20: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Young Adult Friction (Fortuna Pop!

You know how you have all that chavy hip-hop music about how some guy who wants to fuck some girl… yeah? “In your old sweat shirt and your mothers old skirt, it’s enough to turn my studies down”. Well this makes a great indie alternative about finding love in a library and for me easily the best song title of the year. ‘Young Adult Friction’ is just another indie pop gem from a superb debut album from the Brooklyn four-piece.

19: Delphic – This Momentary (Kitsune)

It’s finally good to hear something truly great to come out of Manchester it’s not like there’s been you know some real shit to come out of there but nothing as interesting and refreshing as this. Going of this i think it’s safe to say that Delphic are gonna go on to big things in 2010. ‘This Momentary’ starts of slow and leads me to wonder if it’s actually going anywhere all it turns into a beautiful electro tour de force.

18: Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions (Neon Gold)

The sad thing about Marina is that all the songs i’ve heard since this have just been dire, Marina certainly doesn’t justify the attention shes been getting at the moment, for example NME give her rave reviews and then when her album comes round it’s safe to say that it’s gonna be absolutely slated. To be honest this doesn’t deserve it’s place this high up on my list anyway but i’m not changing it now. Unlike all her over songs ‘Obsessions’ is a glorious piano lead pop ballad that highlights the strength of Marinas vocals. Don’t believe the hype.

17 The Horrors – Mirrors Image (XL)

This could easily be described as the sound of your head exploding. The Horrors returned this year about nine time better than they were before. Goodbye stupid, gothic, garage rock. Hello haunting psychedelic, shoegaze. And this is just the introduction to their stunning second album

16 Ladyhawke – Magic (Island)

I hate it when artists end up having to release a fifth single from an album but this doesn’t mean that this should be overlooked as being one of my favourite songs of the year (cos’ i basically had this on repeat all through January and February). Once again here comes me moaning about how this is the kind of pop music that should be topping the charts. But that no longer matters now does it thanks to bloody Rage does it

15 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (Polydor)

Who seriously thought that everyone’s favourite New York three piece (wait…) would come back and sound like this eh, I know i didn’t. ‘Zero’ is juts one of many electro pop highlights from their sublime third album. I think it may have got to the stage now that they are just one of a few bands who can do no wrong in my eyes.

14 Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (XL)

Personally i prefer the album version but i’m picky. If you don’t like Friendly Fires then your just a complete moron, you have no soul. You can’t help but wanna get up dance to this. Theres some serious foot tapping going on from under my desk and i’m swivelling in time with that god damn funky bassline. Now i’ve just got up to put my laptop into charge and threw a few handclaps in there for good measure. (I think all my reviews sound the same don’t they)

13. Passion Pit – The Reeling (Columbia)

Just going through and listening to all these songs has actually made me realised how much sort of electro sounding stuff I actually listen to. When i first heard this i thought this was The Flaming Lips gone disco but oh how wrong I was cos, can’t really see Wayne Coyne pulling shapes to this. Anyway this has gotta be a good tune cos’ i brought my sister into Piccadilly Records (other independent record stores available) with me and even she likes that. This coming froma girl whos been blasting out ‘Meet Me Halfway’ by Black Eyed Peas from her room for the past two weeks.

12. Delphic – Counterpoint (R&S)

Delphic must be pretty darn good if they only released two singles and both of them enter in my top twenty (should really listen to more music). ‘Counterpoint’ being the Manchester four piece’s debut. And once again this would probably descibed as being a little bit electro. Probably the kind of song that you’ll see me singing every word to if i go see them this year cos’ it’s a great six minute epic, anthemic pop song and all the best songs last six minutes. Well for me at least.

11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Polydor)

I think it’s safe to say that way to many bands appear twice on this list. ‘Heads Will Roll’ was just one of a number of songs that sound tracked my huge long summer and is arguably the best song from ‘It’s Blitz’ their third album as i mentioned earlier. The question is though whos head does Karen O even want to roll this song makes no sense

James x