Apparently the school are reading this, err so hi. Well I only found out because apparently members of staff go searching for their names on the internet and see if people have written bad things about them in blogs. The school of course read this and thought I was skiving the Friday before Record Store Day. Of course I wasn’t I was inside learning all sorts of wondrous things.

So the past week has been rather uneventful, seriously nothing has happened of note apart from the above… err… The new Foals album has leaked and me lack a bad boy went and downloaded it. And first let it be said I have pre-ordered it and it really really surprised me. Just it’s expansiveness and the way it progresses throughout. From the summery groves of early tracks like ‘Miami’ and ‘Total Life Forever’ then through to the darker ‘After Glow’ and the beauty of my personal favourite track ‘2 Trees’. Personally I think it dicks on their debut and will probably end up being one of my favourite records of the year can’t wait to see them at Glasto now just how the songs work out live.

Speaking of live music it’s all I’ve got to look forward to at the moment. Tomorrow night I’m seeing Chew Lips for a second time and then the big one that is LCD Soundsystem. This will be by first gig by myself and here some questions arrive:

  1. How sad will I look in the queue outside the venue just standing there with my headphones in?
  2. How sad will I look probably playing games on my phone in-between bands cos’ i can’t afford to text anyone?
  3. How sad will I look dancing by myself?
  4. How said will I look when my dad and sister come to pick me up from the venue?

Apart from the above I am generally really looking forward to it especially from what I’ve read about how good their love shows are and how good the new album is.

Oh yeah forgot to say I wrote a song this week and recorded it. It will be pretty hard for you to find it on the net though proper hidden away. It’s weird when song writing you notice how much you rip of other bands especially Television Personalities. Feeling more confident about my ability as a song writer both with my music and lyrics cos’ my band mates both like it.

Revisions going well got a bit done this weekend sat on by mums boyfriends canal boat answering questions about Marxists views on education. The boat was nice enough not too bad just sat there not doing a lot and playing Nintendogs for the most part. On the subject of games the gap in-between revising is now to be taken up by completing Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi so I get the final extra two levels at the end. Which to say the least is a little bit nerdy but I think I’m about 40% of the way through with Luigi which is pretty good going. Plus it’s getting me excited for Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is out in June and promises to be ‘2’ times the fun. On that note. Byeeeeeeeeeee

James x