Another night and sadly another corporate venue but this certainly didn’t stop one of my favourite bands of the year blowing me away yet again

This was possibly the worst night for support bands ever, first up it was three grown me playing Nintendo DS’s for 20 minutes. What do their mothers think? Is it even possible for a band to be that pretentious??? So there they stood around a wooden table just tapping away. Theres not really much else i can say about it apart from it being easily the most boring live band ever apart from… The light show was more interesting than they were. The noise that came out of their DS’ wasn’t too bad it was just basically the mario theme tune, and come one who seriously doesn’t like Mario. At least we got an acknowledgement of thanks from the band unlike other bands.

I have nothing to say about HTRK.

The Horrors concluded even more why they are my favourite band of the year last night. Coming on in typical fashion bathed in darkness before building up the tension with ‘Mirrors Image’ as soon as the drums kicked i just went mental. Love it. Sounds even more as if your heads gonna explode when played live. One of the advantages of tonights set was that they played all the songs of ‘Primary Colours’ that i didn’t see them play at Underage in the summer. This included the aforementioned title track and ‘I Only Think Of You’. A song that really showcases Faris’ stage presence as he moved around the stage with a perfect mix of grace and energy. It was if we were all worshipping from in the church of St. Faris. They then went on to play ‘Whole New Way’ to be honest you can really tell that it was just Japanese bonus track from their last album but this doesn’t stop it from being a great tune with a ridiculously funky bassline. Other favourites included ‘Scarlet Fields’ which is always just brilliant and ‘Who Can Say’. The band finished with ‘Sea Within A Sea’ which was always going to be just beautiful (if you can call The Horrors beautiful) and of course once again I ended up getting kicked in the head. But how on earth could they go away without playing some classics for this we moved to the back so we could make a swift exist. I suppose seeing them from this angle only showcases even more what a great live band they are even though we were only able to see a great rendition of ‘Count in Fives’. Thank god they don’t sound like this anymore cos ‘Primary Colours’ is the sound of a band who are only just beginning and to be honest I only think they can get better. Sadly couldn’t stick around for the rest of the encore but oh well.

Set List:

  1. Mirrors Image
  2. Three Decades
  3. Primary Colours
  4. I Can’t Control Myself
  5. New Ice Age
  6. Scarlet Fields
  7. I Only Think Of You
  8. Whole New Way
  9. Who Can Say
  10. Sea Within A Sea
  11. Cover i didn’t know*
  12. Count In Fives*
  13. Sheena is a Parasite*
  14. err i suppose they might have done another song or two???


and heres a video of ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ that i found (it’s not very good)

So that was pretty much the perfect gig to end the year, bar the three or four pricks being sexist and the awful support. Hopefully a lot more of the same planned for 2010.

James x