Prices available for those who guess the song that I have quoted in the title, respond on twitter @dryish_bones. And don’t tell me no one will cos’ I already know that.

So here comes a post about my life. School ended last friday, cheers all round as i skipped out of English Litreture and ran to my nans with a huge smile on my face. To be greeted by the usual tea and biscuits that I cherish so much. Saturday = party, couldn’t believe that it had been my first party since new year, a long long time ago. But yeah it was fun I probably drunk too fast but what can you do eh, (err drink less). Hello Katie Lee you probably won’t read this or remember but you told me to mention you. So drink, socialise etc. Walk the massive almost 5 mile walk home from Elworth to Haslington, soo cold. That was easily the worst time i have ever walked home from Sandbach to Haslington. So holidays begun which is nice. Monday was good, had fun with friends in Liverpool, Ellie Goulding wasn’t bad. READ MY REVIEW!

The week continued Tuesday just another day spent inside the house doing nothing. Wednesday went up Crewe with a bit with some of my boys. Took Tomb Raider legend back to Gamestation cos it didn’t work so spent most of the evening playing that. The combat system is truly awful. How the hell do you find cover. I’ll just stand in the open and let all these bad guys kill me then i don’t care. Lara you must die because there are these big crates here but some how you can not hide behind them and shoot. You must just stand there and shoot and hope people do not shoot back. The adventure side however isn’t bad. Climbing things are fun. I wish I was Lara Croft…

Thursday saw traditional holiday football with my mates always a good laugh followed by band practice. We wrote a new song, it doesn’t sound bad but I think we can do better. Friday I saw my Gran first time I’d seen her in ages. We tried to fix her internet but my dad just ended up on the phone shouting a this Indian man. It was rather heated but not racist. Saturday went on nice family day out to Buxton. I do not like dogs or camping shops. Couldn’t imagine what I’d be like if i ever saw a dog in a camping shop. Can’t bare to think about it

So now here I am on Easter Sunday and I am not doing much, as usual. Dad just made a nice tea and all is well. APART FROM THAT FUCKING HUGE PILE OF FUCKING GEOGRAPHY WORK I HAVE TO DO.

James x