10: Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong (In the Red) God i’ve wrote about this album enough considering that i’ve done a whole piece of English Language coursework on it and some of this will probably include bits from it. So it starts of really well and you feel like your getting battered by noise. Then it calms down a bit with ‘Can’t Get Over You’ which is probably the girls best attempt at making them seem popish. Anyway the album plods along contently changing pace at various times but overall it sound a bit long and drawn out in places and lacks the short-shop nature of their superb debut. Not a bad album but I feel that they could do  a lot better Top 3 Songs

  1. Can’t Get Over You
  2. Before I Start To Cry
  3. Can’t Get Over You

9: Emmy the Great – First Love (Close Harbour) This was pretty much all i listened to for the first few months of this year and was made even better when i saw her perform the majority of it back in February on a cold winters evening in Stoke-on-Trent. Sadly Emmy decided to release four of her best songs on an EP later in the year but this doesn’t stop Emmy’s long awaited debut from being a good album. Creating a mix of dark sadistic love songs e.g. ‘First Love’ and fun nu-folk tones and of course as always. With this album lyrics manage to outshine most of the music (apart from maybe ‘War’ which is a favourite) and makes ‘First Love’ an enjoyable and exciting listen. Top 3 Songs

  1. We Almost Had A Baby
  2. Everything Reminds Me Of You
  3. War

8: Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still Light ) Couldn’t find a smaller picture of this but it only shows off how good the artwork for this and gives the listener an impression of whats to come. Plenty of dark haunting electronica which i’ve only ever really listened to during the night and on rainy days which sort of sums up what this album is all about and sounds a million miles away from previous efforts. ‘Knight of Wands’ is a song thats so infectious that the night i first listened to it i could actually get to sleep it just wriggles it’s way into your ear like nothing else i’ve ever heard. Top 3 Songs

  1. Knight of Wands
  2. Shadows
  3. Another Likely Story

7: The xx -xx (Young Turks) Possibly the most over-rated piece of shite i’ve heard all year yet it still manages to amaze me with each listen. But god the reviews this thing got it’s just ridiculous yeah it’s good but it’s hardly you know album of the year stuff like ‘VCR’ that really bores me but hey music moves in mysterious ways and this album definitely does. Its the sound of hiding in a cupboard while two secret lovers share a kiss “I am yours now and now i don’t ever have to leave”. The vocal interplay is second to non except maybe Slow Club which i’ll come onto later. Your not gonna hear a more spine-tingling album all year created simply by the sound of and 808 a couple of guitars and a bass quite yet expansive at the same time.

Top 3 Songs

  1. Islands
  2. Crystalised
  3. Shelter

6: Johnny Foreigner – Grace And The Bigger Picture or How I Walked Out Of Yr Flat And I Stepped On A Plane And I’m Never Walking Back To Your Flat Again (Best Before)

Thought I’d give it it’s full title. ‘Grace…’ is a cracking record and I’m sure many would say it doesn’t deserve it’s place here but this has firmly cemented Jo Fo as one of my all time favourite bands of all time. The Birmingham three-piece have decided to tone down their second album and honestly it isn’t as good as their debut but it still holds keep the same ramshackled indie rock in it’s place as well as holding a few more quiter tender moments like the female lead ‘i’llchoosemysideandshutup, alright’. Much more screaming in this as well but screaming’s good to an extent. ‘Feels Like Summer’  definitely sound tracked my summer and to think of it winter as well

Top 3 Songs:

  1. The Coast Was Always Clear
  2. Feels Like Summer
  3. Choose Yr Side And Shut Up!

5: Girls – Album (Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile)

To be honest i’ve only listened to this a couple of time since i got it for christmas (been too preoccupied with ‘Romance is Boring’ and Mario Kart) but i could tell that this is a great album. It manages to change from the fun and charming pop songs such as ‘Lust for Life’ which has one of my favourite opening lyrics of 2009 “Oh I wish I had a boyfriend”. Then you’ve got the dark heart wrenching lovesongs such as ‘Hellhole Ratrace’ too the 60s surfy ‘Big Bad Mean Motherfucker’ And this is why ‘Album’ is a great album in the way that it transports the listener to expierence so many different emotions through their music genius

  1. Hellhole Ratrace
  2. Moring Light
  3. Laura

4: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Fortuna Pop!)

Don’t get me started with how much i adore TPOBPAH because i just love them. This is the sound of 1989(ish) brought forward into 2009 and this is by no means a bad thing. Album opener ‘Contender’ couldn’t sound more like The Jesus and Mary Chain. Lyricaly as well The Pains of Being Pure at Heart go above and beyond what is expected with maybe one to may drug refrences but the like of ‘Young Adult Friction’ (best song title of 2009) are just perfection.

Top 3 Songs

  1. Come Saturday
  2. A Teenage In Love
  3. Young Adult Friction

3: Slow Club – Yeah, So (Moshi Moshi)

Some how managed to get a promo of this the week it came out in Manchester for £2 and that is a fucking bargain my friend considering what a beauty this album is. I’m a fool for anything that has any male/female vocal interplay going on except Peter Andre and Jordan bleugh. Thankfully Slow Club sound nothing like them and manage to combing both slow melancholy slices of folk with fast rushes of fun, fun, fun. Which therefore makes for an exciting mix of songs that appear on Canadian cracker adverts and songs that don’t

Top 3 Songs

  1. Our Most Brilliant Friends
  2. Come On Youth
  3. It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful

2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz (Polydor)

Who would of thought that Karen O and friends would have come back like this and then sounded as good as this. Thats right 2009 was the year that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went all electro on us and god does it sound good. Karen O as always is on form vocally especially on the beautiful ballad of ‘Runaway’ and Nick Zinner has got enough hooks to keep us all happy until the end of the next century at least. But bloody hell the amount of times i’ve heard ‘Heads Will Roll’ on TV it was even on in a club on Gavin & Stacy earlier (iplayer) and thats where it belongs an brilliant dancefloor filler like most of the other songs that are taken from this genuinely great album.

Top 3 Songs

  1. Heads Will Roll
  2. Runaway
  3. Dragon Queen

1: The Horrors – Primary Colours (XL)

I don’t think anyone thought The Horrors would come back and sound as brilliant as this as far as i’m concerned they didn’t even have a first album. For me ‘Primary Colours’ is the only truly great album of 2009. Don’t get me wrong all the others which i’ve included in my top 10 are good but nothing really compares to the sheer brilliance of this. Right from the opening bassline of ‘Mirrors Image’ right through to the fade out of ‘Sea Within A Sea’ the album never fails to impress. Every song is hit after hit from the slow sombre ‘I Only Think Of You’ to the showgaze post-punk pounting of ‘New Ice Age’. Then theres the infectious nature of the likes of ‘Scarlet Fields’. The lyrics as well are taken to another level throughout ‘Primary Colours’ and couldn’t be delivered better by anyone other that Faris Badwan himself. So there we go ‘Primary Colours’ my album of 2009.

Top 3 Songs

  1. Sea Within A Sea
  2. Scarlet Fields
  3. Who Can Say

James x