So this week I have developed a new stalker for myself *sighs*. Except this time it’s not some deranged psycho girl it’s a small year 7 boy. He won’t shut up, he just keeps going “Hi, Jim Walker” to be on the bus. How on earth does he even know my name, who even told him, it makes no sense. Today him and his friends thought it would be a good idea to take photos of me. I know I may be ginger but I’m not some sort of freak show.

On a less stalkerish note my Veronica Fallls 7″ arrived making it the first slab of pretty black plastic to arrive this year. It’s like mini-christmas when anything like that arrives in the post. Cos’ you just get all this exitement about it arriving and oh it’s just brilliant. Also musically related tomorrow night I see LC! for the third time and I would like to congratulate them on selling out Liverpool Academy 2 it’s at least 600 capacity so well done to them. Now I am indulging in an LC!athon listening to ‘Sticking Fingers Into Sockets’, ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’, ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ and ‘Romance is Boring’ back to back. So tomorrow night promises to be epic unless i get stabbed by a Tinchy Stryder fan cos’ he’s playing next door.

Last weekend went to some peoples houses (thank you it was nice) and we saw plenty of vagina… i ruined it forever, sorry for even introducing it

enough said

Last weekend also saw my first macc game in just over a month and it doesn’t get much worse than that. We have no money and  nothing in-front of goal what are we supposed to. We should of got at least a point cos Shrewsbury had about two shots and made one count and fair play it was a quality goal. They seem like the kind of side who could easily grind out games like that cos they know they’ve got the fire power. I provided the comic relief on Saturday. Ball goes out of play comes to me go to throw it back into play. Throw it at the assistant manages head. Story of my life. Lost on Tuesday night away at bury took the lead and then lost it, once again Keith whats going wrong we shouldn’t be taking leads against bigger clubs and throw them away like that. Hes gotta get it sorted or else his head must roll. To be honest who are we gonna get whos any better. Mark Hughes is still available isn’t he…

PLAYER RATINGS (vs. Shrewsbury)

  • Brain 6 (had nothing to do all game and was hardly at fault for the goal)
  • Hessy 6 (didn’t really do much wrong got into good positions but for some reason no one gave him the ball)
  • Brown 6 (solid as always)
  • Morgan 6 (same as above put in a few decent tackles)
  • Reid 6 (looked dangerous at times but nothing really came of it)
  • Bell 6 (put in a good amount of effort but some of his passing was shoddy at times)
  • Bolland 6 (played alright in the 36 minutes he did play)
  • Daniel 5 (pretty much anonymous should buried an early chance to take the lead)
  • Sinclair 5 (disappointing as usual)
  • Sappleton 4 (absolutely useless all over the pitch messed up most of the chance we could of had)
  • Lindfield 5 (doesn’t look like he has the strength to play at this level, gotta give him a chance though)


  • Brisley 5 (never looks comfortable playing at right-back)
  • Rooney 7 (came on and made an instant impact made some absolutely cracking passes why didn’t he play from the start)
  • Wright 5 (still don’t understand what he actually does)

Went for a walk around Rode Hall with my dad on Sunday. Going somewhere like that really makes me feel so proud of where I’m from cos’ it’s just beautiful. The flowers and what not, looking out onto the lake. Really feel a sense of belonging I could never ditch my roots, considering flowers are probably growing on my great-grandmothers grave which is across the road from the hall. I hope I get to be buried somewhere as beautiful as that.

James x