Tomorrow i fly abroad for only the third time in my short existence after previously flying to Spain when i was about 18 months (cos’ i remember that don’t I), then off to the U.S.A and Bahamas a couple of years ago and to La Rochelle in France. I like planes, I hope I get nice food on it if they have food. Somehow I see the food not being good even is there is any last time i flew with easyjet I got caught in 11 hour delays didn’t get back home til 4 in the morning. Then since I don’t sleep in cars so i went bed at 5 managing only 3 hours sleep cos i don’t sleep full stop.

Anyway Barcelona should be good I aim to be one of a few or maybe even the first to where a Macclesfield Town shirt in the Nou Camp. I shall spread the spirit of Nat Brown, Ricky Sappleton and Jose Veiga throughout Spain. Looks like at the moment we’re heading towards a tenth game without a win as things go from shite to really really shite. Fuck Macclesfield now i’m going to the continent and then i’m coming back and i’m gonna see a ‘really really really cool’ new band in Hanley on Sunday evening so Monday I will literally be walking death. But hey who needs sleep when you’ve completed all the stickers on your McDonalds buy 6 get on free for cups of tea. I shall walk into McDonalds in Hanley with pride as I hand over my sticker chart thing and then skip along down to the venue with glee (i don’t watch that by the way).

Today I also got to stand for 3 yours holding a tape measure near a river, a certain geography teacher who I don’t like wasn’t very happy, I was, I’m lazy so it suited me just fine. So what else have I done this week before i ditch the internet for a few days. How will I live without news? I need to know whats happening, it’s kind of why I could never go on big brother. Friday night i went to Crewes best live music venue the box in which i had the pleasure of watching Arctic Monkeys and Oasis… oh i mean to local bands whose names I can’t remember, i swear this guy in the first band was trying to put on an accent to try and look like Alex Turner. Then the second band was just a guy who would probably bum Liam Gallagher if he had the chance. Then I almost got attacked by some drunken women who was dancing too hard her handbag game from less than inch from smaking me in the face, compensation please. Never it’s not me, i’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Other fun moments include waiting 10 minutes at the bar and a crazy man telling me he had the same shoes as me more than once. Apart from that it was pretty boring. TESCO’s is always fun though I got milk cos we got scared of crazy drug people walking behind us.

Final point for today, why are the BBC going to shut down 6Music do they realise that this will leave a gaping whole in the discovery of new musical talent from within this country. I’d say 6Music is a hell of a lot more important than what Radio 1 does for new music cos’ you’ve just got Zane Lowe sitting in his big fat chair playing whatever he wants and then brands it new music. I’m talking about bands on really obscure independent labels or unsigned acts writing great songs which no one will hear on terrestial radio without 6Music how long would of it taken me to discover Slow Club to name one example. Yes we have the internet and websites such as Drowned in Sound are brilliant at exposing new artists but how will they break through to the nation if when no one is able to listen to them on one of the easiest ways to. The BBC commissions crap on the such as Hotter Than My Daughter a programme made by idiots for the mass idiot public who are happy sitting on their arses watching this bollocks. Is there even any cultural integrity within the BBC anymore or are we just happy to let are lives ruled by celebrity culture and who Katie Price is fucking next. I’d like to think the British public are better than this but i am quite obviously wrong. I may not pay the license fee but surely I have the write to an opinion. These are just a few reasons why you should sign the petition at so we can have one ounce of happiness before Nibiru destroys us all

Have a good time doing what you do this week, expect photos and reviews of things to follow.

James x