This afternoon a couple of friends and I thought we’d go see Where The Wild Things Are. One of the advantages of skipping games is that you can go home, get a shower and get to the cinema before all the annoying girls (me included) go and see Twilight but sadly i still haven’t got round to seeing it. So yeah there was like us three and then three others. Don’t the adverts go on for ages though and we didn’t even get any trailers. I was also could afford popcorn today cos’ i didn’t go for a haircut but i will tomorrow. So yeah to be honest it stared a little slow until it all kicked off when poor little Max thought it would be a good idea to attack his sisters mates. The silly child got squished by this big moron who hardly apologised so he ended up just trashing his sister’s room and got snow everywhere which is of course what every annoying little brother should do. So yeah he then decided to bite his mum cos’ no one pays any attention to him, so off he goes to where the wild things are. OOooooooOOOhhhhHHHhHHHHhhhh!!!!!

This bit really reminded me of The Truman Show cos someone even thought theres this huge fucking storm the kid manages to stay in his little boat so fair play to the lad. Then hes gotta climb up this giant cliff face and he doesn’t ever seem to get tired. Then he meets up all the wild things and he becomes their king so they get up to loads of random shit like all piling on top of each other and going to sleep. Then this huge dog just appears which left be giggling for absolutely ages

Max bless him tries to make all the Wild Things happy but sadly he just can’t it’s just far to much of burden for the kid to carry on his little shoulders. Anyway heres a guide to the Wild Things

Carol: Hes got serious anger management issues and it seems like all the other wild things hate him, he tries to be liked but he just ends up destroying everything, made my friend cry when he smashed up his little model of his ideal world. It’s safe to say hes never gonna score with KW cos’ shes just too preoccupied with her owl friends

KW: She just a mess, she can’t even understand what these owls are even on about they just squeak, acts all pretentious like shes too good for the others

Douglas: It’s pretty obvious that hes only even friends with Carol cos hes scared that he’ll get eaten. Carol even has the cheeck to rip his arm of. “Thats my good arm” he doesn’t even seem to give a shit.

Judith: Stupid bitch seems to hate Max for no reason also seems to think shes better than the others

Ira: He smashes stuffs somehow he can cut perfectly circular holes in tress which is just crazy how on earth do you cos i’d like to know, dunno why hes even going out with Judith he can do better than that.

Alexander: I really feel for this guy everyone just seems to ignore him and he seems like a really nice guy, if i ever meet him then i reckon we could be friends

The Bull: Yeah, don’t mess with the bull cos’ hes proper badass he just stand there looking all moody doing his thang and then we he talks you like whats going on he should be all like “GRRRR don’t mess with me” but hes actually really lovely.

So yeah the film carries on and the hilarity/tenderness continues before Max just fucks everything up and leaves cos he can’t be arsed to sort out all their problems. Lazy shit. So Carol comes along and tries to eat him and gets all pissed off at these stupid Owls. So he just leaves and goes back home to have his tea.

On a serious note this is genuinely a really good film and combines absolute ridiculousness with tenderness and beauty. The cinematography is just beautiful as shown by some of the scenes shot in the forest’s. This best thing of all though is how I relate to the characters there isn’t someone in that film who i don’t know in real life and a lot of the characters represent myself. So basically it’s just a kids film but if you are under the age of 12 don’t bother cos’ it won’t be for you.

James x