Some friends of mine decided to go to Manchester today, i of course tagged along. Unless i wasn’t invited and went on a massive rant about how i hate the fact that my friends have found some new friends which isn’t the kind thing i would do is it.

Somehow we ended up on the stupid train that goes via Manchester Airport and god it just goes on and on forever and ever but we eventually get there. I head straight to the record shops and as always i end up spending ages looking over what i want to buy. Some stupid French women picked up the Copy Haho 7″ that i wanted that pissed me off. So today i went for Album by Girls “That girl looks happy playing the piano” (which i’m gonna wrap up for christmas) and Christmas, Thanks For Nothing by Slow Club (which is for now cos’ theres no point rapping it up and the listening to it for the day).

So then we leave to go get food, once again this lead me to ponder what did i expect. There are two saturdays before chrsitmas and i’m in Manchester. I don’t like crowded spaces and ARGH there are people everywhere. Anyway i decide to got to pizza hut and in the que there were these two morons with their tongues wrapped around each other throuts, bleurgh!!! Things like this make me want to be sick all over them. I just can’t stand it But anyway i got my pizza and it tasted alright. Some silly people thought it would be a good idea to buy a huge bucket of chicken, they both regretted it later. So then we just end up in loads of shops for ages which makes me stressed because of there just being people everywhere i need space and i take after my dad. Bought my sister a JLS calender though, thats one present out of the way.

After all this exhaustion we go to the Christmas markets why are even busier but i bought myself some Dutch pancakes with white chocolate which were just lovely. So everyone else talks i sit out, i just don’t think i’m gonna ever be good socially around large groups of people. I need to change it’s not good, worker harder James.

So then we go home and everything is fine, live is decent, christmas is on the way, seeing horrors tomorrow night but having to start eng lit coursework again isn’t good. I’ll pull through though

James x