40: Golden Silvers – True Romance (XL)

Some how ended up seeing this band twice this year, i don’t even like them that much. This is one of a few songs that i’d say are good by them as to be honest i think there at a bit boring. This though is one hell of a catchy song with an extremely funky bassline sadly the recorded version of this song doesn’t give the live version any justice. Good song wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.

39: The Cribs – We Share The Same Skies (Wichita)

For me easily the best song to be taken of the Wakefield/Manchester four pieces fourth album Ignore the Ignorant. Every up and coming indie rock band should be looking to sound like this… wait that means we’d just end up with loads of Cribs rip off bands… wait they exist all ready… JOHNNY MARR!!!

38: Thom Yorke – FeelingPulledApartByHorses (Self Release i think)

Thom Yorke never fails to do anything but amaze me well since 1994 at least, i must be one of a few Radiohead fans who don’t particularly like Creep that much. This couldn’t be further away from that song an awesome dark, moody electro beast, who knows what the fuck that crazy man is on about but god it sounds good. New Radiohead album for 2010??? Heres a live version he did with his side project band thing a while back.

37:  Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone (Domino)

Alex Turner and co are just another example of a band that i love but whos fans i absolutely hate. This is easily the best song i’ve heard of Humbug and it absolutley shits all over Crying Lightning the previous single but this could never be lead could it. Not when it’s a tender and sweet love song which with Alex crooning about elongating his lift home awwwww sweet.

36: Morrissey – Something is Squeezing My Skull (Polydor)

“GRRRRRR I’m Morrissey and i’m very angry at everyone and everything” Thats what i imagine the Wizard of Moz was thinking when he wrote this rock tour de force. Sadly i never got to see this song played live cos i’d have this over half of Black Cloud any day. This song is about drugs wouldn’t be surprised if he’d turned to them after all the shit hes had to take from people this year.

35: Kasabian – Underdog (Columbia)

I’m not very happy with how mainstream this list is turning out because most of my favourite albums this year have been really underground. Kasabians third how ever isn’t remotely underground after bagging itself a #1 and a Mecury nomination. Underdog however is easily my favourite song from it. Don’t really need to describe this to you do I when this was the soundtrack to every ad break for the best part of a year

34: Ladyhawke – Back of the Van (Island)

Re-releases annoy me but this is one song that just can’t be ignored even though some idiot somewhere thought it would sound good again in 2009. Of course it does and thats why it deserves it’s place on the list. Back of the Van is an undeniably glorious 80’s pop tune. If only she got the credit she dully deserves then maybe we’d see songs like this storming the charts like they should be

33: Late of the Pier – Blueberry (Parlophone)

Sneakily creeping in at the end of the year, i don’t think this song has even been released yet. LOTP just seem to be getting crazier and crazier even though seems like this is gonna be the last song we hear by the guys in a long, long time. Which is very sad considering how good this is. The only way you could really describe this is is that it’s like Muse if they sounded good, a blitz of experimental spacey electro that wouldn’t sound out of place on Mars right now. Cos’ they got some good tunes on that planet. (Someone really should tell me to shut up)

32: Au Revoir Simone – Another Likely Story (Moshi Moshi)

I don’t think this band could be even more under-rated. But i suppose manly people were put off my the sickeningly twee styling’s of their debut. Another Likely Story on the other hand is a superb is piece of ambient electro pop that always sound just beautiful on trains in the middle of the night and i’m not just making this shit up like i usually do. Believe me it does.

31: Chew Lips – Salt Air (Kitsune)

I like Chew Lips and hopefully they’ll go on to big thing in 2010 but Kitsune have a thing at the moment of signing what sounds like what has the potential to be a good band and then just ending up being just terrible. La Roux i’m looking at you once again. This must be like the fourth song i a row that you could loosley describe as being electro and once again this is awesome and bloody catchy. The twist this time is the way in which the vocal are delivered and god aren’t they powerful. Sound of 2010 maybe…