So the weekend came round and oh god was it bad. Saturday morning woke up about 6 with my head down the loo seemed like I’d gotten some sort of virus, so the majority of the day was spent lying on the sofa watching TV. The Gadget Show was rather good. Used to watch it regularly but then I just stopped. They did a great thing where they built robots and thought them and i lay there with my sleeping bag rapped over me thinking about how much I would have liked to have been on Robot Wars this was only reiterated on Monday but I’ll talk about that later. I also had the pleasure of watching a little bit of 10,000 BC it was awful. Felt better on Sunday but still didn’t do much went for a good old family walk up the cloud in Congleton. And I watched Heroes, can’t ever afford to miss Heroes.

Anyway Monday I thought I was well enough to go back into school but my body had other ideas. Get on the bus and my stomach felt like turning itself inside out. So I thought I’d stay in for period one and see how it went. We had this lovely guy come in and talk to us about drugs and he must have been about 35 odd. And there he was talking like some really retarded youngster. He just kept saying “yeah and stuff” over and over again. I thought to myself does he really talk like this when he’s out of work. So I sat through It trying not to fall asleep and walked to my nans. So get in lay on the Sofa and watched all seven episodes of series 2 of Spaced back to back. And of course there are many references to Robot Wars and that amazing bit where Tim and Daisy nearly kiss when she’s pretending to me Phillpa Forrester (wonder what happened to her, probably at the bottom huge ex-BBC presenter junkyard) or that bit…. well all of it, its comedy gold at the end of the day.

So then I watched old clips of Robot Wars and of course I went to watch some of my old favourite Hypnodisc.

Here are some conclusions I came up with about Robot Wars

  • To be honest it is utter shite
  • What is the point in refbot
  • How did Philippa Forrester about spending all that time with those weird middle-aged men
  • Jonathan Pierce better at commentating on Robot Wars
  • Why was there no Robot uprising

This is a classic

So today was the first day in three of not being ill, this meant an exciting fun trip to Manchester for Sociology lectures. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Didn’t really talk to anyone else other than my teacher all day which was rather sad. Sat in the front seat of the mini bus cos’ it didn’t seem like I would of been accepted anywhere else which was the feeling I got. It was alright just sat there with headphones in. Got there and it just seemed like the most pointless trip ever they basically told me everything I already knew. So after all this severe boredom meant that I got to visit my most favouritist record shop in the whole world and go home early cos’ everyone was sick of it. So I went to Piccadilly and I bought this on 12″

and then I bought this on CD and the lovely people there gave me a very lovely free poster

So it wasn’t too bad of a day to be honest and then I got in to find my dot to dot ticket on the floor underneath the letter box to my surprise. Ellie Goulding next week (probably negative) review to follow. Only 3 days left of school!!!!!

James x