Only thought there was gonna be one support tonight, oh if only there was. I don’t mind so much artists who are really shit at songs but a lot of effort into their live shows but seriously what is interesting about a guy standing there for a full 30 minutes playing with a sequencer. Absolutely nothing. So I just stood there watching this guy playing his thumping techno beats out of his laptop. And it was really really really boring.

Second up were Party Horse who weren’t really that interesting either playing a horribly annoying party tunes with song titles such as “You Don’t Need To Go To New York To Have A Good Time”. Groan. Sugarmill was still half empty at this point and they were evidently not enjoying playing to a handful of people and who can blame to be honest. Not really my cup of tea.

By the time Chew Lips had come on stage a good few people had moved there way to the front and it wasn’t as half empty as what I’d expected it to be. The band themselves were obviously grateful for the numbers that had turned out especially when it was guitarist/synth player Will Sanderson’ birthday. They played a roughly similar set to what they played the last time they were here. With the band getting into full flow during ‘Play Together’ after opening with a slow yet no less brilliant ‘Eight’. Tigs once again possessing the stage with her unique style and grace with her voice echoing throughout the venue. The band plodded along contentedly playing most of debut album ‘Unicorn’ in what was a good show and I always adore strobe lighting. Highlights for me include second single ‘Salt Air’ which is one of those songs that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired listening to and is only made better by how flawlessly the band before the song life. The band closed with reverb drenched ‘Gold Key’ before coming back on stage to an encore of ‘Piano Song’. To be honest I really don’t understand why a band such as Chew Lips aren’t tearing up the charts, as almost all of their songs are 2 or 3 minute burst of  sublime electro pop that is quite clearly better than a lot of artists doing a similar thing at the moment. Only made better with a charismatic and genuine front woman such as Tigs. Yet I am sure that Chew Lips will continue to blitz festival audiences this summer and carry on the same high standard of live show that they left Stoke with tonight.

SET LIST (i think):

  1. Eight
  2. Play Together
  3. Two Hands
  4. Toro
  5. Slick
  6. Karen
  7. Salt Air
  8. Seven
  9. Solo
  10. Two Years
  11. Gold Key
  12. Piano Song*


Now for Saturday

James x