So the Brit Awards came round and once again it means absolutely nothing to me, yet I always enjoy watching anyway. So Lily Allen kicked of the whole show, didn’t really get what the point was behind her performance you see women pushing push-chairs around all the time. What relevance did this have towards anything. It would of intresting maybe if they all had fireworks shooting out of their behinds but no they can’t even manage that. So Peter Kay comes on and he had an alright evening of being averagely funny.

First award best male, Dizzee deservedly winning. Jay-Z then deservedly winning international male. Best male of the evening though goes to Liam Gallagher he made up for years and years and years of making boring irrelevant music by chucking his Brit to the crowd. Gotta love a bit of controversy.

Best Breakthrough; can someone please tell me how JLS ‘broke through’ they we’re just there they didn’t rise from the bottom to the top. No way they should of won that. This was backed up by a great performance of ‘Beat Again’ though but bloody hell i bet their balls were sore this morning having to have been in those floaty air suit things so they can do really exciting flips etc. wow cos thats been done before.  JLS also won best single, so thats the greatest song that any British artist has ‘wrote this year’.

Lady Gaga cleaned up didn’t she, fair play she knows how to write a pop song but i’d never choose to listen to her, this automatically makes Lady Gaga shit cos everything thats not what I listen to is shit everyone else is wrong and I am always right cos’ I am so so important… On a serious note why was she crying it’s only the Brit Awards just a show to fuel pop stars already massive egos. GROW SOME BALLS WOMAN…

Performance of the night has to go to either Jay-Z or Florence + Dizzee who are both usually awesome. Jay-Z has gotta be the coolest guy on the whole entire planet. Just look at him he works those shades, oooohhh yeah. I wish I was as cool as Jay-Z. Flo and Diz both nailed it. Good to see to artists work from the bottom right to the top like that. Shows that the music industry isn’t always fucked.

Biggest dick head award goes to Jonathan Ross what was he thinking you have no right to act like that you are 49 years-old get a grip man. One final note fair play Robbie mate your a local lad done good.

James x