I blame Mr. Russell (he let us go 15 mins early) you know all I wanted was walk to McDonalds so i get a cup of tea to edge a step closer to completing my little card that gives you a free cup of tea after you’ve had six. So I notice some girls who used to go primary school and I’m just like no i’m not going near there i don’t want one of them to notice me, that way I don’t have to engage in conversation. So thats the end of that analogy.

Let’s go back week. I ended up in Warrington last saturday and no trip to Warrington is complete with out a visit to Ikea. And god is is brilliant. So many bookshelves, one question though, whats with all the pregnant women? With there husbands who look like complete twats who probably get paid fuckloads for doing fuckall. One day hopefully I will be like them and I will go and I will buy many beautiful frying pans. ‘Took’ plenty of free pencils, gotta be done really hasn’t it.

Sunday saw the start of my band Controversy at the Winter Olympics and it’s sounding good, we started work on a song and also managed to work on an awful cover of ‘Who Can Say’ by The Horrors. Other than that I did nothing last weekend. The week has progressed nicely so happy that February is finally here, 2010 begins now. Glastonbury headliners announced this week and to be honest I think they’ve done a great job at selecting three pretty varied artists. U2 to appeal to the more older rock fan, Muse to appeal to the youth and then Stevie Wonder who’ll undoubtedly make this years Glastonbury one to remember.

On the topic of music and gig tis’ one week until I see Los Campesinos! for a third time, you don’t need me to tell you how I feel about that. The plan is get in about 1:00, then the Winter Olympics opening ceremony is on at 1:45 brilliant. Followed by a home win against Accrington in the afternoon (i wish, we’ll probably get raped). Then my dads birthday on the 17th. And I would like to congratulate him in advance for lecturing at Cambridge University in September so proud of him after all that he/we’ve (as a family that is) been through.

and may Jedward be with you

James x