I think MEGA deserves capital letter cos’ it a fucking huge word. Anyways i have noting to do it’s 10:15 and i really can’t be arsed watching that pathetic excuse for a football match on telly and i ate all the minstrels. On the subject of food today for my lunch I had a Mr. Kipling’s lemon slice and a packet of Worcestershire sauce crisps. They have to be my two all time favourite snack food and i don’t care if my favourite flavour of crisps is Worcestershire Sauce MEGA yummy! So for the past three days the rest of the year has been on stand down i of course had no exams and ignored Mrs. Bulmans advice about reading all the notes about Hamlet and The Tempest. Bad idea James. So yeah I was sitting there doing fuck all and watching videos of LC! from back in October and you can actually hear me screaming along to ‘The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future” it’s quite embarrassing to say the least. Made me realised I should go less crazy at gigs in the future.

So I have now almost complete Mario Kart 100% only a few more characters and karts i need to unlock and i suppased the 7000 point mark online (only for it to be all taken away in a matter of races) but i did find this


Failed at trying to watch all series one of heroes in three days, I think I got to episode 13 or 14, almost did a whole season of Football Manager 2009. Fuck Fulham thought I’d plunge in at the deep end with Stafford Rangers took them from 21st to 9 only one point behind the play-offs with a game to go against Workington it’s a long shot but I hope I can do, I’ve always been a pretty decent manager in the lower leagues like the time i heroically took Redditch United into the Blue Square Premier before leaving and fucking up Bournemouth in the same league.

Finally I really like the idea for my new piece of English Language Coursework it’s a story based around my experiences with love (what experiences…). So yeah I’ll post that on here when I’m finished. Hope everyone has a totally MEGA wicked week!!!