got a Kelvin Stancombe look-a-like on the drums. The band played a highly energetic 30 minute send from debut album See Mystery Lights and were generally really enjoyable throughout. Highlight for me came from set closer and ridiculously catchy Physic City featuring plenty of dancing and yelping etc. All of which was very very fuuuuuun.

“From this position I can see the whole place” and I could, great positioning right in-between James and Nancy when they arrived on stage. And POW LCD got straight into it with Us v Them with the lights hitting the disco ball and mixing up the set from previous nights on the tour. Get Innocuous was next to come but it took until track three for things to really get going. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House was just epic and oh my god the bass. Double bass attack with James Murphy screaming down the microphone and pretty much everyone in the place going crazy. Tempo then went down a bit for Yr City’s a Sucker before first of new tracks Pow Pow which featured the same dance moves that had been perfecting in my bedroom for it (don’t care what you think) and me and everyone else shouting back “advantages advantages”. Followed up by Drunk Girls which sounds a hell of a lot better live than on the record and really highlights what a tight live band they are. It seemed hard for me to imagine how hard it might be for a band like LCD to fit all the sounds they got going on into their live set but everything just worked perfectly.

All My Friends came next and by this point I’d nearly burst into tears because how unbelievably brilliant it all was. The sheer noise and emotion coming out of the music and lyrics. Everyone else around me just dancing their hearts out, it’s hard to describe how awesome it was at the time. I Can  Change probably my favourite of the four new tracks showcased tonight. The energy and devotion put in my both fans and band increased even more during ‘Tribulations’ and the whole place just erupted during ‘Movement’. And it just got better and better and better everyone bone in my body dancing hard than ever before everyone else just going crazy, no matter if you we’re the drunk underage kids to the left or the middle-aged aged men and women behind everyone just loosing control. I felt like I was drowning under the weight of progressive electro perfection. The band walked off stage after playing Yeah and it was quite obvious what was coming next.

After a brief pause various band members came back on stage and acknowledged the audience and as soon as the opening synth hook dropped we all knew what was coming next. James Murphy walked back on-stage after he’d let the distinctive tones of Someone Great rumble on for a while. His voice lit up the whole venue and you could see the emotion run through body and into his microphone. Next came Losing My Edge which was just flippin awesome.  Just that complete scene of euphoria felt by everyone it had only happened one time before. It really is hard to describe the sense of energy that the band we’re showing with throughout. After all the droning synth noise and immensely intense drumming came the final of the new songs. All I Want came across well and it was a good way of winding down before set closer New York I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down. In which James said that they would return to Manchester again this year before randomly talking about his towel. And it was just beautiful the way the song builds up before the massive crescendo at the end. With Nancy Whang even taking over lead vocals for an impromptu version of Empire State of Mind before James Murphy taking one final bow and walking off stage with each band member in turn walking off after him.


  1. Us v Them
  2. Get Innocuous!
  3. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
  4. Yr City’s A Sucker
  5. Pow Pow
  6. Drunk Girls
  7. All My Friends
  8. I Can Change
  9. Tribulations
  10. Movement
  11. Yeah
  12. Someone Great*
  13. Losing My Edge*
  14. All I Want*
  15. New York I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down*


It was a long, long, long way away from an empty Sugarmill on a Tuesday night five days earlier. LCD Soundsystem really are something special and if you don’t get to see them before they disappear forever then there is something seriously, seriously wrong with you.

James x