Well christmas certainly came early for me yesterday when i found out that the forth coming third album by my now all time favourite band Los Campesinos! was leaked. And I know i shouldn’t have downloaded it but i did gave it a couple of listens then deleted it and found it all on youtube so now i can’t really ignore it. Gareth if you ever read this i am very sorry but you and your bands music is just far to good to be ignored. Don’t wanna talk about it too much considering that it hasn’t been released but i can certainly say it will be up there when by Albums of 2010 comes round this time next year.

Heres a personal favourite from it: http://hypem.com/#/track/994457/Los+Campesinos+-+Straight+in+at+101

Haven’t really found time to blog much recently I’ve either been too busy or just not aresed about doing this but now I am aresed and have found the time. So we broke up from school last Thursday and I decided to skip Christmas curry

Reasons behind doing this

  1. I wanted a haircut
  2. The queue was fucking huge
  3. Didn’t wanna mess my nan about cos i said i’d go see her at 12:15 (only to find out she didn’t know I was even coming over)

I love the start of the holidays it means i get to watch Jeremy Kyle every single morning, I don’t think I can ever get tired of DNA tests and lie detector results and watch the J-Dawg shout at horribly scumy people. So yeah Friday i went to a house party really enjoyed myself, might have drunk a little too much but not so much that i was being sick on people coats, well I wasn’t even sick so thats good.

Sunday me and a friend went on a huge walk around Crewe Golf Course it was really nice but sadly we had like barely any snow, the course look beautiful though. Then we sat and listened to the chart show for the big show down of Joe McEldrey and Rage Agaist The X Factor. And of course Rage won, now you might as well call eveything thats alternative pop music.

Read this if you are a Rage fan/moron


So the week has continued and I’ve done even more walking about the place and nothing much else intresting has happened but it’s christmas on Friday and it doesn’t really get much better than that + i know i can pay of the rest of my Glastonbury tickets next week.

Merry Christmas

James x