10: Laura Marling – Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) (Virgin)

Sneaking into the top 10, Laura Marling makes a beautiful return with this from her forthcoming album thats expected early next year and things continue from good to even more good as this paves the way for 2010 being a great year for her. This seems to be a lot less haunting than previous songs  e.g. ‘Night Terror’ but it doesn’t stop it from being anymore heart-warningly lovely. Non-official video bellow

9: Friendly Fires – Kiss of Life (XL)

Usually when bands or arists do an expanded version of an album the song they take from it is usually pretty wank for example Leona Lewis’ cover of ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol (which wasn’t a great song before she did it). Anyway ‘Kiss of Life’ is a samba filled rush of funess which carries on perfectly from their debut album. So so so wannas see these guys live apparently new album next year couldn’t be more excited… wait

8: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Come Saturday (Fortuna Pop!)

This song always reminds me of football and i’ve got no idea why… Come Saturday i usually watch Macclesfield Town loose (not on Monday though). The highlight for me from their debut album combining nostalgic 80s tones with modern pretentious making TPOBPAH my favourite indie pop band of 2009.

7: Au Revoir Simone – Shadows (Moshi Moshi)

ooooh you are moody now aren’t you and god do i like it. This song has been soundtracking late night journey’s in back seats of cars and most notably remember listening to this on the train home from Underage in the summer. A haunting piece of ambient electronica showcasing the girls new miserabilia. Even finishes with a fade out, perfection personified

6: Girls – Laura (Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile)

Don’t try searching for this band on youtube it’s not good, i’ve done it for you so theres no need to bother. Listening to this you can really see where the bands comparisons come from cos’ essentially it’s just a golden nugget of 60’s esque pop music before breaking down it a gorgeous instrumental leaving you yearning for more.

5: Slow Club – It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful (Moshi Moshi)

Almost certainly danced way to hard to this when i saw Charles and Rebecca back in October. This is Slow Club at there most perfect and band that are inevitably just getting better and better see this years Christmas EP for proof. As always combining a slightly twee folky country  tone with clever and witty lyrics making for loads and loads of fuuuun

4: The XX – Islands (Young Turks) See you don’t need loads if ridiculous layering or you know just loads of instruments because The XX manage to make minimalism sound expansive. ‘Islands’ couldn’t be more tender if it tried just three minutes of seductive vocals and spidery guitar hooks (if you can call it hook). ‘Islands’ certainly reeled me in.

3: Camera Obscura – French Navy (4AD)

If your looking for the perfect pop song then hear it is. Filled with all kind of loveliness and is undoubtedly the scottish five-piece at there best. A really really really sweet love song the kind that would make me sick if it wasn’t for mention of library and just superb lyrics like “You with your dietary restrictions, you said you loved me with a lot of conviction“. Oh and theres swooning violins and… well it just gets better and better doesn’t it (does it)

2: Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (Fantasytrashcan/Turnstile)

It takes a lot for a song to to almost make me cry. This song is unashamedly the sound of heartbreak. I think it would be pretty hard to find a more genuinely beautiful piece of music all year and what did i say about all the best songs being six minutes.

1: The Horrors – Who Can Say (XL)

What a year it’s been for The Horrors they must be so pleased to not know that they’ve topped this long and rather pointless list. This song has pretty much soundtracked my year it’s been everywhere with me through the not particularly good times and through the particularly good times and also the times when things were just average. Either way this song has always been just fucking awesome. Combining dark raw emotion with a heavy bassline and a hook big enough to reel in a huge tuna ‘Who Can Say’ ticks all the right boxes. Oh and theres that monologue bit which i don’t think could be sung in with anymore conviction and beauty… ‘Goodbye’

and heres something i haven’t done before

James x