So this is what we do during stand down, i have a plate on my lap after cooking myself one single chicken kiev and i’m doing this cos i haven’t blogged in a while and the new relativity average series of Heroes started again on Saturday evening on BBC2.

#1: The Haitian

Just look at him hes so fucking cool with his blue shirt and brownish jacket. The only thing that makes him cooler is that he barely ever talks a man full of mystery. He may not have the best power but who cares when you look like that.

#2 Stephen Canfield

Easily has the shitted ability of anyone ever, ever, ever. He created vortexes with his hands and then committed suicide by jumping in. If Claire hadn’t been such a bitch then maybe he would of never of killed himself but no she can’t do anything write can she. Just because she can’t die doesn’t mean no one else can.

#3 Claude Rains

The only British character in the whole show I think and thats why he deserves a place here and whats not to love about Christopher Eccleston. And he hates everyone as well as pushing Peter of the side of a building genius.

#4 Annie

All the best characters commit suicide (or do they cos were only one episode into Volume 5). If I was Claire i would of slapped her so hard when she was alive but no she had to go and jump out of a window didn’t she. Goof cos she is easily the most stupid irritating characters of all time, did a good job of advertising guitar hero though.

#5 Turtle

Matt Parkman “Hi-5, turtle”… enough said

James x