So it maybe Tuesday now but the last few days have been quite eventful. Had a very long walk home with a good friend on friday night all four miles back from Sandbach to Haslington. There was a lot to be discussed so we talked and talked and talked, which we also then ended up doing on Saturday night walking there and back to Crewe but that was in the evening. During the day i got back into playing the last Splinter Cell game. Nothing feels better than getting up and just strangling innocent people, or falling of the side of a building for the god knows how many times and then throwing your controller at your sister whos just decided to perch herself in your room. Well I obviously didn’t do that. So in the afternoon i went to Crewe for the first time to try and do Christmas shopping but as per usual i came back with a CD for myself, saves myself the embarrassment of buying something JLS related for my sister. Then in HMV i overheard a great conversation between a little girl and her mother Daughter: “I’m gonna die soon” Mum: “Well die quietly then” This just left a huge grin on my face. So in the evening i went back into Crewe and talked some more mainly about people i hate which is a lot. One in particular who i now hate a hell of a lot more. So we met up at Pizza Hut another establishment which i hate before moving to the bowling alley which is full of people i hate. Like those stupid chavy pricks throwing basketballs at each other. There is soooooo soooo much to moan about. So we started bowling which only highlights how small my feet are a size 7 for someone who is 6″1. Bowling lead to me becoming increasingly annoyed with one individual. Who exactly are you trying to impress? Haven’t you realised how much i actually hate you yet. Your stupid hair, your stupid fashion sense and your horrible fakeness. Nothing about you is at all real, so just disapear and make my whole life a whole lot better.

So anyway as always i get very angry when i bowl cos i don’t like being bad at stuff so i ruined the whole evening for myself. As per usual i fail to pluck up the courage to talk to either girl who was with us this evening, it’s not that i have a problem with girls talking to me and holding a conversation it’s a problem of being starting the conversation and talking to girls. For some reason i’m absolutely fine in other social setting for example at a gig but that side of my personality just wasn’t there that night. Then i went and trapped my thumb in a gate round the back of where MFI used to be because I was ‘exploring’.  We discussed the person i mentioned earlier and how much we hate him.

So Sunday meant the start of winter football and the surface at school was perfect i must of fallen over at least four times and got extremely muddy. So as always it’s just a bit of fun grabbed myself a couple of goals in the final game we played so alls good. At least football is a way to constructively take my anger out. In the evening i stayed up and watched Happy-Go-Lucky which is a great film a perfect mix of comedy and drama it’s only made better by the fact that it’s British. I could see a lot of myself in Scott the driving instructor but i’m no way near as socially fucked as he is.

Yesterday was parent consultation evening which was to be honest a little bit of a shambles mainly because Mr. Bootherstone went ranting on for 10 minutes more that he was supposed to. Every teacher said exactly the same thing which was James’ handwriting is difficult to read. I think they might actually do something about it considering how annoyed my dad got. But anyway apparently i’m the best in the year at Sociology which was nice complement from my sociology teacher. But i need to improve in everything else even though i’m doing alright at English Language. It’s my choice to be in the sixth form so i need to improve at the end of the day