Well it’s here at least. I went for a little walk around in the sunshine this afternoon to celebrate how lovely the weather has suddenly come and to send back my Dot to Dot tickets cos’ apparently there’s something wrong with them. And as I was out walking I noticed a few things:

  1. It seems like everyone is in love and holding hands
  2. The blossom always looks beautiful
  3. It’s that time of year where people are always out walking dogs or on bike rides
  4. ‘Brighten the Corners’ era Pavement is always the best kind of music to walk around to in the sunshine

Anyway what have I done this week. Well Monday was Bank Holiday and my mum and sister decided to go on the canal boat with Stuart so I went on a nice walk with my dad in the countryside. Tuesday was rather uneventful. Wednesday was good though. Went to see Kick-Ass with a few friends and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant. Probably the best film I’d seen since watching Control, which I watched the night before. Kick-Ass however was a long way from the doom and gloom of an Ian Curtis bio-pic. It had absolutely everything, a little controversy, romance, action, a stupidly brilliant amount of gore, comedy, those tender little emotional bits that are just lovely. You could list it’s brilliance for ages, maybe the plot was a little bit unintelligent but that was just about it’s only flaw. Heres a clip for you encase you haven’t seen it. Oh and it also had Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding in the soundtrack, always a good thing.

So following that I got home and saw my mum for about the first time in a week and watched the United game. Looked like they we’re gonna destroy Bayern in the first half but no wasn’t to be. Bit disappointed that no British teams reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. But I would like to congratulate Fulham on reaching the Europa League final and while on the subject of football well done to Pompey as well for reaching the FA Cup final, well deserved after such a season they’ve had.

Thursday went to see my nan played a lot more Tomb Raider and have done very little work. Friday was along the same lines, and Saturday and Today, so today I am left with this fucking huge pile of work to do for Tuesday, wish me look people. At least I got a little bit of motivation now. If I don’t stick to a revision timetable then i do not get to go see Slow Club and Summer Camp next month, gonna write a massive sign in front of my desk to remind me to work. Only two months of this. Can’t fail, right…

James x