… well i am now so stop your moaning

So Barcelona was brilliant but it seems like it was a lifetime ago now. Really really fun I would put some pics up but I haven’t got my lead for the phone. Really wasn’t very many places we didn’t go to. First day was great we arrived and it wouldn’t stop raining but this didn’t mean that we couldn’t have fun. Me and two others went out and explored the city and went to the Arc d’ Triump (can’t spell), random metal thing, giant gold horse thing, woolly mammoth and the small cathedral. Which was equally as beautiful as the Segrada Familia. Then we went out and had a nice meal at some place Piccasso used to go to. Best quote of the trip for me “It’s got bones in it” when eating fish, what did you expect.

Second day went to the Nou Camp hopefully the first person ever to have worn a Macclesfield shirt in the Nou Camp but probably not. It was pretty big and had lots of shiny trophies but I shall not buy your replica shirts for 87 euros. So after that had a little explore around the Olympic Village which was very nice and had lots of cats in it and a nice big palace. Then trekked up to the cemetery and you could see the whole city. It was very beautiful.

Third day visited Park Guell it was vastly over-rated it was just full of screaming Spanish  school kids running about everywhere. The architecture was good though. The came the worst bit of the trip got call  saying there was an independent record store near-by. Although it was near it meant hopping on three different metros to try and get to it and of course by the time we get there they close for a ciesta. But then we went to the beach and it was all sunny and lovely had a little kick about and walk in the see. In the evening went to the Picasso museum and acted all pretensions and analysed all the paintings to try and get what Picasso was drawing. Then I had this fucking huge lobster paella, lets just say there was a lot of gauging. Momentous occasion bought my first ever pint (well it was litre really)

Final day went to Segrada Familia which was pretty big to say the least. I though the scaffolding that they’d done was superb to say the least. Spent the rest of the day looking for presents and cats and people who look like people I know from home. Then got on the flight and came back to sunny England.

So when I was back routine as per usual begins. Above is only a brief mention of what happened in Barcelona and I’ll do a picture blog soon (maybe). So routine began and seriously I can’t think of anything really important that has happened over the last couple of weeks. Last week I got told that i should quit sixth form by one of my Geography teachers. I’m not having any of that good blow to the confidence especially friends opening results letters and having U’s inside. Gotta before when summer comes round.

Speaking of summer I now have tickets for three different festivals aside from Glastonbury I will now be going to both Dot to Dot and the end of May and Underage at the start of August both promise to be fun and line-ups for both and looking too shabby so far. One band I hope to see are Veronica Falls who I’ve mentioned before on here there new 7″ came this week and god is the b-side good. ‘Stephen’ is the first song in ages which I’ve had on repeat for about ten times in a row. Haven’t heard a song this infections since i first heard ‘Second Date’ by Vivian Girls.

In rather belated news it was very sad to learn the news of the passing away of Keith Alexander while I was away in Spain. I would just like to say what a great manager he was for the club and how massively missed he will be by everyone who is associated with Macclesfield Town. It felt strange on Saturday not to see him standing on the touchline in which he was such a  large presence. The lads have done him proud since his death and it was a moving and very moving tribute to him on Saturday afternoon. And it was really good to see everyone play-well and get the result at the end of the game. Something that we haven’t been able to do much this season, it seems like look might finally be on our side.


  • Brain: 8 (didn’t have much to do but when he did he dealt with Bury’s chances with some great reaction saves)
  • Hessy: 7 (solid and dependable at the back as always)
  • Brown: 7 (same as above)
  • Morgan: 7 (controlled the back line never looked like anything was going passed him)
  • Brisley: 9 (absolutely flawless in defence and going forward didn’t put a foot wrong all game)
  • Bell: 7 (another strong solid performance)
  • Draper: 6 (a bit reckless at times and a little bit anonymous would expect better but he has just come back from injury)
  • Rooney: 8 (his passing and his ability to keep hold of the ball was second to none)
  • Daniel (didn’t play long enough to get a rating
  • Sinclair 7 (did well setting up the first goal)
  • Wright 7 (scrappy goal could he finally hit form though)


  • Lindfield: 8 (thats the best performance I’ve seen from him since he joined in January showed composure to score the decisive second)

May the memory of Keith live on

Keith Alexander 1956-2010