So back to the routine this week, been busy haven’t had the time to write about my life (like you care). Half-term came and went if only it lasted longer. Didn’t really do much to be honest, went to Manchester bought myself Arcs Across The City by Johnny Foreigner and Romance is Boring 7″ by LC! which has a rather good b-side in the form of Too Many Flesh Suppers. Band practice was mixed last Thursday but we’re gonna take this seriously now by announcing the addition of new guitarist Thomas Mellish to make the band a three piece. Jack is gonna buy a bass and i’m gonna buy a drum machine. After I’ve come back from Barcelona of course. It’s only a week until i go, already thinking about how much I’m gonna enjoy wearing my Macclesfield away shirt in the Nou Camp.

Macc however just been shocking of late. 0-0 against Accrington was just utter shite then we drew with Grimsby last night. KEITH OUT!!! no wins since the win against Crewe is shocking get it sorted guys.  However we have signed Francouis Kompany younger brother of Vincent which may or may not be an interesting signing. Me and my friends had a game last Monday out on the school field always good fun.

Going a week forward this Monday was death, it so hard to go back there. Probably shouldn’t rant about teachers on here so i won’t. This kid still won’t stop going “Hi Jim Walker” to me though with his friend going “He’s coping with this pretty well”. Well I’m not the kind of sixth form who bully’s yr 7s. I’m not that much of a twat. “Can I Pick A Song”, “Why do you always where headphones” “Whose your form tutor” “I’m a dickhead” the list of stupid annoying phrases and questions go on. One final note I’ve been felt up enough in the library this week. You know who you are.

James x