It was nice not to see all the chavy girls out in force for the first time I’d returned to the venue that I experienced first ever gig. But damn those crafty fiends who work at Liverpool Academy I thought I was expecting an evening in Academy 2 but no it wasn’t to be (well not that it would of made a little bit of difference). Would of been nice to see Ellie in a smaller venue but what can you do eh.

Primary 1 your 25 years to late. Oh how I would of liked to have enjoyed the one support band tonight but words can not describe that level of cheese and overall mediocrity. They sounded and performed like they were the electro pop equivalent of Hadouken! This was only validated by that stupid lets jump in the air and kick our legs thing that the guitarist did and his MEGA FRINGE. Musically there were utterly boring like i said 25 years to late. The to end there lacklustre and incredibly short 20 minute set they tried to get the crowd going by doing this cringe worthy call and response over this piece of trancy bollocks or whatever it was. Who even knows what they we’re trying to be, they left me feeling very confused.

If your reading this then you probably know the story behind Ellie Goulding so I won’t bore you with the details. But I found like with last years BBC Sound winner Little Boots her albums is very hit miss. Combining some killer hooks and brilliant pop songs with the down right hideous.

Ellie cam on to a barge of screams, deafening would be an understatement. Kind of makes me feel glad about where I was standing which was about in the middle but could’t help but end up obscure some peoples views. Ellie came on and started with ‘Lights’ as song which I had not heard before. Not even a song in and it wasn’t hard to tell why she’d been given so many accolades early on in her career cos’ no one could doubt a voice like that. Certainly matching her peers vocally as her original and rather beautiful voice flung itself around the room so it could be just about be heard over the intolerable amount of screaming coming from down the front. Ellie contently plodded her way through debut album ‘Lights’ playing the likes of ‘This Love’ and ‘Your Biggest Mistake’ to a rapturous applause. New single ‘Guns and Horses’ stood out as a favourite for me even though it sadly didn’t feature any glockenspiel. It really didn’t matter what Ellie said in between songs tonight. She started rambling on about how she likes playing Liverpool and how they were the best crowd of the tour so far, yawn. She had everyone rapped around her little finger. Then she asked if anyone wanted to go jogging with her, you can guess the reaction. So yeah everything was just fine it was all very nice, just as expected. Obvious encore followed an exciting rendition of debut single ‘Under the Sheets’ with Ellie and band walking off stage without saying goodbye or playing the huge top 10 smash ‘Starry Eyes’. So to my suprise Ellie returned after a short break and started a three song encore by playing a very lovely version of ‘I Wish I Stayed’ followed by an ‘attempt’ at covering ‘Roscoe’ by the brilliant Midlake. Why? Ellie, Why? Was there really any need to synth pop that up. Then came ‘Starry Eyed’ which included auto-tune not neccasary for someone with a voice like hers, but yeah it was very good.

Tonight was no way near the best gig I’ve ever been to quite clearly but it was nice enough and I’m sure that if your fan of mainstream pop music then this would of been great for you. Ellie did what she does best and that’s playing a selection of the finest pop songs that any British pop artist has to offer at the moment, as well as presenting pretty decent stage craft that I imagine will only get better as she progresses to festival stages in the summer and larger headline shows in the winter. Yet after all this I feel kind of let down that this is the best thing that British pop music has to offer at the moment, which is arguable (new Mystery Jets album on the way). When you look at the likes of Gaga who is taking pop world by storm at the moment, who is quite clearly writing the most innovative pop songs around at the moment. Even still what Gaga does is only what the likes of Madonna did in the 80s. So have we still been playing catch up to the Americans since then. Britain have always kind of led the way in terms of original and interesting pop music. Yes Ms. Goulding at times is rather good but it’s gonna take a lot to take the pop crown away from America and Gaga.

Can’t remember the exact set list, might of gone something like this, correct me if I’m wrong

  1. Lights
  2. Everytime You Go
  3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
  4. Guns and Horses
  5. Your Biggest Mistake
  6. The Writer
  7. Salt Skin
  8. Under The Sheets
  9. Wish I’d Stayed*
  10. Roscoe*
  11. Starry Eyed*


James x