After seeing this London three piece support Johnny Foreigner, I’ve been completely in love with them. I suppose you could call them a little bit twee to say the least but I like that and to say that their debut release was on cassette only helps things. If you can get over all the fuzz it’s seriously worth buying (it’s currently available on the rough trade website). The main highlights of it being their covers of Walk of Life by Dire Straits and Bewitched by Beat Happening, fuck covers they shouldn’t be important. I suggest Cover the Walls as being a good starting point, a lo-fi pop song with luscious vocals courtesy of Laura Wolf and a very yelpy chorus all packed into a very fun two minutes.


When I’ve ever mentioned Veronica Falls to my fellow band member Jack (more to follow on my band next week) hes said there title sounds like some America teen drama, thankfully there not. I’d probably describe them as being an indie pop band with gothic tendencies. With song titles such as Found Love In A Graveyard what what would you expect. The band without even releasing a debut single have already landed support with the established Vivian Girls and if only The Death Institute was a +14 or 16 venue then I would have so been there. And similarly to Vivian Girls like a Cup of Sweets from WHSmith the band have a mixed cup of fun racey pop songs and more dark solemn songs. Well to be honest I can’t really say much cos i’ve actually only heard two of their songs.


Esben and the Witch the perfect soundtrack to a seance. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a piece of music by anyone before that has genuinely scared me. I was just lying on bed with my headphones in in the dark. The song I was listening to was ‘Eumendies’ full of powerful and haunting vocals (don’t be suprised if you don’t hear a more powerful female vocalist all year). And then theres all the haunting ambient background noises put alongside clitchy drum beats, for that song itself it’s actually hard to describe how genuinely awesome it is. Yet through all this outcomes a danceable fast paced tune like a more beefy XX. Then theres the just epic nine minute ‘Corridors’. Both these songs are included on their debut EP 33 which is availbale to download now for free from their website.


Could these guys be anymore pretentious because deciding not to have any internet presence is really something in this day and age. Finally though I’ve been able to get a listen to them thanks to a two track free download thats just been put out by Turnstile which is rather good especially ‘Sign For Home’ i gotta little bit of an Arcade Fire kind of feel to it. Yet the a-side suggests a band with a lot more energy and a much more percussive experimental sound. And to be hand picked by Los Campesinos! to support them on their up and coming U.K. tour certainly gives them the credibility that they ultimately deserve. I therefore very much look forward to seeing them next month.

James x