So here we are again and i’m sitting alone listening to music that i don’t particularity like with nothing better to do. I hate January it’s just one of those times of year like the end of September, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to yet it’s all too far away. It is 21 days until the Winter Olympics a time spent watching all the sports that you never get to watch on TV. Or arguably more important the third time i’ll be seeing Los Campesions! except this time it i’ll be going alone, hopefully meet someone who might like me but you can’t go expecting to meet people. Still another two weeks until ‘Romance is Boring’ should arrive on my doormat alongside my Veronica Falls ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ 7″. Either way theres not gonna be much in my bank account cos’ i booked tickets to see LCD Soundsystem (alone) but even thats an age away in May.

Today I had my handwriting assessment to final decide if my handwriting is actually illegible so i could get some extra time in exams which would be nice. Also around school I see my friendship group slowly growing apart from me. I’m guessing there just bored of me everyone is either too pre-occupied with their girlfriends which is fair enough or just hanging around cooler, more attractive, confident and charismatic people than myself. If i could change this then i obviously would but theres nothing I can do and I feel myself and some of my best friends slowly growing apart. People change all the time yet I constantly stay the same. I could never re-invent myself I’m not Madonna. At least I know who the people I can truly rely on are.

Life goes on, one boring repetitive day too the next where the same issues about how poor the music that’s on the common room TV is. Sorry for being boring

James x