So here I am and listening sitting on my slightly fatter arse writing about this year. ooohhh lets see how much i can actually remember

January: I did work experience in the library that was really fun got to make a border to go all the way the children’s reading area. The people there were really nice i probably in true librarian fashion acted too shy. Also remember getting really excited about Emmy the Greats debut album.

February: Don’t really remember much of this much, living out the last torturous months of compulsory education dying of boredom thanks the Mr. Stancombe being told to constantly revise everything which of course i didn’t. truly discovered the wonders of the Independent Record store.

March: Dreamed of going to festivals and like youth hosteling in London during the summer in science lessons. Established some new ‘friends’ like eveything friends come and go and they certainly have and i think really my friendship group is now split up to four groups

  • Select few people who i generally really care about
  • People who I like but will probably end up sadly loosing touch with in coming years (thanks for the memories)
  • If I never saw you again after today i probably wouldn’t care

Dunno why remember playing football a lot going and watching Macclesfield quiet a bit

April: Still haven’t started revising probably just far too busy playing Football Manager to really give a shit. Won the MLS with Chicago Fire on my first attempt.

May: School finished exams begun this of course meant little revising and fuck loads of free time. Me and most of my friends got abused by some pricks in the park. Still remember getting smacked on the back of the head by this prick. Went out for a horrible meal with people who now mean nothing to me. May always equals Eurovison and I love Eurovision!!! Exams didn’t go too bad so far only really had a few. Spent was too many boring afternoons in the park

June: finished exams had this great all nighter to celebrate we walked around Sandbach and ended up going to a motorway service station at 2:00 am got chased through woodlands etc. That sort of tomfoolery good times. Had some great day by myself just eating crap and watching Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women and playing a little Football Manager. Boring days in the park with people who bore me.

July: Is my birthday everyone forgot, ended up going bowling and TESCOS for choc ices late in the evening, slowly begun getting sick of most people. Went to see Let’s Wrestle weirdest gig ever, tried to talk to complement someone who had a johnny foreigner t-shirt on the bus on the way home but she couldn’t hear me cos’ she was to busy listening to her ipod (but it’s o.k. cos’ i know her now anyway). Went on holiday to Newquay with Mum, her boyfriend and sister. Didn’t really enjoy it went to a lot of boring pubs and locked my sister in the car which meant whenever she moved it set the alarm off, cried with laughter. Otherwise pretty boring holiday

August: First ever festival went to Underage it was really fuuuuun even it was full of moronic kids saw The Horrors for the first time and they were awesome. Other than that it was just sort of finishing of the rest of the summer. Got to see Eoghan Quigg on what was a very regrettable evening. Went on holiday to Berwick with Dad and sister a holiday i enjoyed a lot more went to the Fringe Festival for the day that was fun. Spent sometime on nice beaches etc.

September: Had a girlfriend, didn’t have a girlfriend. Had a stalker, didn’t have a stalker. Started sixth form things started off o.k but as always everything goes down hill and all the new found excitement I had disappeared spent to long just mourning the end of my pathetic relationship. Went to Milton Keynes with a load of Leeds fans don’t think I’ve ever felt more out of place.

October: Booked tickets for Glastonbury which i can now actually pay off fully next Wednesday. Saw Golden Silvers for a second time, saw Slow Club, saw the beautiful Los Campesinos! and the met most of them which was really special for me

Novemeber: Became a part of musical history as I was there the night Morrissey got bottled in Liverpool continued meeting lovely people. Got to go watch Macclesfield more cos i can get in for free now and got to see Johnny Foreigner. Lied to my mum felt really really bad. Realised how much i hate the works of Shakespeare.

December: Got told to fuck off by cribs fans. Made new friends. Discoverd the wonders of Denise Lewis’ Heptphlon, playing football in the winter. School ended, went to a few house parties and i’ll write more about general christmas period next week