Just so you know I use this blog as a way of channeling my raw emotions, many people who really know me will understand this. So if you are reading this don’t read into it too much, I often feel completely different the day after I’ve written such things. And if you do think I’m depressed I’m not, growing up the way I did and with my dad working for various mental health services the I do know what depression really is from personal experience, you’d know if i was depressed which I’m not. Mental Health is an issue i feel very strongly about.

What i wrote on Friday night has raised up a few issues and i did actually have the chance to go out but I can’t be bothered spending time with people I don’t particularly like. People are seeing the same things I’m seeing especially with one particular person who has become everything he ever hated it’s now impossible to tell who he really is. People have told him and told me that he’s being a complete dick yet he takes no notice and that is truly saddening. From going from someone who I felt I could completely trust to an absolute no one in my eyes in a matter of weeks.

Second point; Another friend of mine has recently been getting on well with a girl (well from what I’ve heard). People keep presuming things about this individual. You can tell that he obviously doesn’t like and I don’t mean to speak for him but I find this a bit harsh and from what I’ve heard he doesn’t like it.

Anyway my life Saturday I had a thrilling trip to go and watch Crewe play Darlington, don’t think I’ve seen a more a boring 3-0 win. What made it worst was we were with all these people who obviously had no fucking idea about football. They weren’t football fans. Well for some reason I had my photo take with these twats behind this new advertising hoarding with Calvin Zola and Mat Mitchell-King. So don’t be surprised if you see me and my horribly short hair in the paper this week. Then during the match we had these kid sitting behind us just shouting your mum at each other etc. “I sued your mum she was that bad”. Reminds me of how I may have acted at their age. Everyone grows up in time… hopefully

Also spent the weekend getting into Telepathe, quality band should have got into them a lot earlier but then I say that about every band I get into. Lot of pressure on at school at the moment lot’s of essays and I’m just failing Lit coursework, on a D/E at the moment. On a positive not hopefully my Sennheiser headphones have arrived today, if not then they better arrive tomorrow. Reviews are also looking very good for ‘Romance is Boring’. and Controversy at the Winter Olympics is looking good, see how Sundays rehearsal goes then we may or may not add another one or two members, probably just the one for now. Hopefully lay something down that I can put up here.

NME award nominations were out this week and once again it doesn’t surprise me what the idiotic readers of that magazine (me included) have put forward. Oasis best British band takes the piss, seriously what the fuck. Other shockers include Arctic Monkeys nominated for both best and worst album, Hero of the year… Rage Against The Machine. No, just, no. There are however a few good nominations. LC! for best blog, Matt Bellamy worst dressed and then thats probably it. The most confusing thing of all though is this award and the nominations


  • Kasabians free Vlad the Impaler video
  • Danger Mouse leaking ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ (fair play to be honest)
  • Lily Allen’s ticket treasure hunt
  • Arctic Monkeys giving away ticket in oxfam (you know what i mean and fair play to them as well)
  • Vampire Weekend giving away a free song

The last one is the worst, for how long have bands giving away free songs from albums, it’s hardly revolutionary stuff is it, a treasure hunt is nice but it’s hardly ‘giving it back to the fans’ and ooohh a free video like giving away a free song but with flashy images with Noel Fielding in them. This is why this award is just a fucking joke. Yeah it’s nice to give away free things but it’s hardly worth giving an award for some doing it. It’s like awarding someone for going for a poo.

Heres a Spotify playlist of bands and songs you should be listening to if your not already

I know this is really obvious by the way

James x